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Goonette Confessions Part 3: Porn Doesn’t Discriminate

Part one and part two of the Goonette Confession saga proved to be massive successes, and now it’s time for the long-awaited third!  Today’s confessions will range from Porn-fuelled Uber drivers who earn tips in perverse ways to inspiring stories from wheelchair-bound Sluts who don’t let a disability stop their Pornosexuality.

4 True Porn Stories That Will Make Your Jaw Drop (Declassified)

Kelly looked like the kind of trashy whore you see lurking around a bar at closing time. She was the walking definition of trouble but a guaranteed ticket to a nymphomaniac-style sex session. Her extremely hyperactive personality wore me out. She rambled on and confessed her parents had kicked her out for constantly watching porn all day, with interracial hypno being her favorite. Fast forward to the day of the shoot. All male talent had to wear condoms due to a particular regulation at the time, which we all naturally adhered to. Well, all apart from Kelly.

Extreme Femdom Stories From The Bowels of Catherine’s New Dungeon

''Her piss had shot out and pooled in my eyes. Looking up at her through a yellow haze, I saw her lean in towards me. The cum she had just sucked out of me was spat directly in my mouth. Then, her soft hand rested on my chin and slowly closed my jaw shut, holding it closed until I swallowed the blend of pee and jizz in my mouth.''

Choose Your Fate, Sissy! My Volatile Porn Adventure Game 

When most sissies first feel the kiss of cold lube on their hungry fuckhole, go cross-eyed as they ride a cock,...

My Goonette Girlfriend Volunteered at a Refugee Camp & My Life Changed Forever

He thought his Slovakian girlfriend could be helped and that a volunteering program at a refugee camp could take her mind off Porn. Little did he know it would be her stepping stone into the BNWO lifestyle. When he came to me for guidance and to find out what had convinced his girlfriend to dump him for BBC, he ended up coughing up black men’s cum in the bowels of a German Gloryhole. This, my darlings, is the full members-only tale.

Sissy Sex Audio: After Months of Training, I Unleash a Feminized Slut on a Hard Cock

This sissy sex audio captures a magical moment. After nine months of relentless sissification training, I tasked my latest sissy slave...

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