Adult Consulting Services

Since creating Whoreuro and interacting with the adult community across various forums, I’ve been contacted by various people with many valid questions ranging from advice on finding sleazy establishments and sex scenes that I encounter to sex tips or adult business advice.

In response, I began to work as an adult consultant in order to answer questions, provide business services and assistance to those aspiring to work in the adult industry and expand people’s sexual horizons to their fullest extent.

This section of the site is dedicated to covering some of my most popular consulting services. If you still feel that we could work together but don’t see a relevant service to your sexual or adult industry needs, simply contact me and we can discuss it further.

Porn Sites

Over the years, I helped to develop a number of porn sites out of my passion for pornography. These days, I provide porn web design services for many clients as well as consulting services for people to make a full-time income from online porn.

Sex Tourism

Me and my team offer guided legal sex tourism and travel to a variety of sleazy destinations around Europe and beyond. Whether you’re straight, gay, bi, or otherwise, we guarantee a well-organized and affordable trip that you will never forget.

Adult Consulting

Wondering how to become a cam girl or escort? Visiting a new city and want a custom guide to the best sex institutions, how they work, and how to visit? My adult consulting services are unrivalled and based upon years of work on the front lines of European sex scenes.

Want to Know More of What I'm About?

Still unsure whether you should hire my expertise? My little black book details my journey into whoredom across Europe. From organizing and taking part in creampie gangbangs to becoming a notorious slut in the porn cinemas of Central Europe, there are few sexual institutions and scenes I haven't explored.