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How to Squirt: A Sexual Veteran’s 8-Step Guide For First-Time Squirting

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The first time I saw squirting porn, I was 18. My mind was ripe for corruption, and I wanted to spray jets of love juice from my slit and learn how to squirt.

At the time, little did I know that learning how to squirt wasn’t an overnight process and would require working my way up through the ranks of debauchery.

When it happened, it wasn’t romantic. It was amid a casual gangbang in Germany with four men whose names I didn’t know. As two cocks hammered me in a DP fuck, it happened.

The power of experiencing female ejaculation for the first time nearly made me pass out, and I initially thought I’d pissed myself, adding to the utter humiliation already taking place.

”I can imagine what you look like now. You’re sitting in a puddle of your own juices, wondering what the fuck just happened as your toy’s vibrations cause waves through your pooling squirt below.”

It was the disgraceful foundation of many squirting orgasms to come. Since then, I’ve become notorious for my ability to baptize fuck meat, faces, and naked skin in my sordid love juices.

‘’Catherine, please teach me how to squirt?’’ is something I’m often asked by aspiring sluts, Goonettes, and sexually-liberated women, and it’s something I’m keen to make happen.

What you’re about to read is a bona fide whore’s guide that’ll teach you how to squirt for the first time in a comfortable, eye-opening, and life-changing way. 

Now, if you’re ready to join the ranks of elite-tier women who can crown any session with jets of squirt and achieve the kind of squirting orgasms your normie friends will be jealous of, read on.

Find a Suitable Arena to Make Yourself Squirt

Learning how to squirt is a process and one that requires dedicated ‘’you time’’. Don’t worry, though, because you’ll relish every pleasurable second spent chasing a squirting orgasm.

One of the biggest mistakes I see so many aspiring squirting girls make is choosing a lousy environment to carry out their mission to make themselves squirt. 

You need to be relaxed, at peace of mind, and, most importantly, guaranteed that you won’t be disturbed mid-way through. An ideal squirting orgasm arena will have the following:

  • Enough space for you to be comfortable in trying out different squirting orgasm positions.
  • Discreet, private, and all to yourself to ensure you won’t have unwanted interruptions.
  • A decent TV/laptop/monitor setup that’ll allow you to watch squirting porn comfortably.

Naturally, a lot of aspiring squirting women might not have access to all of these at home, but an Airbnb or a local hotel is a great way to book a place to practice your squirting techniques!

Oh, and always put a towel down or ensure you’re squirting on a surface that’s easy to clean up, especially if you’re learning how to squirt in a hotel or rental.

Your First Pussy Squirt Should Be a Private Affair, So Practice Alone

My first squirting experience was in front of a crowd of men, but I wouldn’t suggest the same for you. A crucial mistake many women make is trying to squirt during sex. It never works well.

Squirting for the first time is a life-changing experience and one that’s hard to achieve when trying with a partner. Both of you will feel under pressure, and things will be 10x harder.

Instead, indulge in a solo squirt training session that allows you to enjoy your pleasure how you want to. When it eventually happens, you can reflect on your sexual milestone properly. 

A Girl Cums Best When She’s Dressed The Part 

Well-behaved girls rarely make history, and they also don’t tend to squirt from between the thighs, either. This is why dressing the part can also play a vital role in learning how to squirt.

You do what makes you the horniest and choose to wear the kind of erotic outfit that turns you on the most, as it will be an essential ingredient in your squirting orgasm journey.

Do you love cosplaying? Opt for your favorite outfit that makes your pussy flutter. Want to dress like your favorite pornstar? Slide into those divine-feeling stockings and get started.

Personally, I love to slide into a bodystocking that leaves my pussy exposed, and when I do squirt, the feeling of it soaking into the erotic fabric is enough to make my mind melt!

Another great tip for first-time squirters is to put a full-length mirror in the room so you can watch your female ejaculation journey unfold in real-time and get turned on by the sight of yourself.

Stay Well-Hydrated Before Any Solo Squirt Session 

Next up is a tip that so many generic guides on how to squirt leave out: to consume enough water and stay hydrated before, during, and after any squirting training session.

Staying hydrated is a no-brainer anyway, but having a full bladder can be of great help to making you squirt as it adds some slight pressure into the mix that can really make you erupt. 

It’s easy to get carried away amidst a porn-fuelled squirting training session but set reminders to consume enough water throughout and top it up when you’re done.

Find The Right Squirting Porn to Practice With

Ok, now we’re getting into the juicy stuff! If you’re one of the women who can make themselves cum without porn and who get off at the mere sight of themselves in a mirror, I commend you!

