My name is Catherine Duffy, although others know me as ''The Queen of Whores''. For almost two decades, I've been on a Porn-fuelled journey into the depths of nymphomania and I started Whoreuro Magazine as a means to document it all. Since then, it has flourished into a global community of kinksters and has transformed into a bastion of sleaze, kink, and the perverse. Welcome to the rabbit hole, my darling; it's a long way down from here.

Catherine Duffy

Founder of Whoreuro

True Erotica

After Catherine laid the foundations of her jaw-dropping collection of erotic confessions, Whoreuro grew into a sex-positive space for people to share their own true erotica.


Whoreuro thrives on the Pornosexual subculture and is seen as a leading authority in the space. We ensure all Gooners and Goonettes get the knowledge required to seek deeper into this rewarding sexual lifestyle.

Sex Toys

No sex toy has truly been put to the test until it’s faced the pussies of proud whores, harlots, and jezebels. Our sex tour guides pull no punches on keeping you informed on the latest and greatest adult tech on the market.

Who is Behind Whoreuro?

Whoreuro might have started between the grool-slad thighs of Miss Duffy, but it has since developed a team of sexually-liberated writers, open-minded project planners, and perverted artists who keep the this Porn-fuelled engine running.

Want to join our team and become part of the perverted Whoreuro family? You won't regret it! We're always seeking new and innovative people to come between our thighs, so reach out to us and inquire about collaboration opportunities.

Catherine Duffy

Founder & Writer

Based in Belfast, Catherine keeps Whoreuro running like a well-oiled asshole at an anal gangbang. As well as providing content for the site, she coordinates Whoreuro's numerous ongoing projects worldwide and devotes her time to furthering the mission of Pornosexuality.

Karl Majak

International Sex Expert

Tired of a 9-5, Karl took his writing talents abroad and found paradise between the legs of international whoredom. He's now a sex tourism expert and traverses the globe seeking new sexual adventures to cover in explicit detail, networking in the XXX industry, and reveling in debauchery.

Nicole Sinns

Sex Toy Expert

Nicole is one of Catherine's Goonette acolytes and is on a fast mission into the depths of Pornosexuality. She currently puts her inquisitive lust to good use by managing the sex toy department of Whoreuro while being increasingly trained in the art of perversion by her colleagues.