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Top 5 Guilt-Free Subliminal Wife Training Tools

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We’re regularly contacted by sexually open-minded men who want to expand their sexual horizons with their wives by their side. However, varying factors from social conditioning to a conservative upbringing can cause their other half to repress their sexual urges. This is where the concept of subliminal wife training comes in.

Although subliminal wife training is just one of many subliminal seduction tools, it is the most commonly sought after topic and is the one we’re going to focus on today. So read on to discover what I consider as five of the best subliminal hypnosis tools.

At the end of this article, I’ll also feature a wonderful personal experience that was shared with me. It details a journey through subliminal wife training and the positive effect it had on a woman’s marriage.

The meaning of subliminal wife training

the meaning of subliminal wife training

Around the world, many married couples have fallen into the trap of a boring marriage. Sex becomes monotonous and starts to become increasingly infrequent. This is a road to disaster and can lead to unhappiness for everyone involved, but there is a fix.

Sexual variety is the spice of life and expanding your sexual horizons can do wonders for a marriage. But if there is a range of factors psychologically holding you back, then subliminal wife training can provide an answer.

The aim of subliminal hypnosis is to create a sexual awakening in a wife which will lead to an increased sexual desire in the husband. Everybody wins. If you can identify the areas of sex you want to explore more but feel like something is holding you back, there is bound to be subliminal stimuli for you.

Another option, and one that demonstrates trust between a married couple, is to allow your husband to choose the subliminal hypnosis topic for you. This is perfect for those wishing to dip their toe in the water of BDSM or swinging.

Before we begin, it’s important to lay down some ground rules about subliminal wife training that should be followed. These range from basic kink principles to general safety when using such sexual tools.

  • Never listen to subliminal wife training whilst driving or operating machinery as it requires full focus and can be dangerous.
  • The messages in subliminal wife training are intended for adults only. They should not be played anywhere near minors.
  • Subliminal wife training should be completely consentual and both partners should be happy to try it out. If it results in negative feelings then stop immediately.

If done correctly, the effects of subliminal wife training can be seen within the first month of use. Listening whilst you sleep is said to have an increased effect. Now, without further ado, let’s delve into what I consider are the five best subliminal hypnosis resources available.

Subliminal seduction on Reddit

Before dipping your toe in the water, why not take advantage of Reddit to follow the experience of others currently undergoing subliminal wife training? Like many other niche fetishes, there is a subreddit dedicated to subliminal seduction called r/EroticHypnosis.

The Erotic Hypnosis subreddit has a wealth of subliminal seduction resources available to try. What’s more, it features kink community-orientated reviews, tips, and advice that are seriously worth reading.

Most importantly, it’s completely free. With over 70,000 members it’s an active and positive kink space to be a part of prior to and during your subliminal wife training. It’s a place to come to for support or to expand your library of subliminal seduction tools.

Subliminal wife training erotica

I adore written erotica. It can provide an intellectual alternative to visual porn that demands you to use your imagination to create scenes in your head. For me, it often results in far more intense orgasms. When it comes to subliminal wife training, it can be a fantastic aid.

Whilst there is a tonne of resources for online erotica, one focused solely on subliminal stimuli is called Loving Tales. Whilst it currently only has six stories published, they are of very high quality and worth a read.

This type of erotica can be a positive addition to other training tools whether it be audio or video and can seriously aid you in your training journey.

Free subliminal stimuli on Youtube

That’s right, you can even find seriously high-quality subliminal stimuli on platforms like Youtube. They almost resemble some yoga training videos with an added hint of erotica. There are a few content creators who upload subliminal stimuli. However, Secret Subject is one of the best.

A professional hypnotist and Domme, she regularly creates a range of subliminal hypnosis for her kink channel. All of the videos are created in like with personally responsible informed consensual kink (P.R.I.C.K).

Before indulging in the subliminal hypnosis on Secret Subject, and it can get intense, always read the description before watching the video. She also has an incredible range of aftercare videos and trigger removal resources, for those who wish to chill out or stop the subliminal wife training.

Subliminal hypnosis

Another great resource for subliminal wife training is that of EMG Hypnosis. The downside is that a lot of the Hypno material is paid for, but there is a decent range of free subliminal hypnosis training resources too.

It has a fairly hearty range of topics for potential trainees. There is everything here from orgasm control and anal slut training to behavioural lessons and various aspects of BDSM training tools.

The only downside to this training resource is the number of paid MP3 files outnumbering the free ones. It also uses a pretty dated theme which isn’t smooth to use.

