Inside a Filthy Whoreuro Gooner Porn Party Via 4 Goonette Girls I Met

My Gooning parties have gained increasing attention in recent months, with many people curious about what happens inside.

Recently, I was contacted by a writer who loves covering all manner of quirky scenes in the adult industry and the world of porn.

He was keen to attend and get an insight into what happens and the kind of people who attend. I opened my door to him, and this is the perverted things he found!


The Fuckdoll Goonette’s eyes rolled as another dick smashed into her slit in reverse cowgirl. Porn Mommy Catherine pushed her way through the crowd with a black marker pen.

Across her chest, taking care not to get knocked by her bouncing tits, Porn Mommy Catherine scrawled Free Use Fuckdoll, to which the girl replied, “Thank you, Mommy!”

Underneath the Fuck Doll was a naked 40-year-old with her tongue out. Sweat, cum, vaginal fluids, or otherwise, her hungry eyes awaited the sordid debris falling from the sex above.

Suddenly, sadistic giggling approached us. Through the crowd came a bratty 19-year-old with braces and dyed blonde hair.

She bent over, causing her ass to burst out of the audaciously short miniskirt she was wearing, and prepared a mouthful of spit.

She then callously spat into the faces of the girl being fucked and the woman on the floor who was old enough to be her mom. Truth be told, it was a sensory overload. But I was warned.

I’d decided to attend a Whoreuro Gooning party of my own free will and told myself I was pretty much unshockable regarding sex.

But when I left Ms Duffy’s apartment six hours later, shocked was an understatement. I’d been keen to report on the emerging world of Gooning and, in particular, Goonettes for a while.

Out of all aspects of this sexual subculture, I expected to come away with a story; it wasn’t on the bizarre but fascinating pecking order between Goonettes.

The Infamous Whoreuro Parties

For the past year, Catherine has been hosting Gooning Parties attended by men, women, and trans people who are proudly Pornosexual, which, in layperson’s terms, is a porn addict.

“What the fuck? You’re so early!” Catherine Duffy laughed as she welcomed me into her plush apartment in Belfast, “Or have I lost track of time? Sorry, I’m douching; the girls are in there!”

I shook hands with Catherine and felt a wet grip wrap around my palm. Glancing down, I could see the douche water leaking down her thighs. Well, that’s some intro, I thought!

Catherine hurried back to her bathroom and hurriedly prepped for the impending party. Meanwhile, I got to know the female attendees of the event.

Although hardcore porn was playing on the TV, the mood was tamer than expected. The girls sipped drinks and conversed, comparing outfits, applying makeup, and playing around.

But then, the men arrived one by one. The Gooners attending came from Ireland, the UK, and Europe.

Impossible to fit into one category, they ranged from confident alpha males to awkward gamer types who looked like they’d consumed far too much porn.

But across Catherine’s sex room, I watched in bewilderment as the Gooning party truly began, and it took my breath away.

Around nine male, female, and transsexual attendees dove headfirst into a literal orgy of sex, intense masturbation, and sexual behavior I’d never seen before.

But what struck me most was the vastly different roles of the women or “Goonettes,” whose behavior had changed dramatically since I’d walked in.

Today, I want to introduce you to these women and their bizarre roles in the Gooning party. Although beware, this is not for the sexually faint-hearted.

Shelley, 44: The Mutt Goonette

Shelley was a married mid-40s woman who, in business attire, wouldn’t look out of place in a law firm. Except she was completely naked and stuffed with a large butt plug.

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“My husband doesn’t know I do this, obviously!” Shelley confessed, “But it’s my kink, nothing more.”

Shelley identified as a Mutt Goonette. This was the lowest rung of the ladder when it came to pecking order and was defined by degradation, humiliation,

Put simply, Shelley was in her element, being at the bottom of the Goonette food chain. Spit, cum, squirt, and anything else that most people side-stepped, Shelley would lap up.

“I often call her over after I’ve had a heavy session, and there’s sex mess everywhere,” Catherine said proudly, “Shelley leaves the place spotless, the dirty mutt!”

It was forbidden to fuck Shelley, despite the fact she constantly begged. Catherine said it’s to enforce discipline.

“You want cum, you filthy fucking gutterslut?” Catherine grunted at her menacingly with a giant dildo in hand as Shelley adopted a submissive pose on all fours. “This is the best you’ll get!”

Catherine smeared the cum of a Gooner in attendance all over the dildo and gradually screwed it into Shelley’s exposed asshole as she wailed out loud.

Carley, 22: The Fuckdoll

When I first met her, Carley was the most socially awkward of all the girls and struggled even to make eye contact. She was stunning and slim, naturally attractive, and with a busty physique.

But Carly identified as a Fuckdoll. In Goonette circles, this is a woman indulges in exhibitionist sex such as gangbangs and is known for loud moaning, body-writing fetishes, and a life-defining lust for more sex with men.

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Amid the party, Carly awkwardly approached some Gooner males and asked to be fucked. This triggered a short waiting list for what would quickly turn into a gangbang.

Carly was no longer awkward. In fact, she was glaring deep into men’s eyes and screaming like a banshee. It was a bizarre transformation.

She ensured every position she was fucked in left her fully exposed to everyone observing. Her energy was insane, and there was no limit to the number of men she could ride hard.

