The Story of Whoreuro

Whoreuro was founded by Catherine Duffy. A proud, self-confessed whore passionate about various aspects of sleaze across Europe and beyond.

From whores, fetishes, and vice to (almost) bygone sex industry aesthetics, she combined her passions to create the Whoreuro community.

Her aim is to shed light on the realm of alternative sex across Europe and beyond. By doing so, we hope to allow our followers to broaden their sexual horizons. From porn cinemas to age-old sex clubs, we aim to keep at-risk institutions of the sex industry alive or at least document they exist.

The Whoreuro Team

Catherine Duffy

Founder & Author

Catherine started Whoreuro magazine to connect and inform like-minded kinksters, share her sexual journeys, and provide an insight into the sleazy side of Europe and beyond. Originally from Northern Ireland, she adores writing, travelling, great food, and intense sexual debauchery.

Karl Majak


Often travelling around the world for work, Karl is Whoreuro's man on the ground. He can often be found reviewing sex clubs, porn cinemas, or other establishments. Born in Berlin, he spent many years exploring the various fetish scenes and kink the city had to offer.

Chris Wagner


Avid writer, traveler, and lover of the aesthetic of bygone sleaze, Chris is perfectly suited as Whoreurope's specialist in various alternative scenes across Europe. He is one of Whoreuro's main content creators and is passionate about blogging about various aspects of sexual fetishes.

Whoreuro Membership

As Whoreuro grew, we identified there was a group of dedicated followers who were hungry for more sleaze. So we designed an exclusive membership program. From some of the most hardcore porn in the world and exclusive articles to offering the chance to join us in person to take part in Whoreuro projects, it rapidly grew in popularity. To discover the benefits an affordable monthly membership offers, check

Work With Whoreuro

Well Connected

Whoreuro is connected with some of the biggest names in the adult industry. Being featured by us has the possibility for networking opportunities, exposure, and much more.

On The Ground

Whoreuro is constantly traveling across Europe reviewing various establishments and interviewing people for the site. Get in touch to meet one of our team when on tour.

All over Europe

We have representatives all over Europe and beyond. From the UK to Ukraine, there are few places where we don't have a rep or a friend. So we're always on hand to meet fans or partners.

From interns to full-time staff and contributors to fan submissions, Whoreuro is often looking for a range of people to join our team and help us grow. The latter two examples are in high demand, we adore our guest writers. We’ve received some truly amazing submissions from our followers in the past. In particular, we’re looking to work with and speak to the following type of people:

  • People active or formerly active in the adult industry. For example, People in the porn industry from stars to directors and general staff. Sex store or adult establishment owners from strip club owners to porn cinema workers.
  • People of all sexual persuasions who revel in debauchery. If you have a very unique story to tell that gets dicks hard and pussies wet, we’re ready and waiting on our knees for you to unload a pitch all over our faces. 

Can’t identify with anyone on the list but still want to work with us? Don’t be sad, contact us anyway! We’re a friendly, open-minded bunch. Whatever your pitch or idea, we’re sure we’ll be able to help you out and get your work published or promote you!

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