The best subliminal wife training

After sifting through the best subliminal wife training resources, I found the best was that of Warp My Mind. This website is free to join up and has an enormous range of subliminal hypnosis MP3 tracks available to listen to.

Membership is free and there is a wide range of premium subliminal seduction tracks available. However, the free section is adequate for beginners and has a lot of quality free content on there.

This resource is extremely varied too. From sissy hypnosis and cum training to subliminal seduction for gay men and various fetishes, there is bound to be something for every sexual ambition. Overall, a fantastic place to find subliminal stimuli!

Why I chose to begin subliminal wife training

As promised, here is a true story to act as a case study for subliminal wife training. It covers why this formerly dissatisfied wife began a journey of subliminal hypnosis, what it was like, and how it changed her marriage for the better.

There are a number of reasons why I began a subliminal hypnosis journey, but the biggest was my struggle with showing affection to my other half. Naturally, this is an aspect of marriage he finds important.

Although I was always a rather sexual person, affection was something I struggled to demonstrate. As the most important person in my life, I wanted to better myself to make both of us happier. Whilst my initial aim was to increase my affection, it ended up having a very positive effect on our sex life.

“I’ve begun dressing more risque and slutty, and letting him have his way with me whenever and wherever he pleases.”

Through various subliminal wife training resources, I began to see an improvement after the first month. My levels of affection not only increased, but I became much more comfortable demonstrating it to my husband. My confidence has also grown in sync, leading to a pleasurable improvement in the bedroom.

More confidence has led to me being increasingly sexually bold. On a daily basis, I crave to please my husband with impromptu blowjobs. I’ve begun dressing more risque and slutty, and letting him have his way with me whenever and wherever he pleases.

I’ve discovered a newfound lust for sex by awakening my submissive side. In return, it has allowed my husband to broaden his sexual horizons and the list of things we aim to try is more than exciting. The submissive wife training is over, but the journey feels like it has just begun!

Conclusion and FAQ

In conclusion, this form of subliminal hypnosis has the potential to significantly improve a marriage and provide access to new levels of sexual exploration. Of course, all of it must be consensual and done safely.

To round off this guide to erotic training resources, I want to answer some commonly asked questions many people have when it comes to starting their subliminal wife journey.

How often should I listen to subliminal hypnosis?

Like any form of training, the more you train the better the results. But likewise, it’s important to take breaks so as not to overwhelm yourself. 1-4 hours a day will be sufficient, just ensure you have at least 5 hours a day free from subliminal messages. And of course, utilize aftercare resources or trigger removals if you feel it’s all getting a bit too much.

How long does it take to see results?

This can vary from person to person. But based on 1-4 hours of daily subliminal hypnosis training a day, you can expect to see results within the first month. If you’re looking to speed up the process, then consider listening to it when you’re asleep as this is said to have positive results based on previous trainees I’ve spoken to.

Do I need to wear headphones?

Not really. Most subliminal hypnosis is designed to work with our without headphones. But wearing headphones with an eye mask can seriously help you relax, cut off the outside world, and truly immerse yourself in the world of sexual hypnosis.

What is subliminal overload?

Subliminal overload is a negative reaction some trainees can get from watching too much hypnosis. This can range from headaches to nausea. So it’s important not to overdo it. If you do experience any of these symptoms, stop immediately and take a breather. Only return when you feel comfortable and happy to do so.

Disclaimer – Like all of our sexual training resources, this article is simply an exploration of an underreported sexual kink and training method used by people who wish to expand their sexual horizons. Whoreuro.com takes no responsibility for the effects of erotic hypnosis whether negative or positive. We are only providing an insight into the range of training resources available and people’s experiences.

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  1. Hi Catherine,

    I am new to this concept of subliminal wife training and would like to learn a little more regarding how my situation can be improved by using it. I am 52 married with a gorgeous 47 year old wife. Our sex life has decreased over the past 3 years due to family stress, work, cost of living pressures, etc. My wife alays had an average libido but now this has decreased to very low. I always initiate sex and its always very vanilla. I tried to introduce cuckold fantasy roleplay and she is not interested in it. She prefers romantic television type picture perfect sex (love making). I prefer a wilder side to her with a cuckold kink (imaginary bull).

    I am considering trying subliminal wife training but not sure where to start? Can you provide guidance on subliminal programs (silent) where I can at least increase her libido to a high level so she can try something new and more fun. Not sure what to do. Ahy advice would be appreciated. I just want to try something that has good results.

  2. I’m training my wife at the minute, with tracks from sexsubliminals.com I’m coming up to 66 days of training, first off it can be a slow process the older the lady the longer it takes to break old habits, I’ve seen some improvement so far.


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