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 5 Orgasmic YoYoLemon Toys That Make Both Guys & Girls Squirt!

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Gone are the days when the best masturbation a person could ask for was their cock wrapped in their spit-soaked palm or four fingers deep in their pussy while flicking through a sticky porn magazine.

Hey, no judgment if that’s still your idea of a damn good time. It’s just that, these days, we’ve got access to so many badass forms of adult entertainment that it’d be a shame to let it go to waste, right?

Regarding porn, we can now flawlessly access everything from 4K smut to live cam sex from the convenience of the phones in our pockets. And when it comes to sex toys, we’ve seen an equal level of filthy innovation, too!

One of my favorite things to do is put my pussy through the orgasmic trials of testing out the latest sex toys for women on the market. I can equally call upon one of my many male fuck buddies to volunteer their cock and test out the most cutting-edge male masturbation toys around.

That’s precisely what I did this week when I was invited to the sex toy testing grounds of YoyoLemon and asked to put some of their most cutting-edge toys to the test. Now, prepare to meet five highlights of their collection that can turn both men and women into cross-eyed messes of sexual pleasure!

The YoYoLemon Realistic Vagina and Breasts Masturbator

First up is this perverse creation that combines two of the greatest female assets around big tits and a welcoming pussy!

This realistic male masturbator allows you to slide your dick into a lifelike pussy and hold onto an equally realistic pair of titties for support as you pump your dick senselessly.

Equally, you can also drop a spot of lube between these two divine chesticles and give yourself the tit wank that you deserve. Hell, why not lube up the pussy and tits at once and alternate your strokes between the tits?

This toy is designed to drain your balls of every last drop of cum, and, thankfully, it’s easy to clean, so you can always have it ready for your next jerking marathon!

Wearable Vibrating Panties With a Remote Control 

Girls, I’m sure you’ll all be able to relate when I say that while pounding your pussy with a dildo or grinding a vibrator against your sex-hungry clit is fun, having one hand occupied often isn’t.

Amid a sex or masturbation session, a girl needs all hands on deck (or dick), which is why these wearable panties with a vibrator fitted have become so damn popular!

These naughty panties frame the pussy perfectly with two lingerie roses and a row of pearls leading your lover’s eyes into the pink paradise between your legs.

Best of all, these wearable vibrating panties can be activated from afar via a discreet remote control. This is a great way to have some filthy fun with your partner while out and about. See if you can keep your face straight in public when this toy is hammering your G spot. I dare you!

The Sucking Vibrator That’s The Same Color as Pussy!

Girls, have you ever been fucked by a guy while someone else sucks on your nipples or, even better, your clit?

The resultant orgasm is immense, and it’s the kind of pleasure that the sucking vibrator from YoYoLemon intends to facilitate!

This curved sucking dildo is designed to hit a woman’s G spot and has a series of tactical ribs and bumps to ensure no pleasurable spot inside a woman’s wet pussy is left untouched!

In sync with the penetration, this toy clamps onto the clitoris and forms a suction cup that is guaranteed to have you turning cross-eyed and babbling as sheer pleasure engulfs your body.

Many happy new owners of this toy often assume it’s only good for sucking the clit, but this toy can equally be used on a man’s or woman’s nipples for some extra bedroom stimulation.

The Male Masturbation Helmet with Glans Stimulation

Ok, guys, I feel like I’m not reinventing the wheel here when I say that your dicks no doubt go through a lot of hard work when they’re put on the frontlines of a porn-fuelled masturbation marathon.

Like anyone else that visits a frontline, your cock should be suitably protected. What better way to do so than with this sleek-looking male masturbater resembling a Spartan-style helmet for your dick?

This discreet male masturbator is easy to store and acts as a trusty sidekick for any man’s masturbation session as it provides a range of additional sensations on the shaft of the cock and, most importantly, the required glans stimulation that’ll have your dick shooting more white stuff than a firehose!

The Clit-Licking Rose Sex Toy 

Most women love getting flowers from their man, but this rose sex toy will not only last far longer than your average flower but will also be a more memorable gift through the immense sexual pleasure it can offer the owner.

It doesn’t get much more feminine than this toy, and the design is truly something else. In the center of the rose is a flicking tongue that never gets tired (provided you charge it entirely), and attached to the stem is a powerful rosebud vibrator that you can slide inside of yourself and allow both your G spot and clit to be beautifully taken care of at the same time.

A word of warning: this toy can often result in an overwhelming orgasm, and things tend to get pretty wet and messy, so lay a towel down!

The Toys From YoYoLemon Will Make Your Face Look Like You’re Sucking a Lemon!

YoYoLemon is an up-and-coming sex toy brand already making a name for itself via a dynamic range of sex toys that can make both men and women squirt uncontrollably.

I forgot to ask how the brand came up with its name, but I’ll assume it’s because the sexual power unleashed by their toys has the potential to make you pull facial expressions that look like you’re sucking on a lemon.

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