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The Step-by-Step Feminizing Sissy Workout to Be a Big Booty Trans

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Sharing my advice on the feminization process of sissies is one of the most rewarding aspects of my blog. There are so many aspects to cover and just knowing it could make one sissy’s journey a little easier makes it all worth it.

In the past, I’ve covered everything from sissigasm toys and transsexual hypnosis (all of which you can read at the bottom of this article). But today, we’re going to cover yet another important tenant of feminization: the sissy workout.

If you’re overwhelmed by feminization resources, then help is at hand. We’ll be keeping it simple, to the point, and making your sissification journey as straightforward as possible our main priority. Together, we’ll explore topics like:

  • Some good trap workouts for feminine thighs and a big booty.
  • How a feminine waist to hip ratio makes alpha men see you as more fertile, and how to achieve it.
  • How you can stay fit and stay feminized by walking in high heels.

A sissification journey can be daunting, tough, and sometimes stressful. Maintaining a healthy body and mind is important. Although not just for your own well-being, to physically transform yourself into a sissy at the same time.

How to get a feminine body without hormones

Not all sissies in training have access to HRT or the ability to take it. Plus, they can sometimes have a negative effect on your health. So for many people seeking how to get a feminine body without hormones, a sissy workout is the answer.

Plus, the long process of waiting for the effects of HRT can be tedious. Instead, actively taking into your hands and transitioning your body with a sissy workout can be far more productive.

The following ten sissy exercises are all transition-oriented and can be done easily in the privacy of your own home. With discipline and consistency, you will begin to see results within the first month and continued transformation afterwards.

A sissy workout regime begins with cardio

We’re going to start from the ground up. Quite literally! Any sissy workout regime will begin with cardio. I would highly recommend taking up running.

Running 3 to 4 times a week will not just help you lose weight, it will build up the muscles in the legs. This is one of the main areas we’ll be focusing on in this workout plan.

Personally, I recommend running in the morning before breakfast. It really sets you up for the day. It also spurs the body to store more fluid. Do you know what that means? More chance of developing a nice jiggly ass!

But cardio comes in many forms and can be fitted into your daily schedule with ease. Do you usually drive to work? Walk instead! Prefer to take the elevator? Starting opting for the stairs!

Sissy exercises in high heels

Sissy exercises in high heels

I added the GIF of high heels on a treadmill above as I thought it personified the sissy work out perfectly. But shortly after, I had a lightbulb moment…

Walking in high heels is also a perfect sissy exercise to get started with. If you can’t walk in high heels towards the end of your feminization training, you’re not done. So pick out your favourite heels and let’s get walking!

If you have a treadmill, that’s perfect! If not, then use can use your garden or drive out to a discreet area with a flat walking surface and get moving.

Walking in high heels uses a range of muscles and is a great form of exercise for toning your legs and losing weight at the same time.

Feminizing workouts to be a bubble butt sissy with feminine thighs

The dream accolade of many people in transition is to become a bubble butt sissy. Whilst it’s not easy, it’s far from impossible. Luckily for you, we have the best exercises you need to focus on to achieve the big booty trans look!

MTF waist exercise

For many sissies in transition, the desire to achieve an hourglass figure with a small waist and wide hips are strong. And it’s no wonder. This is the epitome of a feminine figure. It is also said to psychologically make alpha men view you as fertile.

Throughout history, a feminine waist-to-hip ratio has often been associated with a woman’s fertility and her ability to reproduce. So, if you want men to lust after breeding you, better get started with an MTF waist exercise regime.

Holly Dolke provides a phenomenal 10-minute MTF waist workout on Youtube. It’s free, easy-to-follow, and requires no gym equipment. Perfect for a feminizing sissy workout at home!

Transgender workout for slimmer arms

A big mistake many sissies make is using standard gym equipment in their feminization journey only to get the opposite results they want. This is particularly true for the arms.

The manner of getting fit is commonly seen as building arm muscles. So if you want to tone down to slim, feminine arms, what do you do?

The answer is quite simple. From butterfly exercises to tricep flutters, you can pack a great transgender workout into your daily routine easily.

Check out the featured video from Lena Snow where she breaks down a simple 5-minute exercise that you should see results from in two weeks.

