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The Honest Ashley Madison Review: The Cheating Website!

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If you’re alive and have had an internet connection for the last ten years, the chances are that you’ve heard of Ashley Madison.

The online dating service, notorious for marketing its services to married/attached people, made huge headlines in 2015 after a hacker collective stole and released 60GB of user data.

This inevitably impacted user confidence in the platform, and many asked: could Ashley Madison ever bounce back? 

This honest, in-depth, and easy-to-follow Ashley Madison review answers this question. In summary? It could. And it has. 

See for yourself with a free membership through our exclusive link today!

What is Ashley Madison?

Marketing itself with the snappy slogan “monogamy is monotony”, Ashley Madison’s main feature is as the world’s foremost ‘cheating app’.

Its marketing is aimed squarely at married or attached users and prides itself on offering guaranteed opportunities for an extramarital affair.  

How Does Ashley Madison Work?

The Ashley Madison Review

Unlike other subscription apps like Match, Ashley Madison features a credit-based model. To send messages to another member, men must pay seven credits to initiate the conversation. This goes for women seeking women, too.

From this point onward, it is free for either party to continue member-initiated messaging. There are also options to purchase credits for other features such as a video call or sending priority messages. 

What About The Ashley Madison Hack?

Let’s return to the elephant in the room: Ashley Madison’s data breach in 2015. In July of that year, a hacker group calling itself the “The Impact Team” stole the company’s entire database of members.

The scammers threatened to release the personal information of all members unless Ashley Madison was completely shut down.

After Ashley Madison did not meet this demand, the information about the site’s users obtained through the data breach was released to the public.

So, Is Ashley Madison Safe Now?

Short answer: yes, Ashley Madison is safe.

Longer, slightly more detailed answer: obviously, after the 2015 data breach Ashley Madison was eager to secure their website and restore the confidence of their members, and so they went all-out creating an incredibly safe, secure user experience. 

Nothing has been left to chance: the site/app now features two-step authentication, encrypted SSL transmission when you need to purchase credits, and completely anonymous billing.

The Ashley Madison online dating company also has a bug bounties feature, handsomely compensating those who report exploits before scammers and bots can use them.

The online dating app is also very discreet, opting not to use the website’s official logo and thus not arousing suspicion in anybody who glances at your home screen. 

For an extra layer of protection, the company recommends using a throwaway email account to eliminate the chance of friends/family stumbling across your private correspondence. 

Does Ashley Madison Have Competitors? 

It sure does, chiefly in the form of other adult dating sites like Adult Friend Finder, Fuckbook and Victoria Milan. Here’s everything you need to know about the holy trinity of Ashley Madison competitors:

Adult Friend Finder is a little broader in scope than Ashley Madison – where the latter is one of the unique dating sites that focuses exclusively on extramarital affairs; the former has options for swingers, singles and cuckolds.

If you’re a married man or woman looking for dating sites that offer an inherently discreet hookup, you’re better sticking with sites like Ashley Madison. 

The somewhat crudely-named Fuckbook is not in the same league as Ashley Madison; it is marketed as a place to find no-strings-attached sex quickly and is plagued with hidden subscriptions, fake profiles and bots. Not a good sign by any means.

Despite this, Fuckbood does get a lot of members and remains one of Ashley Madison’s competitors. But we’d recommend users steer clear of sites like Fuckbook and feature their money on more discreet dating options.

Finally, Victoria Milan is a European equivalent to Ashley Madison. Elegantly designed and very security-conscious, it has a tonne of naughty users and features, making it a solid alternative – if not quite as practised and experienced as its predecessor. 

So, Does Ashley Madison Work?

Simply put: yes. The company claims that there are more female users than male – extremely rare for any dating app – and the nature of the app means that the people there know exactly what they want and why they’re on there.

This is not Tinder or Match.com, where you’re likely to find a great many prevaricators, bots, and users who are time-wasters; Ashley Madison users are, by and large, the real deal. 

According to the Sun, Ashley Madison boasts millions of members around the world. Amongst the top countries are:

  • United States – 25.5 million members
  • Canada – 3.3 million users
  • The United Kingdom – 2.3 million members

That said, it’s worth bearing in mind that this is a dating site, not an adult escort one. Just because the users you’re talking to are looking to color outside the lines doesn’t mean politesse goes out the window.

Other users won’t be interested if you’re rude, abrupt or too graphic. A little courtesy goes a long way.

Is Ashley Madison Worth It?

Money-wise, Ashley Madison may not be the cheapest option out there, but you get what you pay for when compared to free sites.

Unless you’re a woman seeking a man, of course, in which case everything is free, and you don’t need to pay for credits in the credit system on the site. Put your money away, Mrs!

The reason for this is simple – much like a ladies’ night, offering women discounts or free credits means more women signing up.

This means that there is, as previously mentioned, a substantial female user base active on Ashley Madison. This is great news for guys, as there is a massive pool of potential matches, and you won’t be disappointed by the search results. 

