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Alien Fleshlight: What Is So Fascinating About Alien Sex?

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There has always been something mystical and fascinating about aliens. Hollywood movies have for long included aliens in their plots. Although most of the time their representation is not exactly the most sex appealing, this began to change. Especially through the popularity of the alien fleshlight.

“Aliens stand at the crossroads of love and aggression, desire and repression, utopia and reaction”

– John Rieder // Embracing the Alien: Science Fiction in Mass Culture

Back in the 80s Hollywood started to use the idea behind aliens in a more sexual way. Geeky boys losing their virginity to evil aliens, women having sex with an alien clone of their dead husbands… These are just two of the many examples of alien sex portrayed in movies. If you want to find out more about what are some of the best human-alien sex scenes out there, check out this article.

Of course, with time, the portrayal of aliens also became more than just some bald, naked, and green creatures. Their image became way more attractive. Take the movie “Avatar” for example.

Alien Fleshlight: What Is So Fascinating About Alien Sex?

As shown in the picture above, Neytiri, the main female character from “Avatar” is far from the usual alien representation. She is also highly lusted after by fans of sci-fi porn. This Avatar character has since been recreated in various alien porn scenes.

Abducted and Forced into Alien Sex

Moreover, there has also been quite a few people who have reported an alien abduction followed by alien sex. Antonio Villas-Boas is one of them. His abduction story was one of the first ones to ever receive more attention.

He claimed that he was abducted by aliens, stripped naked, and forced to have sex with an attractive female alien. Upon leaving, she supposedly indicated that he impregnated her and she was going to have his baby in the outer-space. Boas never changed his story and insisted on it his whole life.

Some of the abductees claim that the intensity and pleasure of the sexual experience is very different. The thrills they apparently had during sex with an alien are not comparable with what they experienced with a human.

In this way, with the increasing interest for alien sex, the popularity of sci-fi porn also grows more and more each day. Whether this is based on the way aliens are represented in the cinema or real-life stories, there is one thing that is certain. No matter how odd or bizarre these representations are, alien sex is purely based on the human desire.

The Alien Fleshlight

Thus, as a result of this growing interest, many alien sex toys have been released on the market. As well as creampie alien dildos from companies like Bad Dragon Toys, there is another particular invention that sticks out. This is The Alien Fleshlight.

“The ultimate alien fantasy has landed. The new Fleshlight Alien is an unwordly experience that will abduct your penis and send it spiraling through in a real milky way!”

– The Slogan for The Alien Fleshlight

Does that sound like something you would like to try? Regardless of the answer, it cannot be argued that it is something that made a lot of people very curious. Fleshlight is a brand that has been one of the most successful, if not the most successful brand for male sex toys. Thus, introducing The Alien was a pretty big thing. Finally, many people could get to experience some of their deepest alien sex fantasies.

What Does an Alien Fleshlight Look Like?

As you might already imagine, due to its nature the appearance of this particular sex toy is bound to look odd. Reviewers describe it as one of the most unusual sex toys they ever used.

Alien Fleshlight: What Is So Fascinating About Alien Sex?

Unlike the more common and real-life looking Fleshlights, The Alien stands out quite a lot. Aside from its blue coloring, what makes it even more unique is the double clitoris function. Both of these factors are certainly adding to the alien sex impression.

Furthermore, The Alien is actually a mix of few other Fleshlights combined together in one sex toy. The double-clitoris design, the ridged walls and the tightening feeling are all resulting in some pretty thrilling experience.

What Does an Alien Fleshlight Feel Like?

While some people people say that the entrance feels a little too loose, the sensation of the tight passage makes up for it. You get the chance to tease your penis a little before pushing it deeper inside. The texture here is the same as the Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight.

Its purpose is to improve the general sexual stamina and make you last longer in bed. This might be especially helpful for men who find it difficult to control their ejaculation. However, even for those who have no problem with that, it leads to a significantly more intense feeling.

The final part of the Fleshlight consists of a tight section covered in bumps. These bumps are meant to increase the intensity when getting closer to an orgasm. Since the head of the penis is extremely sensitive, rubbing it against such a bumpy surface might make you ejaculate quite fast.

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So, in conclusion, The Alien Fleshlight might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if alien sex is a fantasy of yours and sci-fi porn turns you on, then you should give it a shot. Unless you have some very vivid dreams or get kidnapped by aliens, it would be the closest you ever get to fulfilling your alien sex fantasy.

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  1. I am working on a Sci Fi erotica book. Where can I go to join a writer’s club in this genre? Lots of alien sex in it.


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