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Real Granny Sex Stories: I Threw Her Into a Filthy Gangbang

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The cum of six men oozed from this grandmother’s pussy and mouth; Carol was in a state of disbelief. Granny sex stories don’t get more hardcore than this, and it was far from over.

When it comes to debauchery, old age shouldn’t be a limitation. Few things pain me more than mature men and women neglecting their sex lives because they’re in their golden years.

Recently, on the infamous site for cheating spouses Ashley Madison, I was contacted by a mature woman looking to escape her mundane married life with a message that went:

“Dear Catherine, I’m Caroline. I hope my age doesn’t put you off, but I’m a 68-year-old grandmother from the North East. I’ve been retired for two years and largely spend my days cooped up at home in a loveless marriage. The few things that keep me going are porn and the beautiful writing on your site. I’d love to gain some advice from you, but I understand if I’m a bit past it. Warm regards, Carol x.”

Carol was a blonde, slim, and sexually frustrated English granny. I have a deep lust for sex-starved older women whom I can corrupt. So, on the contrary, her age encouraged me.

A month later, Carol and I arranged to meet in person. To give her a break from her dull marriage, I offered her the chance to spend the weekend with me in Belfast.

But it certainly wasn’t just sightseeing that I had in mind.

Coffee, Cake And Grandmother’s Pussy

Carol’s budget flight arrived, and I greeted her with a warm hug at Belfast airport before driving her to my place to settle in. Like most people, she was curious to see my sex room.

She inspected nipple clamps like they were tools from another planet and was taken aback by the power of some of the dildos I had invested in. Carol really was sexually inexperienced.

I gave her a lightning tour of Belfast from the docklands to where I grew up, The Falls Road, before we stopped in one of my favourite cafes for coffee and cake.

This was the perfect chance to talk properly about Carol’s sex life, her husband, and her aspirations. My god, it was depressing. I felt so sorry for her, but I intended to fix everything.

Carol’s husband, Brian, had an anorexic sexual appetite. He’d retired alongside Carol, only to return to his old job out of boredom. Leaving her home alone most days.

Brian was described as an overall racist, homophobic, and misogynist man. All things that Carol certainly wasn’t and which inevitably infuriated and frustrated her even more.

“Why don’t you spunk in her, babe? Imagine how much that will piss her husband off? Fill her up with your cum!”

Brian’s decision had been his undoing. Left with idle hands, Carol had stumbled upon the treasure trove of online porn and was masturbating her days away and being corrupted.

It was that corruption that led her straight into my debauched hands.

“I just want to feel like a woman again, Catherine”, Carol said melancholically, “I want two, three, four men to manhandle me and give me a rogering (fucking) I’ll never forget. But I fear I’m past it now”.

“Darling, it can be arranged”, I said whilst looking her dead in the eye, “I can make everything you desire come true, but you have to follow my orders. Just say the word”.

Carol hesitated. Years of sexual repression were holding her back. So I encouraged her further into sin.

Biting the top off of my muffin to reveal its soft chocolate filling, I locked eyes with Carol, plunged my slick, wet tongue into the soft, brown liquid, and sucked it out erotically.

“I’ll arrange everything. You’ll have a safe word in case you want to stop. There’ll be no romance, no boring pillow talk, only sheer pleasure. This is your chance, take it or leave it”.

She agreed. The reins were firmly in my hand. But I had to assert control over my latest acolyte from the beginning.

“Show me your pussy, babe”, I said like I was asking to see family photos, “I need to see what I’m working with, and so do the boys who are going to fuck you”.

Carol was clueless and looked terrified. We were in a packed cafe, so I told her to go to the toilet, slip out of her panties, and come back so I could take a photo under the table.

When I saw this grandmother’s meaty, glistening old pussy, I knew this weekend would become the pinnacle of dirty granny sex stories.

A Fast-Paced Recruitment Drive For The Granny Sex Party

Carol had no idea how fast I could work when I was horny. After leaving the cafe, I took her shopping for lingerie to dress this grandma up like a slut.

