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The Great British Guide to UK Dogging Sex (Rules & Etiquette)

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I’ve ticked off a lot of sexual accolades in my journey to becoming a whore. But one of my biggest regrets is not earning my stripes as a dogging slut in the UK. I was seriously considering my first UK dogging experience, but the pandemic got in the way of that.

Then who are you to guide our hand in the world of UK dogging sex? I hear you ask. Well, I spend a lot of time around sexual beings. Many of whom are heavily active in the British dogging scene.

Over the past few months, I’ve been in constant contact with many of them to piece together the very British guide to UK dogging sex. It was worth the wait. This comprehensive dogging guide covers everything you need to know, like:

  • How to find the best British dogging sites.
  • Crucial safety tips when indulging in dogging sex.
  • Top tips to follow if you want to be a resposnible dogging slut.

And much more! Now, without further ado, let’s begin our foray into this very British sexual pastime. But first, for those of you who are unaware, let’s answer the question of what the bloody hell is dogging?

What is Dogging and is it illegal?

What is Dogging?

To kick off, let’s start with a short history of Dogging. To do so, we must virtually time travel back to 1970s Britain where this sexual practice is said to have first begun. Dogging is a British slang term used to describe outdoor sex in discreet public places, often with many participants who either meet up randomly or pre-arrange online.

These discreet places are stereotypically secluded car parks, nature reserves, or quiet country roads. Dogging sites are usually well known by the local population and outsiders who are aware usually opt to stay away, especially after dark.

The centrepiece of the UK dogging sex is often a couple having sex in full view of various other Doggers who are encouraged to be voyeuristic or get involved. Naturally, the latter often ends up with public gangbangs and group sex taking place. But what do dogs have to do with it?

There are actually two stories behind the origins of the term Dogging, both of which are pretty funny. The first comes from the behaviour of the voyeurs who watched couples fucking. To ensure they didn’t miss any of the action, these watchers would ‘dog’ the couples relentlessly.

Another tale behind the origins of the word does in fact involve dogs, and thankfully not in a weird way. Many British doggers would bring a dog with them as a prop of sorts when visited secluded dogging sites. If caught out by anyone they know, they can simply claim they’re taking the dog for a walk. Smart, eh?

At this point, you’re probably wondering if dogging is legal. The answer is yes, and no. In the UK, public sex is legal provided you don’t outrage public decency. In other words, if someone who isn’t a dogger sees you in the act and reports you, you’ve broken the laws of either public indecency or public nuisance. And that brings us to our next point:

Choose Dogging sites responsibly

Risky sex is fun, but criminal charges aren’t. By and large, British Doggers are responsible and this is why it’s largely tolerated in towns and cities across the UK. To start being like them, choose your dogging sites wisely to avoid any trouble.

There are lots of dogging sites to choose from and not all are equal. Look up reviews, join forums and chat to regulars to find out the situation on the ground, and most of all, make sure it’s discreet!

The very last thing you want is families or innocent dog walkers seeing you spreadeagled over a bonnet or balls deep in a British MILF. It’s not consensual, it’s not cool, and it’s a surefire way to get in trouble.

Try to go during hours when it’s highly unlikely for innocent bystanders to be around. Never enter private property uninvited or trespass regardless of how inviting a spot looks, it’s not cool at all and you’re almost guaranteed to have a bad time.

Keep British Dogging anonymous

Similar to swinging, keeping a level of anonymity is important. Don’t mix your private life with your casual sexual antics as you never know what could happen. To ensure ultimate privacy, here are a few tips.

Firstly, what happens at Dogging sites stays there. If in the event you see someone you know, remember that they’re there for the same reason. You shouldn’t go gossiping about who you saw, and neither should they.

Secondly, come up with a pseudonym to use when indulging in Dogging sex. This can be a fun way to create a persona. It can be any name you want and as kinky as you like, but the main aim is to protect your identity as much as possible.

A Dogging creampie can be fun, but be safe

Now, it’s not uncommon for a creampie slut or two to visit a UK Dogging site and invite as many men as possible to breed with them. I love a creampie as much as the next person, but seriously, play it safe.

For your own health and the protection of others, I always advocate using condoms or other protection against STIs when playing. Anonymous sex can be risky and in the darkness of dogging sites, it’s easy to miss warning signs.

On that note, bring your own condoms too. Choose ones that you can trust and know haven’t been tampered with. It can be a scary world out there, so always protect your health as much as you can.

Clean up after Dogging sex

From what I’ve heard and the Dogging porn I’ve seen, this is a sexual practice that can get messy. Used condoms, cum stained tissues, and discarded lingerie as just some of the litter that can build up at a busy Dogging site.

I love my planet and I don’t like littering, so always clean up after Dogging sex as much as you possibly can. This can also lead to complaints from the public which often leads to restrictions on the tolerance of Dogging sites. But that’s not all.