The top feminizing foods for a sissy diet

The top feminizing foods for a sissy diet

You know what they say: Your ideal body is made up of 20% exercise and 80% from your diet. You are what you eat, and a sissy diet is no exception. Here’s what you should aim for and what you should avoid when it comes to feminizing foods:

  • Avoid red meat: Sorry meat lovers! If you want to be the best big booty trans you can be, you need to kiss goodbye to red meats like burgers, steaks, and similiar. Don’t worry, the sissy body you’ll be rewarded with will provide you with a lot more meat of a very different variety!
  • Aim for foods that lower testosterone: There’s a number of foods you can include in your diet that lower your testosterone. These will help you in your sissification process enormously.
  • Avoid high fat foods: This one goes without saying, but any succesful diet will cut out fatty foods. This is key to achieving the slender, skinny sissy look.
  • Aim for foods high in Phytoestrogens: often found at much higher levels in women of reproductive age, estrogen is a hormone that promotes sexual and reproductive development. Dietary estrogen naturally occurs in a range of foods and acts similiar to that produced by the body. These are the types of foods you should aim for.

To complement the workout advice in this guide, I want to break down 5 feminizing foods you can eat pre or post-workout to stay healthy and increase your femininity. All are easy to get hold of and relatively cheap.

Increase your vegetable intake

First up, is good ol’ vegetables! We’re all adults here, the days of fleeing in terror from green healthy foods are long gone. Stuff like broccoli, green beans and cabbage can all be consumed through some delicious recipes. They also have feminizing qualities.

Whilst not the most phytoestrogen-rich foods out there, they still contain a hearty amount. They’re also easy to get hold of and relatively affordable to include in any balanced diet.

But most importantly, consuming vegetables as part of your fitness diet will help you lose weight, stay healthy, and feel motivated. These three factors are crucial to a healthy transition.

Dried fruits

Next is a simple snack that’s both tasty and easy to consume throughout the day: Dried fruits! But that’s not all, they are also very potent in various phytoestrogens.

There’s also a wide variety to choose from. Apricots, prunes, dates, etc. there’s a dried fruit for all tastes. But these three pack some of the highest levels of phytoestrogens.

As a bonus, they’re also rich in fibre and a range of other crucial nutrients. This makes them a welcome addition to any healthy diet.

Garlic and sesame seeds

Packing in feminine foods into your diet doesn’t have to be tedious. In fact, you’ve probably been consuming them regardless and just need to up your intake. Especially with common but underrated feminizing foods like garlic and sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds, for example, are commonly added to a massive range of dishes for added crunch and flavour. They’re also packed with phytoestrogens and a range of other nutrients that have also been said to improve cholesterol levels.

And good ol’ garlic, known for its health benefits, great flavour and giving anxiety to vampires, is also rich in phytoestrogens. It’s another ingredient that can be flawlessly added to a range of dishes in a sissy diet.

Flax seeds

Amongst fitness fanatics, flax seeds have become all the rage recently due to the possible health benefits they offer. But these tiny brown seeds are also fantastic phytoestrogens.

Flax seeds are some of the most useful feminizing foods for a sissy diet due to the number of lignans they hold.

Lignans are chemical compounds that perform as phytoestrogens and flax seeds have up to 800 times more of them than similar plant foods.

Spearmint tea

Of course, all of these feminizing foods need something to wash them down with. There are few things better than a few cups of spearmint tea throughout the day.

Whilst it won’t increase estrogen, Spearmint tea is an anti-androgen. This means that it suppresses testosterone and reduces male traits like hair growth.

It tastes wonderful, provided you like mint, and can be a healthy addition to keeping you feminine and keep your hair growth down. What’s not to love?

Get fit and get fem!

And so, my dear sissies, we reach the end of our guide to the sissy workout and the feminizing foods to go with it. In conclusion, a consistent exercise regime can have a very positive impact on your feminization journey.

The results of a balanced diet and regular exercise combined can help fight anxiety, improve your self-esteem, and increase cognitive function. All the while increasing your sissy appearance. What’s not to love?

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Disclaimer – Like all of our sexual training resources, this article simply explores an underreported sexual kink and training method used by people who wish to expand their sissy sex life. Whoreuro.com takes no responsibility for the effects of a sissy workout whether negative or positive. We are only providing an insight into the range of training resources available.

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  1. I’d love to try this! It’s too bad about my body, though. I’ve been underweight my entire life, and I find it very difficult to gain weight. I’ve spent the last year actively trying to eat more to gain weight, and I did manage to gain 5KG, but my rib cage still protrudes a lot. I just wish I could find some affordable food to help me gain weight without any peanuts or traces.


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