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Jasmine Sex – Does Jasmine scent Make Your Sex Life Better?

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Jasmine sex – Jasmine is a beautiful and delicate flower that is native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Originally coming from the Himalayas, Jasmine is one of the flowers with the longest and richest history worldwide. The flower is popular in various cultures and its meaning is usually connected to love, intimacy and romance.

Jasmine Sex - Does Jasmine scent Make Your Sex Life Better?

Moreover, Jasmine is also considered to be an aphrodisiac. Its scent is linked to the increase of sexual desire and sexual behavior for both – women and men. For this reason, the use of Jasmine oil is also firmly grounded in the perfume industry.

The purpose of perfumes is first and foremost to improve your mood by boosting your self-confidence. Subsequently, this also contributes to making you more attractive to other people. Of course, it cannot be denied that your natural smell is what mostly attracts people towards you. However, adding a bit of extra to the mix will not harm anybody.

Jasmine Sex Increases Sexual Pleasure

In fact, the study conducted by Bendas et al indicates that certain scents can increase sexual pleasure during sex. Jasmine is precisely one of these scents. On one hand, this pleasant smell can lead to more frequent orgasms for women. On the other, it can increase the blood flow to the penis for men. A win-win kind of situation.

However, this is not all… The study also suggests that Jasmine has another stimulating effect. Not only we might reach orgasm easier, but also it increases our alertness to sexual cues.

Jasmine and Its Relaxing Effect

Have you ever wondered why aromatherapists often Jasmine oil for massages? Well, the answer to this is simple. As a study indicated, Jasmine boosts our mood and stimulates our behavioral arousal. It helps to make us more positive and more intimate. This is a direct result of its relaxing effect on our body and mind. Subsequently, it becomes easier for us to break our emotional barriers. Jasmine is a strange little flower, isn’t it?

Jasmine Sex - Does Jasmine scent Make Your Sex Life Better?

The Benefits of Jasmine on Stress

We live in times where stress, tiredness, and negative emotions seem to hang over our heads like a dark cloud. As a result, our sex life often suffers from this. Our libido and the pleasure we get out of a sexual act significantly decreases. Thus, it is important to acknowledge that stress from our daily routine can seriously disrupt our sex life.

“If you have a ‘busy mind’ and are distracted during sex, it’s going to be harder to focus on your arousal, the pleasurable sensations, or orgasm.”

– Dr. Rachel Needle, Psy.D., a sex therapist and licensed psychologist

For this reason, even small changes can go a long way. One such change is adding the scent of Jasmine oil to our surroundings. Its relaxing effect would help us to let go of our stressful routine and become more aroused and sexually active.

Jasmine Sex - Does Jasmine scent Make Your Sex Life Better?

Of course, you don’t have to invest serious money into buying expensive perfumes. Lighting a Jasmine scented candle or an incense stick in your bedroom can achieve the same result. It might also contribute to the overall sensual and erotic atmosphere.

The Effect on Jasmine on Our Sexuality

Furthermore, it is not only stress that might interfere with our sex life. Sometimes, negative thoughts that reside in our mind can stop us from expressing our sexuality. Bad body image, tiredness, relationship problems, or anxiety serve as some of the examples. As a result, we might experience closeness and struggle with low libido.

“From plants that wake when others sleep, from timid jasmine buds that keep their odour to themselves all day, but when the sunlight dies away let the delicious secret out to every breeze that roams about.”

– Thomas Moore

The intoxicating scent of Jasmine is ideal in helping to free ourselves from these negative feelings. Moreover, it balances our hormones by clearing our minds and making us more sensual and more alert of our surroundings.

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And indeed, Jasmine does hold many secrets. Its sweet and seductive scent can be used for erotic purposes and more specifically to enhance our sex life. This fact is nothing new. The Asian cultures have found its beneficial side on the sexual and intimate connection between humans a long time ago. It is, therefore, not a surprise that you might have seen this flower as a decoration for weddings.

Jasmine Sex – Other Seductive Scents

Often, we use Jasmine in combination with other alluring scents. Such is the musky aroma of the Sandalwood, the woody scent of amber, and the sweet smell of Vanilla. All these scents usually go well together. Precisely why many of the most expensive and elegant perfumes on the market use them as a base. Coincidence? Rather not.

Jasmine Sex - Does Jasmine scent Make Your Sex Life Better?

To summarize, everyone has their own personal taste and you might not be a fan of the rather heavier floral scent. However, findings speak for themselves. Jasmine and its upper-mentioned counterparts have various beneficial sides to our sex life. Even without being Jasmine’s biggest fan, it is worth giving it a shot at least in the bedroom!

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