If you’re a man, very little is free. The site primarily uses a credit system, as we’ve mentioned, and you need to purchase credits to use the platform’s features fully as a priority man.

Pay a one-off credit fee to initiate a conversation with other members, and use the credits for various other functions, such as video-calling and priority mail. You can buy credits on Ashley Madison with three plans.

The basic plan gets you 100 credits for $49, but the 100 credits will go far; classic will set you back $169 for 500 credits, and elite costs $289 for 1000 credits.

As with many such credits-based systems, the more you buy credits, the cheaper they get. Also, purchasing credits per the elite credits package gets you 24-hour free messaging and puts you higher in search results, meaning more potential matches with other members. 

“Real women are incentivized to join and use the site because it’s free for them to do so, and due to the stringent authentication requirements, chat bots are essentially non-existent.”

On top of this, the site sports a “member-initiated contact” feature. Ordinarily, men still need to pay credits to respond to female members for the first time, even if she messaged first.

A MIC fee (for around $30 per month) means that you can technically do this for free without paying for any credits. If you don’t use the app enough to justify this, there’s no need to do it, but it might be worth purchasing this credit plan if you intend to use it often. 

In conclusion – It’s not the cheapest option out there, but with such an active user base that is easy to search through, it’s worth every cent. And believe me, the credits do go far.

Pros And Cons of Ashley Madison

If you’re seeking an affair, then an Ashley Madison account is the way to do it. But is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Let’s look at the pros and cons. What’s the good news and the bad news?

✔️ The system is free for women to use and interact with other members, which means a large population of active female members. The system can cost a lot of money for a male member. But overall, most reviews say that it’s worth the investment for the affair you can get out of it.
✔️ Account features and the ability to move up in search results and attract the attention of other users. It faces strong competition from other adult-orientated dating sites like Victoria Milan and the notorious Adult Friend Finder.
✔️ There is a lack of scammers, fake accounts, and bots compared to similar sites.
✔️ A unique adult dating platform with a priority on married or attached people seeking an affair that is easy to search through to find what you want.

Tips And Tricks For Using a Dating Site Like Ashley Madison

The world of online dating can be tricky, we know. Arranging a hookup with a sex-starved wife or husband who wants to take out all of his or her sexual frustration on you can feel daunting.

But don’t worry; we’re about to reveal some tried and tested tricks to using Ashley Madison so that you can make the most of your tokens and not let them go to waste through trial and error.

Beware of The (Very Occasional) Scammer, Bots, or Fake Profiles

No dating site is perfect, and Ashley Madison is no different. Despite the stringent authentication checks that Ashley Madison makes, the odd fake profiles might slip through the cracks.

Be on the lookout for the usual warning signs – an overeager message, bold promises, and profile pictures that look too good to be true. If it feels off, it probably is. 

Put Some Effort Into Your Profile

Let’s be real for a second – there’s no bigger turn-off than a profile pic that consists of a single picture and no bio.

At best, it smacks of utter indifference and/or dullness. At worst, it comes across like one of those scammer profiles we were just talking about. 

It’s also important to avoid clichés and certain turn-off phrases if you’re a guy. Blatant lies like “I’ve never done this before”, selfish-sounding sentiments like “just here for a good time” (it’s a cheating site; everyone is) or “not into drama” (who is?) do not give a good impression.

Be honest without oversharing (don’t detail sex fantasies in your bio) and confident without being arrogant.

Probably best not to send messages with unsolicited dick pics on Ashley Madison, too. And speaking of pics!

Upload Some Good Pics To Your Profile

make sure you have 3-4 decent ones ready to upload. You can have a mixture of SFW pics for the public consumption of other members and NSFW private photos for when things heat up.

On Ashley Madison, it’s also possible to blur out specific details or add a mask/black bar across the eyes in your profile picture to protect your identity. Make use of it. 

Put Some Thought Into Your Username

Your Ashley Madison username is the first thing many members will see before sending a message. So make sure it’s classy. “HugeDong69” is not exactly describing how discreet and mature you are. 

One Word Messages Will Get You Nowhere

Men have to pay to send a message or send virtual gifts on Ashley Madison. So make it count, fellas! One-word messages, or those with no creativity or imagination, won’t get you far.

If you see a sex-starved wife looking to explore all of the sexual pleasures her husband can’t offer her, put the effort in.

Read their profile, explore what they’re into, where they’re from, and what they’re looking for. Then, you’ll have a bag of relevant conversation starters to get things moving.

By taking the time to read someone’s profile and constructing a well-worded message, you stand a much greater chance of a hookup.

By the way, Ashley Madison woman can be pretty sophisticated. So leave the text speak at the door!

Be Careful on Your Expenditure

It’s pretty easy to spend a little more than we intend on dating apps, and this is also true of Ashley Madison, especially with their auto-renew feature.

