Who is the best Welsh pornstar?

The Ultimate List of 10 Wicked Welsh Porn Stars

Whether it's English smut or Welsh porn, it makes me beam with pride to see whores from Ireland and the British Isles show off their sordid skills on screen like alternative sleazy ambassadors for our islands.

Is There a Swingers Club Near Me? 5+ Easy Ways to...

As well as lots of swinging advice, there are thousands of people every month wondering: Is there a swingers club near me? Well, I'm happy to say that the answer is more than likely yes!

The Definitive List of 10 Badass Scottish Porn Stars!

I've covered the British porn scene from all angles and shed light on everything from Irish pornstars to Scouse sluts from Liverpool. Today, we're going deep into North and over Hadrian's Wall. Welcome to Scotland!
The Porn Cinema Characters You Never Knew About (Part 2)

Fascinating Porn Cinema Characters You Never Knew About (Part 2)

"You'll either find them on their knees with erotic body writing instructing all passing men to spray them with cum or, in more extreme cases, you'll find them sucking out cum from used condoms lying around."
The World's Top 10 Awe-Inspiring Anal Whore Porn Stars (DAP)

The World’s Top 10 Awe-Inspiring Anal Whore Porn Stars (DAP)

If you're not a fan of extreme ass gapes and anal porn that will make your eyes water, look away now! If you're the opposite and want to indulge in some of the most hardcore anal whores in existence, then welcome!

The Essential Guide to Having Hot Sex on a Train (10...

Keep your magazines and movies, the answer to making a train journey go fast and making it one to remember is by having hot, sticky, and uninhibited sex on a train. Today, I'm going to show you how.
Only Swingers Has Revolutionized Swinger Dating & Here's 10 Reasons Why

Only Swingers Has Revolutionized Swinger Dating & Here’s 10+ Reasons Why

This environmentally friendly adult dating site is run by veteran swingers and is jam-packed with incredible features for open-minded adults.
Our Exquisite Trip To The Paradise Swingers Hotel in Blackpool

Our Exquisite Trip To The Paradise Swingers Hotel in Blackpool

The Paradise Hotel is a 20-year-old Blackpool swingers institution that has been the site of countless orgies, mouth-watering porn productions, and an abundance of divine sexual memories for many.
Inside The Dangerous World of Porn Wars in Nazi Germany

The Bizarre and Dangerous World of Porn in Nazi Germany

You can't kill passion. For me, the world of sex and porn under oppressive regimes holds a morbid fascination. Whether it's the kinky Soviet smut that evaded the KGB in the USSR or the dangerous world of making porn in Nazi Germany, sexual beings have rebelled and found a way to express their lust through the darkest of times.

An Adult Guide to the Blackpool Sex Scene & Why You’ll...

Whilst the former booming resort town of Blackpool has certainly seen better days, a lot of people are unaware that this is a sleazy forbidden gem offering a range of sexual delights to a horny visitor, provided you know where to look!

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