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8 Brazen Pornstars on OnlyFans Who You Need to Meet!

OnlyFans has done much for adult entertainment enthusiasts since its inception, and it’s now a platform booming with over two million+ audacious sluts creating utter Goon Fuel.

From bringing the personal touch to online adult material (something that, for all they do, porn tubes cannot replicate) to giving us fresh new content at a regular pace, there is no doubt that OnlyFans has changed what it means to interact with your favorite sluts and studs.

Another benefit of the platform is that it’s not just for amateur cock-craving sluts, such as these – professional porn goddesses have been flocking to the site in droves.

And the presence of pornstars on OnlyFans is good news for you and me, as not only does it mean that we get to interact with our favorite pornstars in a way that was previously impossible outside of, say, porn conventions, but we can also get tailor-made content from those very pornstars on OnlyFans.

”Alexis Texas regularly uploads new content – all of which puts that stunning XL-sized ass to work harder than a Texas chain gang.”

Imagine an iconic pornstar like Jenna Jameson, for instance, sending you bespoke videos in which she’s doing whatever you want her to do while screaming your name. 

Except you don’t have to imagine that at all – Jenna Jameson is one of the many pornstars on OnlyFans right now, and you can request whatever you want! 

“But wait a second, you damnably insightful, eloquent wordsmith,” you’re probably saying in your head right now, “if porn legend Jenna Jameson is on OnlyFans, then what other titans of the industry are too?” 

I’m glad you asked, dear reader, and I commend you on your inquisitive mindset. That is the very question I’m going to answer today.

So join me, Karl Majak, as we look at the best pornstars on OnlyFans!

Alexis Texas 

The woman who put the ass in Texass (we can’t claim that as an original; that’s all Alexis’), Alexis Texas is an insanely popular pornstar who’s made the leap into the mainstream, with an Instagram following of almost 4 million and her own successful merchandising business. 

But you don’t care about merchandise; you care about that fuckable ass. Alexis is perfectly named since her booty is about the size of Texas and also takes no prisoners.

Once you’ve subbed to her OnlyFans channel (which is free at the basic level, by the way), this is one union you won’t be looking to secede from, as she backs that butt up for your viewing pleasure. 

Alexis has even made the jump to mainstream movies, with a handful of supporting roles in such hits as Bloodlust Zombies, Aroused, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Dom Jon. She’s also directed a number of adult movies by herself. 

As hectic as her professional schedule might be, though, she always has time for her dedicated OnlyFans subscribers.

Alexis Texas regularly uploads new content – all of which puts that stunning XL-sized ass to work harder than a Texas chain gang. Don’t belive me? Take a look at her official OnlyFans and see for yourself!

Lisa Ann 

Does the thought of fucking former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin get you all hot and bothered?

Ultimate Guide to 18 of the Best Pornstar Fleshlights

Unfortunately, Ms. Palin has neglected to set up her OnlyFans account yet (not that we could find, anyway). We’ve got the next best thing, however: the porn-star version of her. 

Lisa Ann is a buxom American adult film actress who is most famous for her impeccable impression of Sarah Palin, but if she were getting deep-dicked by like four guys at once.

So accurate and enduring was her impression she reprised the role in five adult movies past the original, as well as a music video. Lisa Ann basically is Sarah Palin, but way hotter and presumably less of a bigot. 

Ann is a veteran of the porn industry, having been making movies since the early 90s. She took a sabbatical after an AIDS scare in the late 90s but eventually returned to her former profession and has been setting the world on fire ever since.

She even appeared in an Eminem music video (the one we mentioned earlier). For a world-famous pornstar, Lisa Ann’s OnlyFans account is very reasonably priced, costing only $12.99/month.

How many people can boast the personal attention of Serra Paylin herself for that? The answer is whoever pays $12.99 and subscribes to Lisa Ann’s official OF account!

Daisy Marie 

Mexican-American beauty Daisy Marie has been at the porn game long enough to know her way around a dildo (among other things) and had experimented with girls before losing her virginity.

It’s safe to say, then, that this is a lady who is both well-practiced and who isn’t averse to a spot of hanky panky. 

Daisy has said that working as a pornstar offers her a unique opportunity to express herself sexually in a way that simply wouldn’t otherwise be possible, and far be it from us to argue with a woman this hot looking to express herself all over our monitors. 

