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Why Goon Alone? Top 6+ Features of Masturbate2gether!

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Gooning is sometimes seen as a lonely lifestyle. In reality, it’s one of the most social forms of porn consumption, thanks to a wide array of sites allowing porn fanatics to masturbate together.

There’s even a website with the same name! It’s called Masturbate2gether and lets people connect to women who adore masturbating on live cams in full view of the world!

I’d heard great things about Masturbate2gether from Gooners and Goonettes alike. But, as a natural skeptic, I decided to delve inside this masturbation cam site to see what it was really all about.

”Want to send a sex-crazed 19-year-old into the abyss of orgasm and make her squirt uncontrollably all over her bedroom? You just have to trigger than Lovense vibrator in her pussy!”

In this no-holds-barred article, I want to introduce you to some of the top six features that a site like Masturbate2gether can offer and, most importantly, whether it’s worth signing up for.

A Paradise for Voyeurs and Exhibitionists Alike

First off, Masturbate2gether provides a welcoming and sex-positive space both for exhibitionists who love masturbating in front of anyone willing to watch and voyeurs who adore tuning in to the live feeds of others indulging in sexual pleasure.

It’s equally easy to sign up for each. So, whether you’re keen to get tuned into some of the filthiest masturbation antics of the sleaziest sluts around the world or get in front of a camera yourself, nothing is holding you back!

Access to an Entire World of Live Masturbation Cams

As a big fan of travel and seeing the different kinds of sex scenes each country offers, I was pleased to see Masturbate2gether offered a diverse range of countries and nationalities to tune into.

From Ukrainian MILFs sliding horse dildos inside their well-fucked asses to 18+ Romanian teens obliterating their gag reflex on their fuck buddy’s cock and Colombian shemales showing the power of their thrusts into a Fleshlight, the site is genuinely a portfolio of global sleaze that’s a joy to explore!

A Diverse Age Range

One of my biggest gripes with live sex cam sites is that many tend to focus on the 18 – 26 demographic while neglecting MILFs, matures, and GILFs.

Masturbate2gether, on the other hand, does the complete opposite. This masturbation-focused live cam site has dedicated categories to all age ranges, meaning you can get access to perverted teens and sexually experienced older women alike.

Don’t be fooled by the age of some of these women because they sure do know their way around the world of live sex cam tech. And, yes, that includes interactive sex toys!

Speaking of which…

The Chance to Play With Interactive Sex Toys

Watching someone masturbate (or having a crowd watch you) is fun, but things only get better when you add interactive sex toys into the mix.

The current array of Bluetooth-controlled sex toys on the market allows people to unleash sexual carnage from across the world, all via the mere push of a button!

Want to send a sex-crazed 19-year-old into the abyss of orgasm and make her squirt uncontrollably all over her bedroom? You just have to trigger than Lovense vibrator in her soaking wet pussy!

Maybe you aspire to trigger a sissygasm in the cock of a gorgeous transsexual with a huge dick? All you need to do is activate the Bluetooth-controlled prostate massager embedded in her tight ass and watch the sexual carnage unfold!

A Solid Array of Transsexuals

Sometimes you’re just looking for a woman with a little extra. Transsexuals are becoming an increasingly powerful force in porn and live sex cams, and this is something Masturbate2gether fully understands.

In this transsexual cam category, one can find everything from blonde Russian traps fucking their tight asses into sexual oblivion to dominant Latina shemales pounding the fuck out of their sex toys and pumping them with their sweet, white seed!

If you like to see chicks with dicks beating their meat, showing off their deepthroating skills, and playing with their asses, then this is a site that won’t let you down!

They Don’t Shy Away From The Taboo

Watching someone masturbate live is fun, but I’m somewhat desensitized to porn. So, watching a girl finger herself or a guy beat his meat doesn’t get my slit throbbing. I need something more hardcore!

Luckily, Masturbate2gether has it! This live masturbation site isn’t afraid to shy away from the more taboo sex acts many performers choose to incorporate into their shows, and on my journey through the site, I found the following kinds of wild shit being carried out:

  • A busty transsexual sent into sexual ecstasy via a Bluetooth fucking machine – This gorgeous Latina shemale from Colombia thought it was a good idea to hand over the controls of her fucking machine to her viewers. What followed was one of the most intense anal fuckings of her life, carried out by anonymous users worldwide. In the end, she lost control and spurted hot ropes of cum all over her silicone face and tits!
  • The no-limits MILF from Romania – This botox-riddled Romanian MILF looks like she has a long career in the sex industry under her belt and adores showing off her masturbation talents to anyone lucky enough to tune in. During one of her most infamous shows, her fan-controlled toys led to her prolapsing her own well-fucked ass before uncontrollably squirting all over her bedroom! All of which she did with a seedy grin spread across her face.
  • Controlling a threesome – This masturbation session between a 20-year-old Asian and her two male fuck buddies soon turned into a gangbang. Anyone watching was then given the unique chance to virtually interact by controlling the Lovense vibrator in the girl’s ass or dropping perverted requests into the live chat. The resultant live sex show was unforgettable, and this horny Asian slut ended up with two loads of cum in each hole!

So, Who is Masturbate2gether Best-Suited For?

If you adore seeing solo girls, couples, men, and transsexuals perform the deepest secrets of their masturbatory pleasure in live sex shows, then this is the site for you.

For Gooners, it can be the perfect accompaniment to a porn-fuelled session by allowing you to gain an insight into the masturbatory antics of other porn lovers around the world, as well as show off your own!

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