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Kiiroo’s Sex Toys For Men Supply Drop in My Hour of Gooning Need! (Review)

It’d been a long twelve hours in the grip of a Goon session. I’d started with some tame Riley Reid porn and was now balls-deep in a double anal porn frenzy directed by Giorgio Grandi.

But I’d consumed so much smut that I was downright desensitized, my wrist ached, and my cock was as red as a Bulgarian pepper while looking up at me with a salty tear in its pleading eye.

I’m sure you can all relate. I was on the verge of committing Gooner sacrilege and considering throwing my edge to the wind and succumbing to the temporary bliss of orgasm. Then came a knock on the door.

”Combine the almighty Keon with the strokers from Kiiroo and a fat dose of Arctic lube, and you’ll be turned into a cross-eyed Gooning mess with an Ahegao face in no time!”

”Package for Karl Majak!” said the innocent-looking courier, unaware that she’d just caught me in the midst of one of the greatest wank battles in human history.

Inside the package was one of the most perfectly timed supply drops of my Gooning lifestyle. It was a box of the latest sex toys for men supplied by the cutting-edge adult toy company Kiiroo.

Catherine had covered some of their interactive sex toys in a recent article, and Kiiroo liked it so much that they decided to send some samples to the Whoreuro HQ for us to test out in person.

And I, Karl Majak, was to be their guinea pig. My cock had no idea what was about to hit it!

What’s in the Box?

By now, you’re probably repeating the Brad Pitt line from the movie Se7en and saying, ”What’s in the box?!” Well, calm your ass down because I’m about to tell you! Kiiroo had given us the following:

  • A male stroker device modeled around Victoria June’s Latina pornstar BJ lips.
  • Another male masturbator featuring the instantly recognizable pussy of Victoria June.
  • A powerful Keon masturbator machine capable of unleashing 230 strokes per minute.
  • A complimentary bottle of Kiiroo’s Arctic lube that offers a unique icy effect in the bedroom.

Damn! It seems like Kiiroo had some mind readers amongst their staff because they seemed to know that I had a considerable porn crush on Victoria June.

The chance to feel her mouth and pussy around my porn-weary cock was finally within reach. So, how did it go?

Putting The Sex Toys For Men From Kiiroo To The Ultimate Test!

Kiiroo’s products had landed at the perfect time for me, but could I say the same for their toys? I was eager to put these high-tech devices through the ultimate test via the remaining 12 hours of my 24-hour Goon session!

The Plump-Lipped Blowjob Stroker Modelled on Victoria June

If you’re not familiar with the Latina pornstar Victoria June, look her up now! This chick has the kind of lips that look custom-built to serve porn, and she adores wrapping them around a meaty shaft!

I’ve tested out several strokers over the years and found many to be a small-lipped disappointment. However, Kiiroo and Victoria knocked it out of the cum-stained park here.

This blowjob simulator is extremely realistic thanks to the super soft material it’s crafted from. When you slide your experimental finger inside for the first time, you’ll feel your eyes widen at the same time as your cock does when you feel that lifelike pornstar tongue lying in wait within.

Mere milliseconds after your lucky cock slides past her enormous Latina BJ lips, the toy automatically becomes tighter, and the added resistance feels like you’re really breaching a chick’s throat barrier.

So far, it’s hands-down the closest thing I’ve tested out that comes close to a real-life blowjob on demand. I found it hard to drag my cock out of this. Luckily, it’s easy to clean!

Top Gooner Tip For Using: As much fun as this blowjob simulator is when wrapped around your cock, it’s also ideal for those Gooners who adore kissing. As you’re on the vinegar strokes with Victoria’s pussy stroker, lock lips with this fucker and tongue it deep while imagining this Latina pornstar is trying to invade your throat with her cock-handling tongue.

The FeelVictoria Stroker is Tight!

I’ve seen Victoria June take a lot of cock in her porn performances. The bulk of them are big enough to make a prudish chick tap out. Naturally, I was keen to see how tight her Latina pussy really is!

The FeelVictoria Stroker is the perfect way to do so, as this male masturbator is molded on June’s actual twat!

Man, this chick is tight! I struggled to stuff my cock inside at first and needed a hearty dose of Kiiroo’s Arctic lube to fit it in. But once you’re in, this is a truly heavenly experience.

Initially, this male stroker feels smooth but nothing special. However, when you edge deeper, you’re rewarded with a wealth of textures, curves, and ribbed material that tantalize your cock.

Like the blowjob simulator, the FeelVictoria has an adjustable cap at the base that can be loosened or tightened to result in a more intense grip, depending on how tight you want it.

A Pornosexual Tip For This Portable Pussy Toy: Ever wanted to fantasize about giving a creampie cleanup to a hot busty Latina? Of course, you have! With the FeelVictoria, you can cum inside it multiple times, and when your balls start pumping again, you can bury your face in June’s replica twat and pretend she’s a Latina Hotwife making you her bitch!

Is The Keon Really One of The Smartest Interactive Male Masturbators on Earth?

And last but not least was the elephant in the room. It was time to lock and load these sex toys for men into the Keon interactive masturbator, which is said to be one of the most high-tech in the world.

This thing is no joke. You can syn the Keon with your favorite porn flicks so that the thrusts and grinds of your porn crushes are replicated in real-time on your cock.

You can also pair it with your partner’s sex toys so that you can both indulge in a remote Goon session wherever you are in the world.

The toy can be controlled manually or via the dedicated app that allows you to adjust the thrusts and strokes to your liking and get a customized masturbation experience.

I have a lot of staying power during a Goon sesh, but after ramping this bad boy up to the maximum power of 230 strokes per minute, combined with the irresistible sensations of Victoria June’s mouth around my cock, I’m not ashamed to say that this male masturbator successfully milked my cock in the space of seventy seconds.

There’s a lot of power behind this sex toy for men, so it’s not the quietest gadget around, but it’s pretty toned down for what it gives you. Besides, it’s your orgasmic moans that you need to worry about, not the mechanics of this sex toy!

Don’t neglect this male masturbator’s accessories: This toy is wild enough, but things only get crazier when you see the optional accessories that can be added. From a phone holder that lets you connect visual porn to the device and a dildo adapter that switches the stroker mechanism into a powerful fucking machine to neck and wrist straps to customize how you hold this beast, there’s no end to the fun!

The Lube Was Chilly, But There’s Nothing Cold About Kiiroo’s Male Sex Toys!

To sum up, the Keon male masturbator is probably one of the most advanced sex toys for men I’ve reviewed in years.

This is a sexual beast that’s not only packed with features but also comes with a shitload of accessories.

Combine the almighty Keon with the strokers from Kiiroo and a fat dose of Arctic lube, and you’ll be turned into a cross-eyed Gooning mess with an Ahegao face in no time!

But while both strokers were a wild ride, I definitely prefer the Victoria June BJ simulator, as her pussy was far too tight and became uncomfortable pretty quickly.

Thank fuck I had the unsung hero of this article, Kiiroo’s Arctic lube, to help me out. This unique lube is like an icy blast on your cock and is hands-down one of the most unique lubes I’ve tested out.

If you think your meaty cock is ready for the latest in cutting-edge sex toys for men, check out these featured XXX gadgets and much more over at the official Kiiroo website today!


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