Adult Consulting Services

From organizing logistics for creampie gangbangs and transforming sissies into obedient sluts to assisting sex workers find their feet in the adult industry and being a travel advisor for kinky tourists, I've developed a wealth of experience in various areas of global sex.

In response to increased demand, I started providing adult industry consulting services to answer questions, provide business services and assistance to those aspiring to work in the adult industry and expand people’s sexual horizons to their fullest extent. Below you can discover some of my most popular consulting services.

Sex Workers

Whether you're an experienced sex worker looking to expand or a newcomer finding their feet, I can provide a one-to-one consultation that will result in a custom plan to take your sex work career to the next level. From marketing yourself and learning erotic skills to obtaining and retaining clients to staying safe, I cover all angles of sex work.

Adult Establishments

From swingers clubs to erotic saunas and everything in between, I've spent over a decade in a plethora of adult establishments. In that time, I've learned a lot. From overhauling your marketing to crafting innovative new ideas to make your adult business reach its full potential, my adult consultation will revolutionize your business.

Kinky Travel

From Hungarian gangbangs and German porn cinemas to British Bukkake orgies and Serbian Femdom dungeons, there are few sleazy corners of the world I haven't been clit-deep inside. Whatever your travel plans are, I have the experience and the contacts to craft a cum-splattered itinerary that will ensure an erotic trip you'll never forget.

Online Projects

Tired of your 9-5 and dreaming of creating a profitable adult project online, that's my speciality! I can provide custom consultation packages for adult blogs, adult content sites, producing porn, and everything in between. With my consultation, you'll learn how to make consistent profit from what you love.

Why Work With Me?

Well Travelled

With over 10 years of female sex tourism under my belt, I've developed an expertise in developing debauched itineraries for fellow kinky tourists to a variety of destinations worldwide.


I've spent the last seven years as a marketing manager for an international firm. When it comes to crafting brand identities and revolutionizing adult industry businesses, I'm an expert.


Assisting my fellow kinksters and adult industry professionals is my passion. My prices are fair and far below what I charge in my full-time job. My consultation services are an investment.


All of my services include a one-to-one chat so I can provide a custom consultation that is perfectly suited to your aims, needs, and desires. It will be tailor made to you to ensure the best result

Still Looking?

If you still feel that we could work together but don’t see a relevant service to your sexual or adult industry needs, simply contact me and we can discuss it further.