We’d suggest turning this off and only buying the credits you need, as although the site offers a premium dating experience, it can also get quite expensive if you don’t keep an eye on it. 

Be Open-Minded on the Ashley Madison platform

Excitement, the thrill, or the insatiable love of sex. People sign up for Ashley Madison’s platform for several different reasons. Whatever they are, it’s not for you to judge!

It takes all sorts to make a world. So when exploring Ashley Madison’s notorious sexual landscape, keep an open mind when you use the site. You never know where it might take you!

Use Common Sense & Discretion on an Ashley Madison Hookup

So, you’ve bagged a hookup with a cheating MILF or a younger travelling man away from his married life. Well done! have fun, but use your head too.

This hookup site is all about discretion, so keep it that way. Also, use common sense. If something is too good to be true, it probably is.

Whatever your gender and sexual aspirations, always meet your hookup in a public place first.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s only natural that potential signups have a flurry of valid questions before signing up to such a powerhouse of adult dating like Ashley Madison and investing in credits.

So in the next section of this Ashley Madison review, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions.

Who is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison is, in actuality, not a person at all. Though the name conjures an image of a classy, seductive socialite, perhaps with a cigarette holder in one hand and Humphrey Bogart’s heart in the other, such a person sadly does not exist.

The Ashley Madison site founders simply chose two of the most popular female names in the US and combined them. 

Is Ashley Madison Free?

As explained, Ashley Madison is entirely free for women. Women can sign up, message, and video-call to their heart’s content. 

Men (and women seeking women) can sign up, browse the profiles on the site/app, and send one message for free, but that’s it. Anything else will cost you credits. 

What Are Virtual Gifts?

You can send a virtual gift if you wish to be a priority man amongst female members. These gifts are not free and will cost you credits, but they’re one of the site’s most popular features.

Is Ashley Madison a Scam?

Although there are, as with any dating site, a small number of scammers (which we’ll get to), Ashley Madison is very much the real deal.

If you manage your expectations, spend a bit of cash on credits (gentlemen) and put together a solid, honest profile, then the site will steer your right.

Real women are incentivized to join and use the site because it’s free for them to do so, and due to the stringent authentication requirements, chat bots are essentially non-existent. 

How Much Does Ashley Madison Cost to Join?

As noted, Ashley Madison is entirely free to join. You don’t even need to input credit card details. Messaging and video-calling are, as mentioned, a different story (see above). 

Is There an Ashley Madison App For Mobile?

Absolutely – the site has apps on Google Play and the Apple Store. Both apps are streamlined and very easy to use. 

How Do I Delete Ashley Madison And Cancel My Subscription?  

It’s straightforward to either cancel your subscription or delete your Ashley Madison account.

Simply click the three horizontal lines in the top left corner, and go to settings>account>delete account.

Note that deletion is final and will result in complete and total removal of all photos, profile information, messages and gifts. 

If you’d like something a little less scorched-earth, you can instead deactivate your account. Your profile will be hidden and not accessible via searches but can still be activated with a phone call to customer service. 

How Does Ashley Madison Appear On My Credit Cards?

The site is very discreet and will never directly reference their name on credit card statements. Expect to see “AMDA” followed by a number on any payments to them. 

However, if your significant other is something of a sleuth, it may be pretty easy for them to figure out what’s happening.

The number following “AMDA” is also a phone number linked to Ashley Madison, so if you want an untraceable method, we’d advise taking advantage of the site’s option to mail them payment via cashier’s check. 

What Are The Women Like On Ashley Madison?

Dare we say that the women on Ashley Madison are a tad more sophisticated than those on your average dating site?

It may sound wrong to say about people looking to deceive and potentially hurt their spouses, but it doesn’t make it an inaccurate assessment. 

Many of Ashley Madison’s women are intelligent, mature, sophisticated ladies who are simply missing something from their marriage.

Crucially, they are also very sure of what they want; after all, they’re married to someone who doesn’t provide whatever that is!

Whether it’s bored and horny housewives, independent and assertive businesswomen who travel a lot, or newly married women who are beginning to understand the phrase “marry in haste, repent at leisure” a little too well, it’s easy to meet someone on the site whose wants and needs coincide perfectly with yours.

All you need to do is check your misgivings at the door and open your mind to a world of possibilities. 

What Payment Methods Can I Use?

Ashley Madison accepts several payment methods: you can pay with a credit card, debit card (including pre-paid), PayPal, gift cards, and check (the best method for keeping pesky charges off your bank statement). 

Final Thoughts On This Ashley Madison Review

We hope that we’ve broken down the world’s premier online dating site for extramarital affairs for you.

Remember – whether you’re seeking horny housewives, sophisticated MILFs or sexually frustrated businesswomen, Ashley Madison may have an affair for you.

Keep it discreet and classy!

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Disclaimer: This Ashley Madison review may contain affiliate links to pre-approved, tested products. This means that when a purchase of a service, product, membership to a platform, or system is made through one of the links, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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