When she was in the changing rooms trying on stockings, heels, and brasserie, I was prowling through the profiles on Adult Friend Finder to find available studs to fuck this granny.

I fucking love being a woman; I thought to myself as my inbox erupted with horny cocks eager to bury themselves in this mature grandmother’s pussy.

I singled out ten guys to account for possible timewasters, booked a Belfast hotel on my phone, and set the meeting for 8 pm when the guys would be given the room number on AFF.

Some of the guys I knew from previous meets, but there were a few international students I hadn’t met and were bringing some welcome big black dicks to the party.

Carol was in awe at how fast I put everything together. Now equipped with the outfit of a true whore, we headed to the hotel to get ready.

Granny Group Sex Party Begins

“Have you been fucked in the ass before, hun?” I asked Carol nonchalantly.

“Only by myself with the tip of a dildo, sweetheart”. Carol stammered, unsure of herself, “I listened to your advice and started working both holes when I watched porn”

“Good”, I said whilst handing her a douche, “come in the shower with me and let’s douche. I know some of these boys like anal and don’t fuck around. So be ready.

Squatting in the hotel’s luxury shower, we both prepared our forbidden holes for the boys. I watched with delight as a sordid river of mine and Carol’s asswater ran down the sinkhole.

I wonder how many high-flying and uptight business people use this hotel’s showers, blissfully unaware of what whores like me have been up to inside, I thought to myself.

As Carol and I shaved our cunts together, we had a bonding moment as I put her mind to ease about the upcoming orgy. Needless to say, she had one thousand questions to ask.

I soon shut her up by guiding her mouth down towards my freshly shaved slit. Carol’s hesitance faded as she devoured her first pussy and was corrupted by the taste of a whore.

By the time 8 pm came, my Adult Friend Finder app erupted with messages from the guys asking for the room. I typed the number in before hitting send and looked down at Carol.

Carol now had a border of my slit juice around her lips, and my clit was tingling. Porn was blasting on the hotel room’s TV, refreshments were out, and lube and condoms were provided.

Carol was dressed in classy black lingerie set with suede black heels, whereas I opted for pure white stockings, pleaser heels and nothing else.

“Ready to become a harlot?” I asked a nervous-looking Carol, “watch what I do and misbehave even more. The key to being a whore is trying to outdo the other slut’s debauchery.”

I sent the room number to the first guys and kept my phone nearby for latecomers.

It was time.

The Granny Group Sex Party Begins

*knock knock* I opened the hotel door discreetly to greet Jack, a 40-year-old cocky construction worker who I’d fucked a few times before.

“Hello, you!” Jack said in a rough tone before picking me up, throwing me on the bed and sucking on my tits, causing me to squeal with laughter, “who’s your friend then?”

Jack and Carol introduced themselves to each other, and in seconds this alpha builder was diving between her legs and burying his face into her freshly shaved snatch.

Carol, overwhelmed by such casual sex, wailed in a wave of shocked pleasure. Then, another knock on the door came.

I opened it to two nervous-looking students, 18-year-old Craig and 19-year-old Tom, who meekly entered and undressed.

They looked like deer in the headlights when they saw Jack’s onslaught on this naked grandma. But they hadn’t seen anything yet.

Plunging three fingers inside her loose slit, Jack finger-blasted Carol, who let out a deep guttural moan and attempted to push his hand away because of the intensity.

“Don’t you fucking dare, Carol!” I barked at her, “you have a safe word. If you want to use it, use it. Otherwise, let us show you how it’s done. If you feel like you’re gonna pee yourself, let it go”.

The two naive-looking students were shocked at my outburst and the sight in front of them. But they soon settled in when I undressed them and sucked both of their cocks at once.

“Oh, fuck! Here we go!” Jack yelled.

Carol was silent and in a complete state of sexual submission. On my right shoulder, I felt a hot liquid splashing down my lower back. Carol had squirted for the first time.

Jack yanked his hand out and flicked the last droplets of juices from his hand onto Carol’s tits. She lay there quivering and silent. Your first squirt is an overwhelming experience.

