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The Essential Guide to Having Hot Sex on a Train (10 Naughty Ideas)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an Anorak (trainspotter). But I do love trains. I’m an avid traveller and there’s just something so romantic about them. But long journeys can be tedious, so it pays to know how to while away the hours.

Keep your magazines and movies, the answer to making a train journey go fast and making it one to remember is by having hot, sticky, and uninhibited sex on a train. Today, I’m going to show you how.

You see, I’ve travelled a lot via rail. From Asian bullet trains in Japan to old Soviet sleeper trains in Eastern Europe. On almost all of them, I’ve let my sex addiction lead me into countless sexual memories.

“I adore the feeling of getting lead into a train bathroom, picked up, placed on the sink, and being pounded. It feels so dirty and the vibrations of the tracks rumbling up my thighs make me cum pretty damn hard.”

So in this article, I’m going to share with you my favourite ideas for having kinky sex on a train. I’ll leave no railway sleeper unturned to teach you the art of having kinky sex on a train. We’ll be looking at stuff like:

  • My favourite travel sex toys to bring onboard with you and make your train journey really special.
  • Ways to make your own train porn to enjoy when you disembark.
  • How to use train travel to your advantage and have discreet sexual liasons between stops.

And as always, much more! So grab your tickets, get your toys, and bring a lustful appetite as we prepare to have sex on wheels. Trust me, after this article you’ll never be bored on a long train journey again!

A Bluetooth vibrator can lead to some great public debauchery

A Bluetooth vibrator can lead to some great public debauchery

First off is one of the most exciting but simplest ways to have fun on a train journey. All it involves is you, a partner, a Bluetooth vibrator, and a daring attitude. Whether you’re a guy or a girl on the metro or a long-distance train, this is one you should try!

It involves slipping a Bluetooth controlled sex toy into your pussy or ass. You can do this beforehand or discreetly head to the train’s toilet and insert it in there. Usually controlled by an app on a smartphone, you’ll hand over control to your lover.

An old fuck buddy of mine would choose to sit a few seats behind me in control of the vibrator which was an Ohmibod Esca 2 internal vibrator. I would sit in my seat whilst dripping wet in anticipation of when it would kick in. And when it did, oh boy…

The sexual thrill of trying to hide my emotions from other train passengers as the toy hammered my G spot was intense. One time I had to discreetly head to the toilet as the pressure built up.

Seeing the smug grin on the face of my lover on the way, I made it just in time. As soon as the door closed behind me, a gush of involuntary squirt dribbled down my thighs as I bit my first to hold the moan.

Overall, a great way to have a form of sex on a train. For those of you into Femdom and public humiliation, this can be done on a guy too. See how long you can maintain your masculine appearance when a toy like the Lovense Edge is pounding your prostate.

The dirtiest place to have sex on a train

The dirtiest place to have sex on a train

For those of you who love raw, nasty sex that’s as dirty as can be, why not try fucking in a train toilet? Wherever you are in the world, most trains will surely have one. They can be a great place to slip into, lock the door, and fuck like animals.

I adore the feeling of getting lead into a train bathroom, picked up, placed on the sink, and being pounded. It feels so dirty and the vibrations of the tracks rumbling up my thighs make me cum pretty damn hard.

Of course, try not to leave it in a mess. Other people will be using it after you and they probably don’t want to be slipping in your cum when they do!

BDSM train sex

BDSM train sex

I’ve always said that BDSM shouldn’t just be confined to the bedroom. There are lots of options for discreet fetish kits that you can bring with you when travelling. Many people may overlook it, but BDSM train sex can be fantastic.

I mean, take your average sleeper cabin. Baggage racks, handles for holding on to, and very strong folding tables. There are tonnes of objects just crying out for a kinky slut to be restrained inside there.

One idea could be to lock the door in your cabin, face the window with your arms and feet bound to the bunk beds or luggage racks on each side, and present yourself to your Dom.

As the train goes through the night and you gaze out of the window, your pussy is teased with portable sex toys like a magic wand, your ass is flogged, and your mouth is gagged so as not to disturb other passengers.

Trust me, it will be a unique BDSM experience to remember and a train sex journey that not many have experienced. You could even film or photograph it for the memories. Speaking of which…

Make your own kinky train porn

Make your own kinky train porn

I love photography. I could spend hours upon hours photographing my favourite subjects. One of which being sex and nudity. Whether you’re alone or with a partner, why not make your own kinky train porn?

Whether it’s in your cabin, in the train toilet, or elsewhere, there are lots of perfect places to capture some kinky smut of your own onboard. Again, the various sticky out objects in the average cabin of a train can come in handy here.

For my private porn collection, I and a lover attached a GoPro style action camera to one of the luggage racks as we fucked in our private cabin. The result was a phenomenally stable piece of train porn that we both loved.

Sleeping sex in the train

Sleeping sex in the train

In countries where sleeper trains are common, the dynamic of sex on a train changes drastically. There are just so many more opportunities compared to that of a metro or short distance journey.

I worked in Eastern Europe a lot and the majority of sleeper trains there date back to the USSR. Sleeping compartments often consist of two-bed cabins in first-class or four-bed cabins in second. Both with a lockable door.

Naturally, the walls are thin. First-class cabins are the perfect place to fuck on board with your lover. Provided you’re not disturbing other passengers, what happens in there stays in there.

“Beth hadn’t thought they could do very much in a small railway carriage, but Ian proved to be quite resourceful.”