Because Daisy’s a giving kind of girl, she has two OnlyFans accounts. Her free one is exactly what it sounds like: The generous Daisy shares nudes and videos without asking for a penny. 

Her VIP account, meanwhile, offers unprecedented access to Daisy herself, where you can chat with the porn icon and get personalized material.

If you’re serious about making the most of the opportunities OnlyFans represents, this is the option you’ll be choosing, and you can explore her for free, here.

Sophie Dee

Welsh knockout Sophie Dee has got two massive reasons you should subscribe to her OnlyFans account- and they’re both on (it’s her tits. Her Welsh tits are the reason you should subscribe). 

Sophie originally hails from the rain-soaked valleys of Wales, England, where she grew up milking sheep or whatever it is you do in Wales if you’re not Tom Jones.

She rapidly wised to the futility of spending all day in the British rain and relocated to sunny LA, where she embarked upon a journey of one of the UK’s foremost purveyors of smut. 

Sophie’s OnlyFans content is characterized by her attentiveness and interactivity with her fans. She is always willing and eager to satisfy whatever dirty little fantasies her subscribers have.

Additionally, she frequently offers a month’s access to her account for no charge at all – can’t say fairer than that! 

Nikki Benz 

Ukrainian-Canadian blonde bombshell Nikki Benz may be getting on in years (she was born in the USSR), but that hasn’t dampened her zest for sexy time or her knockout looks.

Benz could suck a golf ball through a hose pipe, and the smoldering looks she gives the camera will fry the failsafes in your nuclear reactor (too soon?).

 Nikki is such a personable and talented pornstar that she has taken to OnlyFans like a really sexy duck to water where a shitload of fucking happens.

She is fast to respond to DMs, always eager to do personalized content, and has just the most amazing tits.

And what’s more, her account is extremely reasonably priced for such a high-profile name – she often offers her content for a mere $5/month! 

Sarah Jay 

In the mood for a big-titted MILF with more lays than a bag of potato chips? Look no further than the prolific (and prodigiously-breasted) Sarah Jay, a veteran who’s been taking cock since McCarthy was chasing commies. 

Sarah is a thicc girl with a long pedigree and a penchant for taking the biggest dicks you’ve ever seen in your life.

Her storied career means she’s got a lot of experience, whether with men or women, and she’s not afraid to put that experience to full use in her OnlyFans material. 

As with many big pornstars, Sarah runs two accounts – a free one with entry-level material and a VIP one where she puts the goods on full display (and we do mean the – it’s her tits. We’re talking about her tits).  

Asa Akira

A porn legend that needs precious little introduction from us, Asa Akira is the Asian chick that you think of when you think of Asian chicks in porn.

Who is Truly The Most Underrated Asian Whore in Porn?

She’s drop-dead gorgeous, sultry, and sexy and has taken more fat men than Nagasaki (too soon?). 

Asa got her start working as a dominatrix, so it’s safe to say she’s not shy when it comes to stuff like JOI or just straight up telling her subs (in both senses of the word) to peg themselves for her pleasure.

But if you’re more into giving orders than receiving them, Asa’s good at taking too – she offers fully personalized content on her page. 

Asa has a free OnlyFans, where she offers nudes gratis. For anything else, however, you’ll have to pony up some dough – but with that, you’ll get videos, that good ol’ JOI content, solos, and much more.

Can you afford not to pay the meager $12.99/month asking price? 

Nicolette Shea  

Another pornstar goddess that has seen fit to grace OnlyFans with her august presence, Nicolette Shea, has aged gracefully into the MILF bracket and now spends most of her time making personalized content for her subscribers.

And those subscribers get more than enough value for their money – Nicolette still sports the knockout figure that saw viewers flocking to her in droves back in her porn days. 

What’s more, Nicolette is the rare pornstar who’s willing to get down and dirty with her most devoted fans in front of the camera.

One lucky fella managed to bag a date with the buxom beauty and was rewarded for his devotion with an on-camera blowjob. Hard to argue with that kind of personal touch! 

To Sum Up: There’s Tonnes of Pornstars on OnlyFans!

Though there are many other pornstars we could have included on this list (again: Jenna Jameson is on there), that’s about a wrap for today.

Did we miss any of your favorite pornstars? Drop us a line in the comments, and we’ll be sure to include them in the next article! 

After all, with over two million performers on the platform and a growing number of sluts and studs flocking to it daily, there’s bound to be a lot more pornstars on OnlyFans to cover soon!


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