Hookup Bay - My Sleazy Boat Sex Escapades on Irish Ferries

My unquenchable lust for sex has led me to tick off many achievements in my transformation to a whore. I’ve done the mundane stuff like joining the Mile High Club to the less conventional participation in a bareback creampie gangbang with 40+ men. 

But one of my fondest memories was the sleazy boat sex that I experienced on Irish ferries. It’s a story I always considered mundane compared to my other sleazy sexual escapades. Nevertheless, it’s been well-received by those I’ve told it to.

“American beer is like sex on a boat. Both fucking close to water.”

– Modern proverb

So, in the wake of the positive reception my celebration of underrated Irish porn stars received, I’m going to carry on putting Irish sex on the map. This article will slide into my sleazy boat sex escapades on the Irish Sea, and I’m not talking about the Row The Boat sex position.

The sex boat on the Irish Sea

For those not from the UK or Ireland, there are regular ferries that run between Holyhead and Dublin, Liverpool and Belfast, and Cairnryan and Larne. Most of the passengers are those with cars, people who don’t like flying, or truck drivers taking goods between Britain and Ireland. 

These are large car ferries with an enormous hold underneath for trucks and smaller vehicles. On the upper decks, there’s a cinema, bar, restaurants, and a lounge. It’s a bit like an airport in a way, only they have a range of modern, hotel-room-like cabins for travellers to sleep in.

Hookup Bay - My Sleazy Boat Sex Escapades on Irish Ferries

Although I’m an avid traveller, I really hate flying. So I’ll opt for any other reasonable form of transport if I can. One of my favourite ways to travel is via boat. Luckily, being born and bred in Belfast, travelling to the mainland UK via an overnight ferry was a very comfortable alternative to a cramped budget flight. 

In the early days of my career, I was required to travel to London and the North of England fairly regularly. When visiting the latter, I would always opt for the overnight Belfast to Liverpool ferry before driving on to my destination. The ride over was also a great place to indulge in sleazy boat sex with my fellow passengers.

BDSM sex on the boat

A couple of years back, I was invited to a swinger’s party in Manchester that was being hosted by a friend. I needed no persuading and was soon packing a bag for a dirty weekend away. I was just getting over a cold and still felt knackered. I decided to skip any boat sex and replace it with an early night instead.

But once in my cabin, watching the sunset over the Irish Sea only kept me occupied for a few minutes. I began to get the familiar feeling in my pussy and, almost subconsciously, I found myself thumbing through my favourite hookup app on my phone. Just to see what’s out there, I told myself.

But then, I saw it. “Looking for kinksters’’ the profile of an early 40s guy from Essex read. Stocky and shaven-headed, he looked dominant and he looked damn good. He dropped me a message and we began talking casually. He was a truck driver, classic, and bored in the ship’s lounge.

After asking about his profile title, he explained that he was into BDSM and usually only uses the app at home. I told him I was actually heading to a fetish party in the UK and had a bag of BDSM toys in my bag. 

The conversation escalated. His tone turned dominant and he hinted at the idea of him coming into my cabin to find me blindfolded and bound, my body free for him to use at his will. The idea of an early night went out of the proverbial window (porthole) and I was thinking with my pussy.

We agreed to meet at 23:00, set up a safe word and I gave him my cabin number. I slipped into the lingerie and corset that I was planning to wear for the party and did my makeup. I skipped wearing panties and cuffed my hands with velcro BDSM cuffs. With an eye mask and ball gag, I was ready.

At 23:00 on the dot, there was a discreet tap on my door before it quietly opened and closed. As well as the spit running around the ball gag, I could feel my pussy juices dripping down to my ass. As the trucker approached me, I felt his breath run down my neck as his hands explored my helpless body.

I had goosebumps all over and involuntarily bucked my hips at the sheer thrill of it all. With one hand caressing my wet slit, he wiped the spit off the ball gag and rubbed it all over my face. Then, he roughly pulled my tits out of my corset and sucked on my erect nipples hungrily.

As he moved south to explore my aching pussy, I felt his hot breath run up and down it before a missile of saliva was spat on my slit. He then buried his face in my fleshy mound before plunging two of his manly fingers inside to bring me to a gushing orgasm whilst sucking on my engorged clit. 

The gag stifled my roars of pleasure and he reached up to wipe the spit all over my face along with a blend of my pussy juices. With my vision still in darkness through the BDSM blindfold, I heard him tear open a condom packet before the throbbing head of his cock slowly invaded my hole.

Cuffed in the missionary position, he began with slow strokes before building up to aggressive thrusts that took my breath away. “Do you like having your hungry hole pounded by truckers you fucking whore?”, he grunted into my ear. I replied with pathetic muffled moans through the gag which just encouraged him more.

After about five minutes of fucking me, he suddenly pulled out and I heard the elastic snap of the condom being torn off. Before I knew it, I heard him moan in ecstasy as jets of hot spunk bounced across my face and tits and slowly dribbled down my body.

“Thank you, slut’’, he whispered in my ear with a kiss before quietly getting dressed and leaving. As soon as the door closed, I removed the blindfold and cuffs and looked down at my cum-covered body and puffy, freshly fucked pussy.