“The weird thing is, I’m not attracted to men,” Carly confessed. “Actually, I’m not attracted to people at all, just their sexual organs. I guess I’m a pure Pornosexual; my heart belongs to porn.”

Carly wasn’t joking. When her Gooner comrades tried to kiss her, she shied away. Her sole aim was to ride cock, truly defining herself as a Goonette Cockslut.

The fact that Shelley was on her knees below her, willing to lap up any of the secondary sex mess that leaked from Carly’s intercourse, only made Carly’s lust wilder.

Shelley was old enough to be Carly’s mother. But there was no matriarchal privilege here, as Courtney was soon about to demonstrate.

Courtney, 19: The Brat

“I was caught riding a married guy’s dick while wearing his wife’s knickers,” Courtney laughed sadistically, “I just looked her in the eye and came on her husband’s dick, then left. I did make myself cum at the thought of her crying when I got home, though. Married guys are fun!”

Courtney was a Goonette who identified as a “Brat.” Her kink was dressing like a whore and targeting older men for sex. As soon as she turned 18, she began working as a stripper.

She developed a portfolio of sugar daddies in her local strip clubs who showered her with gifts in exchange for sex. It was a fair deal, as Courtney equally identified as a sex addict.

“Courtney!” Catherine shouted from across the room, interrupting herself from an aggressive blowjob she was giving to a Gooner she knew well, “fucking behave yourself or get out!”

Courtney clearly had behavioral problems and was pushing the boundaries of the party for some guests. I’d seen her spit at people, physically bully Shelley, and bite Carly out of jealousy.

“She needs a real man to fuck her and put her in her place,” Catherine said blatantly within earshot of Courtney, “I love her, but she does my head in sometimes.”

“She’s right, babe,” Courtney said with a sly smirk as her eyes dropped to my wedding ring, “wanna fuck me in Catherine’s bed? I promise I won’t tell your dumb fuckin’ wifeeee!”

Truth be told, Courtney’s sadistic side made me uncomfortable. But she was also hypnotic and corruptive. I’ll admit, I let her lead me by the hand into the next room.

As her ass bounced in front of me and I lifted up her miniskirt and peeled off her pink panties, I saw a crystal butt plug firmly in her ass that I gently pulled out.

“If you wanna fuck my bratty lil’ ass, you need to suck that butt plug clean first,” Courtney said, giggling, “Oh, and I wanna suck your wedding ring finger as you fuck me, regardless of what hole you use.”

To quote Natalia Kills’ hit song, that girl is a problem! As can be seen in a recent tale that saw her force a creampie out of a guy fucking her in Catherine’s bed!

Lyn, 31: The Bitch In Heat

And then there was Lyn, a mother-of-four who was a regular attendee of Catherine’s parties. She’d earned the nickname ”the bitch in heat” for several reasons.

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First, she tended to squeal like a puppy as she came. Secondly, she was known for manically fucking any swinging dick at the party, regardless of who it was attached to.

Any man who Lyn locked eyes with usually had his cock in her self-described ”bucket cunt” within seconds, followed by an intense sex session that left their balls empty and a shell-shocked look in their eyes.

Lyn was a curvy, mixed-race woman with enormous sagging tits and a stern look in her eyes. If she wasn’t glued to the porn playing in the room and rubbing her stretched-out pussy as if in a trance, she was prowling the room, looking for an erection to ride.

With a vodka and coke in one hand, I watched with fascination as she bucked her hips like a woman possessed over the girthy cock of a Gooner who must have been no more than 21.

When the guy below her tried to look up at the plump tits of Lyn, she rudely pushed her hand against her face to turn his head sideways and away from her.

”Don’t… Don’t fucking look at me, you little cunt!” Lyn snarled with her eyes fixed firmly on the porn blasting on the nearby TV.

After five minutes of intense riding, she let out a puppy-like squeal and collapsed on her random lover’s body before pulling herself off him.

As she did, a trail of slime connected her gaping pussy with the Gooner’s cock, and it glazed quite beautifully in the soft light of the porno playing.

Lyn disappeared from the room as fast as she’d jumped on the cock. Suddenly, Catherine pushed me aside and deepthroated the quivering dick of the Gooner Lyn had just been riding.

*Gawk* Lyn has a really tasty cunt,” Catherine smirked while taking a hiatus from the girthy dick down her throat, ”but she can be an awkward bitch sometimes and rarely lets me tongue her. I mean, look at this poor fucker, he didn’t even get to cum!”

Lyn had used this guy like a cheap sex toy and dumped him as soon as she’d cum. Luckily for him, he was soon pumping ropes of cum into Catherine’s throat as she gagged loudly.

So, Gooning. Did I Bite Off More Than I Could Chew? Yes!

I had been keen to cover the story of Gooning for a while, but I had no idea how hardcore, perverse, and wild these events could be.

I didn’t have much chance to interact with the guys, as they seemed to be a quiet and somewhat overwhelmed bunch, just as I was.

Instead, I was fascinated by the Goonette women who attended such events. Never have I encountered such a blend of dark, sexually ferocious, and downright wild personalities in one space.

Would I go back? No, it was far too intense for me, and the seedy atmosphere of sleaze was too overwhelming.

Would I recommend it to others? If you’re sexually bold enough to handle the goings on inside, then yes, I would!


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