“Woah!” said 18-year-old Craig with a nervous laugh, “I thought that only happens in porn. I’ve never seen a girl squirt for real”.

“Come here, baby,” I said to Craig. Turned on by his naivety, I grabbed him by the hair and pushed his face into this Grandma’s pussy. “Taste it; it’s divine!”

” I watched with delight as a sordid river of mine and Carol’s asswater ran down the sinkhole.”

Carol murmured as his young tongue lapped at her cunt meat and sucked her juices dry. After a few minutes, I yanked Craig’s face up and tongued him deep to share the taste of the squirt.

“Step aside there, buddy!” Jack told Craig, “I got her primed; I should be the first one in!” Craig stepped back without hesitation to the safety of his shell-shocked friend, Tom.

Jack ravaged her. He pounded her like a man possessed until she came violently and swore like a trooper. The cock-led onslaught lasted for over ten minutes until he cum in her mouth.

Moving away from her, Jack slapped Carol’s ass like a piece of meat and looked at Craig, who he’d sent away earlier.

“All yours, mate!” he laughed, “I got her nice and wet for you!”. Short on time, Jack left, promising to make up for the fucking he owed me.

On his way out, Jack let in another particularly sleazy gangbang attendee called David, who had just arrived and looked downright perverted.

Craig wasted no time and buried his eager cock into an equally eager Carol. Meanwhile, I targeted his masturbating friend, Tom.

Piledriver Sex Makes My Bladder Erupt

As nervous and awkward as he looked, it didn’t take long for me to corrupt Tom. Laying back on the chair in the room, I spread my legs for him to fuck me in the piledriver position.

“Go easy, sweetheart; I guarantee your young cock hasn’t experienced a pussy like this before,” I said whilst applying a layer of spit on my slit.

Tom’s cock was bigger than I realized. He destroyed my cunt in powerful, long strokes and moaned like crazy.

Sadly, my dirty talk in his ear sent him over the edge, and he came in seconds. Nevertheless, the piledriver sex had triggered my bladder, and I rushed to the bathroom.

In the hotel bathroom, the sound of my golden piss hitting the water had attracted a particularly perverse David, who was watching me from around the door.

As I went to wipe the mixture of cum and pee from my slit, I stopped and locked eyes with him.

“Are you going to stand there, or do you want to be useful and clean my snatch?” I asked him with a smirk.

I stood up, leaned against the wall, and presented my slit. He didn’t say a word, dropped to his knees and cleaned my sordid holes until they were sparkling. “Thank you, mommy”, he uttered.

Back in the room, Craig was still fucking Carol relentlessly. Seeing this 18-year-old student balls deep in the wrinkled body of a woman 50 years older than him was a bizarre contrast.

Carol’s hands slapped his young ass to encourage him deeper, her saggy tits bounced wildly, and their tongues fought wildly with each other.

I wonder what his mum would think seeing what seedy behaviour her son is up to when away at university, I thought to myself.

Black On Black Granny Sex

Another knock came from the door; this time, it was more aggressive than the others. Opening it, an interracial mixture of black and white guys greeted me.

“Oh, Catherine, you are spoiling me!” Carol laughed as another man’s tongue probed her dripping gash, “I’ve never fucked a black guy before. You’re hitting all my bucket list items!”

The first black guy, Terry, wasted no time. He confidently ascended the bed, thrust his semi-erect cock into Carol’s face, and probed her clit with his other hand.

Terry’s hand forced the guy licking her out to step down. It was poor gangbang etiquette, but He was a pure Alpha, and he made me drip even more.

Carol gagged and choked on this throbbing black member, and his friend came to slide into her pussy. She was now spit-roasted by two dominant black males as everyone else watched.

“My husband’s a racist bastard; he’d hit the roof if he could see me now!” Carol said awkwardly.

“Oh, yeah?” replied, “shame he isn’t here to watch. Let me give him something to remember me by then!”

With that, Terry’s hung friend smashed into this grandmother’s pussy with full force. It was like watching a jackhammer slamming in and out of her.

