The Book of Whoreuro

As well as providing an unleashed look into the mind of a self confessed whore and sex addict, the black book also provides a no-holds-barred insight into Europe’s sex institutions, sleaziest corners, and much more!

The sordid pages of my little black book chart my journey from a repressed Catholic girl growing up in The Troubles in Northern Ireland to a debauched harlot seeking the deepest depths of sleaze, sin, and sex. From spending 11 hours at a Hungarian Gloryhole to competing for the creampie record at a professional German gangbang and from porn cinema hopping to being turned into a used condom whore at a brothel, it's a journey of perverted sexual discovery across Europe from Germany to Ukraine.

True Stories

Every story in the book is true, unembellished, and told in extremely graphic detail from various notes taken during my journey into Whoredom.

Direct Support

Every sale of the book helps me keep the site running and you're directly contributing to sinking me deeper into sleaze and divine depravity!

Multiple Formats

You'll recieve the eBook in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats. So whatever device you use, you'll be able to access this pandora's box of smut.

How to Buy

Still on the ropes about whether to buy this widely-acclaimed masterpiece of smut? Let my sticky fingers slide into your mouth to give you a taste of the sleazy treats that await readers.

  • A graphic insight into the experiences of a solo slut in Europe's seediest porn cinemas.
  • Sobering lessons from lesbian sex sessions with Soviet-era prostitutes in Moldova.
  • Inside the secret cum-soaked world of creampie Martini drinkers in Hungary.

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Customer Reviews

From gangbangs to banter, Catherine has been my sexual sidekick for years. Her uninhibited sexual storytelling is unrivalled in person. But on paper, it's just next level. There are few people as willing to share their audacious sexual activities like she is. The book of Whoreuro is a must read for anybody with a lust for sex that is light years away from being vanilla.


Verified Customer, Germany.

After discovering Catherine's stories on Reddit, I decided to buy her book. It's a no bullsh*t journey into some of Europe's lesser-known sleazy corners. Aside from having some of the most graphic, masterfully written, and extreme sex stories I've read, it's interjected with an array of true human stories, Irish humor, and wit. I'm hoping for another installment. Phenomenal.


Verified Customer, UK.

Whoreuro is one of the best books I've read this year. Alongside being one of the horniest collection of true sex escapades I've ever come across, it paints a vivid picture of sexual institutions I didn't even know existed anymore. The chapter on the Soviet-era prostitute blew my mind, I've simply never read anything like it. If you love sleaze and masterful writing, then buy this book!


Verified Customer, United States.

I've been engrossed in Catherine's Reddit posts for a while now and loved the fact she regularly chats to her fans. I don't regret buying her book. To gain a true insight into the background and mind of a proud, self-confessed whore, then this is a must-read. It enlightened me on sex exploration in Europe, changed my opinions on a few things, made me laugh hard, and most importantly, cum hard!


Verified Customer, United States.