I scooped up some of the cum and sucked on my fingers whilst massaging the rest of it into my tits. Reaching down to my gaping pussy, I brought myself to a second intense orgasm before falling into a deep sleep. 

“How was the ferry ride over?”, the morning text from my friend in Manchester said. I simply replied with a selfie surrounded by BDSM toys, a used condom, and a layer of spunk on my face. 

Corrupting students in hookup bay

I must admit that truckers were my favourite type of hookup for boat sex. All of that pent up sexual frustration from too long on the road often resulted in some intense sex. But I’m a girl of many tastes, and sometimes the Irish ferries would provide boat sex opportunities in many forms.

Whilst swiping through a popular hookup app during a weeknight crossing from Liverpool to Belfast, I noticed a large number of 18 to 21-year-olds online. I would later find out that they were part of a university trip to Belfast to study The Troubles conflict.

The history of The Troubles is horrendous. So I decided to make it my mission to provide at least some of these students a happy boat sex memory or two to take home from the trip. Who am I kidding, I wanted some too!

From 22:00 until after 03:00, I spent the night hitting up the university students I was attracted to and inviting them to visit me in my cabin. As wild as students can be, they can also be sexually nervous.

A few were too nervous to take me up on my offer and whilst I would have loved two or more to take me at the same time, it wasn’t to be. Over the course of the night, I ended up sleeping with five of them.

Two were full of bravado but came within seconds as soon as I began talking dirty. As I’ve found many times in my sex life, it was the quiet and nervous types who turned into animals in bed. One, in particular, a shy-looking 19 year old from the North East of England, was a perfect example.

As I answered his polite knock on my cabin door dressed in stockings and lingerie, he choked on his greeting when he walked in. Once the door closed, his eyes were transfixed on my puffy slit that had been fucked by one of his fellow students about twenty minutes before.

After making small talk on the bed for a few minutes, we talked about our sex lives. He claimed to have only slept with three girls and seemed to have a slight obsession with anal, what it feels like, and if girls enjoy it.

started to kiss deeply and his shaking hands explored my body. I grinned as his hand caressed my left tit that still had dried cum that one of the previous students had sprayed me with.

Pawing at his pants, I felt his girthy cock bursting out of them. Dropping to my knees, I gave him a classic slutty blowjob and left his shaft dripping with spit. Bending over, I gasped as he pushed himself into me inch by inch in the doggy style.

“I was in the throes of pleasure gazing out onto the Irish Sea as this boat sex session sent bolts of pleasure through my body”

”Not too fast, love. Pace yourself”, I advised him. But he ignored me and began pounding into me ferociously. I genuinely thought he would cum, but his stamina was incredible. As his balls slapped on my aching clit, his obsession began to shine through.

As he fucked me, his hands gripped my asscheeks and pulled them apart to reveal my asshole. ”You really are fascinated by anal aren’t you?” I joked. Inside, I knew this naive student wasn’t leaving this cabin without his fantasy fulfilled.

After a few minutes of intense fucking, I slid off his cock and went to my bag and pulled out a bottle of lube. The look in his eyes was like a deer in the headlights with a layer of ecstasy. He looked in disbelief that he was finally about to fuck a woman in the ass.

As I was about to lube up for this anal boat sex, I stopped in my tracks and passed him the bottle. I’ve lubed myself up countless times, I wanted this to be part of his experience. He slathered his throbbing cock in the clear jelly before I instructed him to coat his index finger with it and insert it inside me.

As the cold embrace of the lube hit my asshole, he gasped at the feeling of my sphincter gripping his finger. Feeling his naive fingers exploring my slutty hole was turning me immensely. When he was satisfied, his thick cock head soon replaced his finger.

As his cock slid into my ass, I gasped as my hole stretched to accommodate him. He’d lubed both of us perfectly and, after getting comfortable, he built up to an aggressive rhythm and began slamming into my asshole as I encouraged him.

I was in the throes of pleasure gazing out onto the Irish Sea as this boat sex session sent bolts of pleasure through my body. I demanded him not to stop as I felt an orgasm building and, right on cue, I gushed down his thighs and all over the floor of the cabin.

A few seconds after, this formerly shy student let out a roar of pleasure as he came hard into my ass before pulling out with a pop and collapsing on the bed. We carried on with some more small talk, had a little kissing session and I sucked him off once again before he went on his way.

My ultimate boat sex was a gangbang with six truckers

Thankfully, a year before the pandemic wrought havoc with all of our lives, I managed to pack in one more ferry trip for a weekend trip to Blackpool in the North West of England. Whilst arranging a hookup, I connected with a mid-30s truck driver from Scotland who was enjoying a few drinks in the bar with his colleagues.

Good looking with a promising dick pic, one thing led to another and I proposed he come to my cabin and do what he liked with me. He decided to push his luck and suggest he bring some of his friends with him. Of course, I encouraged him.

The sordid gangbang on the waves lasted for three hours and was a very impromptu affair. Unfortunately, it’s too much to fit into one article, but you can read about it in-depth in my book that details my sexual journey into whoredom from Gloryholes and creampie gangbangs to sex parties and porn cinemas. 



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