― Jennifer Ashley, The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie

But for the kinky amongst you, sex in a four-berth room can be very adventurous. I remember sharing one with three other strangers. It was me, two guys, and a girl. It was a long journey, so we started drinking and getting to know each other.

When the girl and guy went to sleep on their top bunks, me and the last man standing started flirting. This led to him discreetly fucking me under his sheets with his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet.

The sexual tension of the two sleeping above me had me cumming in minutes and I struggled to stay quiet. Looking up, I could see the other girl watching us intently whilst pretending to be asleep. Needless to say, that made me cum again.

Introduce other passengers to sex in fun places

Introduce other passengers to sex in fun places

Travelling alone? Don’t despair! If I didn’t have an open-minded partner with me on my travels, I would often go looking for one on board. Depending on where you are, it’s often very easy to start up a conversation on a train.

Whether it’s in the cabin or the onboard bar and restaurant, everyone is travelling and looking to pass the time. It’s as good a place as any other, so take the opportunity to mingle with other passengers and try to flirt.

This is a lot easier for a woman, but still a good option for guys too. It hasn’t taken me long to seduce a passenger I’ve had my eye on before retiring to my cabin or a discreet area of the train for casual sex.

But actually, you don’t have to do it on the spot. You can pre-arrange sex with other train passengers in advance. This can lead to some very naughty railway encounters. Let me show you how!

All aboard the sex train!

All aboard the sex train!

On the main adult hookup sites that I’m active on, I get a lot of messages from guys, girls, and couples who are sadly far away but would love to meet up. So sometimes I’ll proposition them if my train is passing through their area: Come on board, play with me, and get off at the next stop!

It sounds far fetched, but it often works. I’ve pre-arranged several casual sex encounters by telling hookups the train I’m on and my seat or cabin number. They’ll text me when they’re on board and I’ll head to meet them.

The fast-paced nature of this type of train sex is short and sweet. So we skip the small talk and often head to the train toilet for a quick but naughty pump and dump. After a quick clean up, they disembark and go home as I continue with my journey.

I’ve also done this the other way around. I’ve contacted guys on rail journeys passing through my area and gone to meet them at the station in my car for some quick sex as they wait for their train transfer.

For me, this type of sex on a train is very much adrenaline-fuelled. You only have a limited time to make it happen before your lover has to get off. This often results in some rough primal sex with some great orgasms had by all.

Fun sex ideas on board

Fun sex ideas on board

You’ve heard of having a train run on you, right? This is when several men have sex with a woman one after the other. What more of a fitting place to do it than on board an actual train?

Again, this can be combined with the previous idea. You can prearranged and hook up with people at different stations and try to find sex partners on board. It can be a memorable way to put a new spin on the train during a rail journey!

For this, I’d recommend a private cabin if possible. Trying to do it in the toilet with multiple men in quick succession can be difficult and a bit tiring! With your room, you can tell your hookups the number, invite them in, and let them fuck you.

Get brave with flashing

Get brave with flashing

Are you a bit of an exhibitionist who gets a thrill from public debauchery? A lot of people choose to make their train journeys a bit more exciting by indulging in a bit of flashing. I used to do this often and get some great photos onboard.

You can start slow with this if it’s your first time. From not wearing panties to forgetting your bra, there are lots of ways you can make it exciting and trigger the lust of other train passengers.

By taking it to the next level, you can flash your partner as they take pictures. Spread your legs for your lover as he has to sit still and can’t do anything about the throbbing cock bursting through his pants.

But of course, when I talk about flashing I mean the consensual type between adults. Don’t expose unwilling members of the public without their consent as that is seriously not cool. And if there are kids nearby, don’t even think about it!

The essentials of a naughty rail journey!

The essentials of a naughty rail journey!

And now we reach the final chapter of this guide to having sex on a train. As we round off, I want to give you a sneak peek into the naughty little bag that follows me on every rail journey and allows me to have as much fun as possible.

The following sex toys and accessories are all discreet and suitable for train travel. With these, you’ll be able to live out your ultimate train sex experience just like I have! Here are my top five essentials:

  1. The bluetooth vibrator for women seeking some remote controlled pleasure on board. I use the Ohmibod Esca 2 Interactive Bluetooth Internal Vibrator. Be careful, it has a kick!
  2. For men seeking remote controlled orgasms, I reccomend the Lovense Edge 2 Prostate Massager. See how long you can last with this little beast inside you!
  3. For arranging casual train sex with open minded kinksters, I use sites like Adult Friend Finder or Only Swingers.
  4. For BDSM sex on a train, I bring the fetish travel briefcase. This portable box of fun is a restraint and bondage play kit made by Ultimate Fantasy.

Aside from the hookup sites, all of these toys are available over at Joy Love Dolls. You can discreetly shop for them through our link to get the best prices available.

Despite being suspended between two places, a train journey gives you freedom

Despite being suspended between two places, a train journey gives you freedom

And so, my dear readers, we reach the end of my guide to having sex on a train. If you weren’t a railway enthusiast before, I bet you are now! If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, this could be the journey you need.

There are so many options onboard a train that one can make use of to have a thrilling sexual adventure. But as I said, this is a public place. So keep it discreet, respect your fellow passengers, and respect consent.

If you have an exciting idea for sex on a train that you think I’ve missed out on, feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll consider adding it to the article to potentially inspire others!

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