Squirting big labia pussy

However, the majority of us will be falling into the warm arms of porn to make ourselves squirt. But with so much to choose from, let me drop some sticky recommendations on your lap:

  • Squirting Compilations and Porn Music Videos – There are few better ways to have a squirting orgasm than by indulging in some long-form squirting porn compilations that don’t require you to keep switching videos. Check this one out, for example.
  • Brittany Bardot: A Squirt Queen – If you want to see a genuine squirting orgasm whore in action, then look no further than Brittany Bardot. This Czech harlot is on the extreme end of the porn spectrum, but she cums like a lioness, and it’s a wild journey indeed!
  • Squirt Tutorials and Female Orgasm Hypno – There’s no shortage of XXX videos guiding women through the art of a squirting orgasm in a range of ways, from sensual to hardcore. There’s equally lots of hypnosis porn to take full advantage of!

Equip yourself with noise-canceling headphones, set the porn up on a screen that’s comfortable to watch, and wrap your sex-loving fingers around the appropriate squirting sex toys.

Oh, and speaking of which!

Arm Yourself With The Best Squirting Sex Toys

If you’re persistent in your female squirting journey, there’ll come a day when you can make yourself squirt with just your fingers, as I can. However, in the beginning, you’ll need to use toys.

Meaty pussy forced to squirt in full HD

Thankfully, the sex toy market has boomed in recent years, and the technology available to horny girls like us has surged to levels we never thought possible; here’s some examples:

  • The Pearl3 – This powerful and high-tech vibrator responds in kind to the compressions the walls of your pussy make, resulting in some mind-bending orgasms.
  • A Thrusting Dildo – A dildo that comes with a thrusting action, like this one, can be a great way to simulate sex with a big dick and keep it automated.
  • A Clit Sucker – We all love the feeling of a hungry lover sucking on our clit, but toys like this one replicate it for hours on end and up the ante with some truly orgasmic power!
  • A Fucking Machine – A thrusting dildo is good for those on a budget, but a portable fucking machine like the one Kiroo is known for can give you porn-grade fucking!

Every girl is different, and your choice of toys will vary according to your needs. However, I’d suggest a varied blend of G-spot massagers, clit pleasing toys, dildos, and anal toys.

When amid a masturbation session, I’ll combine an anal plug with riding a dildo while using a dedicated toy on my clit. Together, a combination like that never fails to make it rain!

Use These Tried and Tested Female Squirting Positions 

Now you’re in your dedicated squirting space, dressed to cum, and armed with some of the most potent sex toys known to womankind, it’s time to start experimenting!

There’s no one-size-fits-all position for making yourself squirt, but there are many positions you can choose depending on what fits best. Here are some of my favorites!

  • Riding a Dildo in Reverse Cowgirl – This position is a great way to hit your G-spot and is comfortable when leaning back on your hands. Slam those hips down onto a suction cup dildo, play with your clit, and fix your eyes on porn, and you’ll soon be there!
  • Missionary Masturbation – Sometimes simple is best. Lay down somewhere comfortable, spread your legs, and get into the zone. Your pussy is now ready for an onslaught of toys and masturbation methods on it, and bring it to a squirting finale.
  • Knees Into Your Chest – Bending your knees into your chest and lifting your pussy in the air allows you to achieve deep penetration and hammer your G-spot in a way that’ll get your engines roaring. Although you might end up squirting in your own face!

The Key to Female Ejaculation is Perseverance 

Picture the scene; you’ve been masturbating in the warm glow of porn for hours. Horny is an ill-fitting word to describe your hypersexualized state of mind. A standard orgasm won’t cut it.

As you slam your sex-crazed hips down on a dildo stuck to the floor while hammering your clit or G-spot with another toy, you feel an unfamiliar sensation bubbling in your lower stomach.

I guarantee that the first thought to go through your mind will be, ‘’fuck! I’m going to piss myself. I need to go to the toilet!’’ No, babe, it’s happening. Roll with it and let your body do its thing.

It’s a common myth that squirt is pee. It isn’t. Well, not 100%. But the first time you’re about to have a squirting orgasm feels similar to the feeling of suddenly needing to pee really urgently. 

Instead of panicking, keep doing what you’re doing, close your eyes (or keep them fixed on porn), and let one of the most powerful orgasms you’ll ever experience take over your body. 

Now You’ve Learned How to Squirt, What Next?

I can imagine what you look like now. You’re sitting in a puddle of your own juices, wondering what the fuck just happened as your toy’s vibrations cause waves through your pooling squirt below.

What happened is that you’ve just joined the ranks of the elite-tier women worldwide who can squirt. Welcome, slut; you’re going to have a lot of fun here!

To sum up this guide on how to squirt, the key to a squirting orgasm is the right state of mind, a decent array of toys, and the time and space to enjoy a journey of discovery into your own body.

I wish you all of the best in your journey to learn how to squirt. If you’ve already achieved it, whether through this article or otherwise, drop some of your own tips in the comments below!

Also, don’t miss out on my other notorious guides, such as those teaching you to give porn-grade blowjobs and more!

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