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The Ruthless Guide to Sjambok Whips & African BDSM Tools

To uncover the fascinating story of the Sjambok, I called upon Mistress Baton herself. Today, she will lead us by her skilled and disciplined whip hand to explore the fascinating world of African BDSM tools.

Catherine Duffy


A self-confessed sex addict, Goonette, and fetishist, 34-year-old Catherine started Whoreuro magazine to connect with like-minded people, share her sexual journeys, and provide an insight into the sleazy side of Europe and beyond. Originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland, she adores writing, travelling, great food, and sexual exploration both at home and abroad. Connect with Catherine on the social links below:

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What is Whoreuro?

The only magazine you need to explore the depths of global whoredom, sex, sleaze, fetish, and porn.

Whoreuro is a blog dedicated to debauchery and all who revel in it. Our aim is to shed light on the unseen realm of alternative sex across Europe and the wider world and create kinky opportunities for our followers to broaden their sexual horizons.

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Interview: The Hypnotic Hippie Slut Devoted to Sinful Sleaze

Best described as a debauched taboo Goonette and proud hippie slut, I’ve been following this open-minded kinkster with a great interest for a while. So I was delighted when she agreed to let us delve between her welcoming thighs for an insightful interview.

The Book of Whoreuro

An unleashed look into the mind of a self-confessed whore and sex addict.

The notorious book of Whoreuro charts Catherine's journey from a repressed Catholic girl growing up in The Troubles in Northern Ireland to a whore constantly seeking the depths of sleaze, sin, and sexual debauchery.

From creampie gangbangs to porn cinemas, this notorious work of true literary art a sordid journey across Europe from Germany to Ukraine. It's a trip into true sexual discovery.

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