Barcelona, the second biggest city in Spain and the capital of the fiesty region of Catalonia. Barcelona is a tourist hub for travelers from all over the world who come to see its famous cathedrals and art galleries and try some amazing Spanish food. But when the sun sets, Barcelona brothels offer a far more tantalizing tourist attraction. One I sampled during my recent weekend break in the city.

Daytime Barcelona and nighttime Barcelona are like two completely different cities. La Rambla or Las Ramblas, a tourist hub in the day but a thoroughfare of sin and vice packed with Barcelona prostitutes at night, is a prime example of this. Be aware, that Barcelona can be a risky place to go punting so if you don’t have your wits about you I definitely recommend a safer destination.

Is prostitution legal in Spain?

As always when talking about prostitution, in this case Barcelona Brothels and hooking up on the streets of Spain, it’s good to lay down the law. Whilst prostitution isn’t exactly illegal, pimping (rightfully) is. Brothels are illegal, but like in many other countries, they’re disguised as lowkey clubs or hotels and the law turn a blind eye, especially when it comes to Barcelona brothels.

It’s thought that there are well over 300,000 prostitutes in Spain, making the Spanish sex industry a powerhouse worth over €3.7 billion. So enough of statistics and legal talk, let’s find out what all the fuss is about at a brothel in Barcelona!

Barcelona Brothels

If you’re looking for a brothel in Barcelona, they are located all over the city in a variety of discreet locations like Whisky bars and lowkey nightclubs. Similarly, there are numerous examples of a blatant brothel in Barcelona.

To find a brothel in Barcelona, you can find lists of Barcelona brothels online through sites like Wikisexguide. It can sometimes be outdated, so do some secondary research to figure out if your chosen brothel in Barcelona is still in operation and hasn’t turned into a mobile brothel as a result of a police raid or internal politics.

In true Whoreurope style, I sampled numerous brothels in Barcelona in order to provide you all with an insight into what it’s like in a typical brothel in Barcelona. I tried out Overall, I was very impressed. But my favorite Barcelona brothel by far was Oxyzen.

Oxyzen is located in Barcelona city centre and is a fantastic example of a great Barcelona brothel. I love a brothel that combines great service with spa like facilities. Erotic massage in Barcelona. Oxyzen has a sauna, a big swimming pool, relaxing jacuzzis, and a massage room.

I’m a big fan of Brazillian and South American girls and I found a lot of the working girls in the local brothels in Barcelona, Oxyzen in particular, hailed from there. Watching the asses of two Brazilian girls bounce all over me after I was suitably relaxed after a session in the Jacuzzi was a Barcelona brothel experience I won’t forget.

When it comes to the price of Barcelona brothels that you find in advance online, they can be pretty high. 200 Euro an hour is standard in some cases. If you’re aiming for a few days of horny fun, then this isn’t an economical method at all. To make your money last longer and still have just as much fun, just in lesser luxurious conditions, I recommend a La Rambla walk to explore the street prostitution in Barcelona.

Find Barcelona Brothels Through La Rambla

When I was in Barcelona, I loved a La Rambla walk after dark. This is a hub of street prostitution. It’s edgy, adrenaline-filled, and literally teeming with prostitutes all of shapes and sizes who are not shy about approaching you to negotiate some fun. On a good night, La Rambla can be packed with over 100 prostitutes and the Barcelona brothels that surround it are naturally booming.

Many of the prostitutes on La Ramblas hail from Africa or South and Central America. The price depends on how good of a negotiator you are and how good looking the girl is. The price for a standard blowjob and sex at a nearby hotel or apartment can range from 35 to 75 Euro.

There are also Shemales and Transvestites working around La Rambla. So be careful if that’s not your thing. If it is, then have fun! Be aware though that some of the transsexual prostitutes have a reputation as being a little aggressive when it comes to trying to get your custom.

Whether transexual or female prostitutes, if you are not interested and they’re being aggressive a polite but firm no will be enough. If you are, then make sure you have the price, services, and room agreed firmly before you are led off to one of the Barcelona brothels nearby likely in the form of a sleazy hotel or apartment.

Common sense applies heavily here. There are also a lot of unsavoury characters hanging around La Ramblas looking to take advantage of naive tourists. Don’t carry large amounts of cash, expensive jewellery, or high tech phones. If something feels off, trust your gut.

Again, I can’t stress this enough, if you’re new to the whole prostitution scene and unsure of yourself, don’t go to La Ramblas to cut your teeth. Choose a safer destination, such as Germany or Amsterdam, and work your way up. Barcelona pickpockets are some of the best in Europe and sometimes work in league with street prostitutes. If you can’t afford to lose it, leave it locked up in your hotel room.

Alternatives to Barcelona Brothels

When it comes to sex in Barcelona, you’d be missing out if you limit yourself solely to Barcelona brothels. This is one of Whoreurope’s most favorite cities of sin. Trust us, there is a lot of sleaze on offer.

One of my favorite alternatives to the Barcelona brothels is the shemale Gloryhole cafe located in downtown Barcelona. To gain entry to this place, you have to make an appointment on Whatsapp at least thirty minutes in advance and then text when you’re outside for a shemale to let you in.

Once inside, you pay the required fee and then go into a Gloryhole cabin whilst a shemale takes here place on the other side and gives you a blowjob. For a 15 minute blowjob with condom, the price is 30 Euro. To remove the condom, to have anal sex (with a condom under all circumstances), or for the shemale to join you on your side of the Gloryhole cabin, the price is an extra 20 Euro for each add on.

Another alternative to a brothel in Barcelona is the iconic D’angelo sex shop which offers one of the last surviving peep shows in Barcelona. This place is a liberal, open-minded sexual environment for gay, straight, and bi-sexual clientele looking to buy sex toys or have a good time!

The peep show is located in the back of the sex shop and is essentially 8 cabins with lockable doors, paper towels, and lube. All of them look out onto a revolving stage where girls and couples play and fuck each other. It costs around 2 Euro for a few minutes of viewing. It’s not as good as the Amsterdam Peep Show in my opinion, but it is a lot of fun!

There are around 7 girls who work on the peepshow and one transexual. As they perform in front of you in the live porno, the cabin has their photo and numbers in case you wan’t to negotiate some one on one time with the girls in your private cabin. Something I highly recommend!

In summary, Barcelona brothels and their competitive alternatives are a Whoreuro favorite when it comes to finding sex, sleaze, and fetish in Spain. Enjoy yourself but heed our advice regarding street crime in Barcelona. After dark, it’s not a city for the faint-hearted!


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