By now, I’d accosted one of the white guys who’d recently arrived, thrust him onto a chair, and rode him in cowgirl. It was the perfect way to watch Carol being stretched out.

The soft black tones of these well-built men’s skin contrasted beautifully with this slutty grandma’s white skin. But my favourite colour scheme was still to come.

Terry’s friend’s balls contracted wildly as he pumped ropes of black cum into this white grandma. When he pulled out, his black dick glistened with her pussy slime, and her pink snatch was tainted by sordid semen.

Unphased by her pussy pumped with his friend’s cum, Terry switched positions and flung Carol into Doggystyle before plunging his saliva-soaked dick into her meaty hole.

As he did, the guy fucking me on the chair squealed and pumped me with cum before sliding out of me, showering, and leaving.

As Terry fucked this slutty grandma from behind, I could tell he was close. I slipped behind him, placed my soft hands on his strong black hips, and licked his ear.

“Why don’t you spunk in her, babe?” I whispered, “imagine how much that will piss her husband off? Fill her up with your black cum!”

“Nah, I’m not into that, you know?” terry said affirmatively, “I’ve had a few scares with pregnancies, so I always pull out now”.

“Fuck that, don’t be a pussy”, I whispered now, kind of annoyed I wasn’t getting what I wanted to see, “if you’re that worried, cum inside her bowels instead. She loves it up the ass”.

Terry pondered for a second. But he soon switched holes when I ground my wet, dribbling slit up the back of his leg. Safe in the forbidden confines of this grandma’s ass, he was close.

I dropped to my knees and rimmed Terry’s shaved ass deep to ensure he didn’t disappoint. His powerful alpha moans roared through the room. As his balls emptied, I sucked hungrily on them.

Carol’s granny ass was left pulsating and dripping with black semen. As Terry collapsed on a chair nearby, I gently sucked the lube, cum, and ass-juice cocktail off the soft skin of his dick.

Cum In Granny’s Mouth!

By now, Carol’s legs were a quivering mess. I could feel the energy in the room beginning to sap. It was time to round this off with a grand grandma Bukkake!

“Guys, I know you’ve all put a lot of work in here!” I said to everyone, “but if you have any jizz left in those balls, I want you all to cum in granny’s mouth. Carol! On your knees!”

Carol struggled to be on her knees for long, so we switched to her head hanging upside down off the bed. The boys didn’t disappoint and lined up to dump their seed on her mature face.

Some ropes overshot Carol’s face and landed on her tits. But after a few minutes, she was gargling cum and almost choking on it.

I dropped to my knees and locked lips with her upside-down mouth to snowball all of the divine cum between us both.

“Reminds me of that scene from Spiderman!” Terry laughed, referring to the upside-down kiss between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

Gradually, the guys cleaned off their cocks in the bathroom, said their goodbyes left, and Carol and I were soon alone in bed.

You’re a Whore Now, Grandma

Carol’s probing fingers examined her wrecked cunt and gaping ass. She was lying on an enormous damp patch that dominated the hotel’s bedsheets.

“Slap your asshole”, I giggled, “I love the sound it makes after I’ve been fucked. It’s so addictive, like music to my ears!”

Carol placed her two fingers together and tapped his well-bred hole. The sounds of *schlop, schlop, schlop* echoed around the room as we both revelled in it.

For the rest of the night, we were engulfed in mutual masturbation of our used-up holes to porn and discussed how Carol could sink deeper into depravity.

On her return to England, Carol met men daily on hookup sites like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison. The latter of which we’d originally connected through.

Her husband, who was happier at work rather than tending to his wife’s sexual needs, was none the wiser.

Nor was he to the reasons behind the regular trips Carol made to Belfast every few weeks. One thing was for sure, her portfolio of granny sex stories had a long way to go.

More True Sex Stories From The Heart of Whoredom

Disclaimer: This true granny sex story may contain affiliate links to products used in the story. If a purchase is made through them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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  1. Very nice story and great that you were able to arrange for her to be satisfied and blacked, perfect. Shame that her husband doesn’t know that he’s a cuckold, it’s a hot experience that he’s missing out on. Keep up the great work!


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