I recently saw a news story on a member of the public who, after walking through a dogging site during the daytime, found a pair of soiled panties left by a busy girl the night before. Rather than throwing them away, he put them up for sale on the Facebook marketplace. So yep, don’t be that person!

Single women in the UK Dogging scene

As a single woman, I’ve wandered alone into adult theatres, Gloryholes, and other places that would make many single women cringe with worry. When it comes to Dogging sites? I honestly wouldn’t go without a male chaperone.

The sleazy establishments I visit alone always have staff on hand nearby which provides a level of security that UK Dogging sites don’t have. Often located in secluded areas after dark, they can be the perfect place for unsavoury characters looking to do harm or ignore consent.

Dogging is often frequented by single males of various sexual persuasions, transsexuals, and couples. The latter might offer some sense of security for a single girl, but you can’t guarantee they’ll be there. Walking into a dark car park full of horny, single men can be very intimidating, especially for your first time.

So whilst it pains me to say it, I don’t recommend single women to attend a Dogging site just for safety reasons. Find a kinky male friend who you trust to keep an eye out for you and make sure you agree on a safeword. And speaking of which:

A responsible Dogging slut chooses a safe word

Often associated with BDSM, A safeword is a word selected by you and your partner that, when used, designates all sexual activity should stop for whatever reason. Whether the sex is too intense or the roleplaying has crossed a line, a safeword is intended to stop everything. 

If you’re visiting a Dogging site as part of a couple or with a kinky group of friends, always choose a safeword beforehand. I know all too well how intense things can get during anonymous group sex and gangbangs, but it’s important to not be pushed over your limits.

It’s important to have a way to retreat or back out of an intense sexual experience. So make your safeword clear, easy to remember for everybody, and don’t be afraid to use it if you ever feel alarmed, distressed, or simply need to take a breather.

Real Dogging players follow etiquette and keep their hands to themselves, at first…

First and foremost, Dogging sex is about watching. If a couple wants to have sex in front of a group of strangers, that doesn’t mean you have the right to touch what you like. You need to wait for permission first.

If you see something happening that you want to see close up, respectfully move closer but keep a reasonable distance and keep your hands to yourself. If a couple wants you to get involved, they won’t be shy about inviting you to get stuck in.

Even then, keep consent in mind. If you’re thinking of doing something that could be considered intense such as fingering, oral sex, etc. then politely ask if it’s ok before doing so. This brings us to our next point, understanding Dogging signals!

Understand the language of UK Dogging

Whether it’s Gloryholes, Gay saunas or adult porn cinemas, there is often a little-known language of signals that exists amongst the sexual beings who visit. The UK Dogging scene is no exception, and knowing the language of the scene is important. Here are the basics.

If you’re in a car and intend to put on a show to the voyeurs lingering around, a flash of your headlights is a signal for them to approach your car and watch. If you roll down your window, it’s generally a signal for those around the car to get involved physically.

Car headlights are one of the main ways of communicating in UK Dogging. So it’s ideal to dim them when entering a Dogging site so as not to disturb anyone in the act. It goes without saying, keep your hands off the horn to keep it discreet!

Respect the Gay dogging scene

Sissy slut having gay dogging sex

Dogging is by no means a strictly heterosexual scene. Historically, the LGBTQ+ community were pioneers of this type of scene through Cottaging. These days, Dogging is as equally popular amongst the Gay community as it is with other kinksters.

So don’t be shocked to see Gay sex taking place at UK Dogging sites. If you’re straight and are propositioned by a man, don’t get stroppy and be respectful. A polite no thank you will be enough to decline if you’re not interested in Gay Dogging.

A final public Dogging safety tip

And as we reach the end of our Great British guide to the UK Dogging sex scene, I want to cover what I consider to be one of the most important safety tips. As well as choosing a pseudonym to maintain anonymity, there is another smart method.

After experiences some Dogging sex, the very last thing you want is an overly interested participant overstepping the boundaries and following your car when you leave. Keeping your sex and private lives separate is crucial, and there’s a tried and tested way to do so.

After you’ve left a Dogging area, don’t drive straight home. Drive around for a bit instead, perhaps grab a bite to eat. The entire time you do, make sure nobody has followed you from the site. When you’re sure you’re safe, go home.

A conclusion to UK Dogging sex

The UK dogging scene is a heavily active sex scene that takes place at numerous dogging sites around the United Kingdom regularly. If you’re considering joining the ranks of British doggers, then following the advice in this guide will take you a long way.

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In summary, enjoy yourself but do it responsibly and safely. Most importantly, keep it safe, ensure you’re within the limits of the law, and respect the consent of the people outside of the UK dogging scene who will likely not want to see or participate in your behaviour.

If you have some great British Dogging tips that you’d like to share, feel free to drop them in the comments below and I’ll add them to the article. Every little helps!

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