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Our Exquisite Trip To The Paradise Swingers Hotel in Blackpool

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Recently, I had the pleasure of writing an adult guide to the underrated sex scene in a town I adore: Blackpool. From erotic saunas and gay bathhouses to gangbang parties and swinging hotels, I left no cum-splattered stone unturned.

But the topic of the local swinger hotel, a quirky establishment that’s unique to the British sex scene, naturally garnered a lot of attention from our dear readers. If you were amongst those keen to know more, then today is your lucky day.

To satisfy your lusting curiosity for more, we reached out to the Paradise Swingers Hotel in Blackpool to ask if we could come inside and see what the horny hotel can offer a lusty traveller. The kind folks (and veteran swingers) who run Paradise, agreed.

“From used panties to pornstar heels, the fetish dungeon has been tastefully redecorated with recycled kinky items left behind after countless raunchy events.”

This 20-year-old Blackpool swingers institution has been the site of countless orgies, mouth-watering porn productions, and an abundance of divine sexual memories for many. So this was an opportunity, we were not going to pass up.

And so, we wasted no time. The tickets were booked and Karl, Whoreuro’s main man in Europe, was on his way to the sexual mecca of Blackpool to sample its erotic delights.

Now it’s fair to say we’re sexual veterans here, but what we found at the Paradise swingers hotel in Blackpool just blew us away!

The swinger vacation begins

Stepping off a train filled with holidaymakers and bachelor or bachelorette parties, I’d arrived at Blackpool North train station. My first visit to the famous British resort, and my Whoreuro swinger vacation, had begun!

Now I’d been told that Blackpool has somewhat of a Red Light District near the station. So I took a stroll through the neon-lit doorways, red curtains, and high heel window displays. Just for curiousities sake, of course.

But with over 7 miles of sandy beaches, I took advantage of Blackpool’s famous promenade for the straightforward walk to South Shore. With the recent rise in staycations, the resort has seen a massive rise in tourists.

From holidaymakers enjoying the attractions, the sea, and fish & chips to hen parties licking cock-shaped lollipops and living large, the sun was trying to shine and the atmosphere along Blackpool’s waterfront was booming!

After taking in some of the sights and enjoying some great local food, I’d already begun to like this town. But my heart was racing with excitement to visit one of its most underrated attractions: The unique British swingers hotel in Blackpool further down the promenade.

Meet the sex hotel pioneers!

Stepping a mere 50 metres from the promenade, I was finally walking up Crystal Road on Blackpool’s South Shore. Passing the rows of terraced B&Bs iconic of the resort, I was approaching my final destination.

And then I saw it. Standing detached from those around it was the three-story Crystal Hotel. Also known as Hotel Paradise or ”The Horny Hotel” amongst its regular visitors. When I saw a car with an “S3X UK” numberplate parked outside, I knew I had arrived.

I was greeted at the door by Sandy. With short blonde hair and a classy outfit complementing her stunning appearance, Sandy is the epitome of a sophisticated and savvy British MILF with a wild sex drive.

She was accompanied by her well-dressed husband Steve who is a natural conversationist and, like Sandy, has the ability to make you feel welcome and at ease. We sat down with the owners in the hotel bar to chat over a few drinks.

From the moment you meet them, this swinging couple is approachable, welcoming, and friendly. They’re also 20-year veterans of the lifestyle, so who better to run such a unique establishment?

Sandy and Steve moved to Blackpool in 2006 and ended up taking over the Paradise Hotel after its previous owners moved abroad. After helping them run it beforehand, they were able to hit the ground running.

“Conversation is an overlooked part of swinging. Most swingers have a knack for striking up a good conversation, it’s all part of it. Compared to mainstream pubs and clubs where phones have taken over conversation, that’s one of the things I value most about the lifestyle.”

One of the things that struck me most about Steve and Sandy was their commitment to the experiences of their guests. They’re both immensely passionate about providing a positive swinging atmosphere and offer a refreshing, straightforward, and no-nonsense approach.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed and the couple has built up a dedicated swinging community around their hotel. Although the average age is 30 to 60, they’ve welcomed a range of visitors aged from 20 to 89 both from the UK and from as far afield as Australia.

“Blackpool is a fantastic spot for a place like this”. Said Steve as we discussed why there wasn’t more swingers hotels in the UK. “In the daytime, there’s also something to see and do here. In the evening, they can come back here and enjoy our events. There have been attempts to create swingers hotels in the countryside, but it just hasn’t worked because of lack of things to do during the day”.

In the same way that some bars decorate their walls with currency donated by their guests, so too does Hotel Paradise. But with a twist. Something I first noticed when I saw a pair of pornstar heels adorning the shelf above the bar.

“Those heels have a bit of a story behind them”, Sandy said with a smile. “I always wanted a pair of porn heels so Steve bought them for my birthday. But the second time I wore them slipped I broke my ankle, so they’ve stayed up there ever since!”

Alongside beautiful hand-drawn erotic art and books written and donated by visiting swingers, the walls are adorned with many slutty souvenirs left behind. From torn panties to Dominatrix heels, the unique decoration really sets the place apart and provides a number of talking points.

The rise in new swingers hasn’t gone unnoticed by Steve and Sandy, particularly as they’ve experienced an influx of newcomers. Many of them find the atmosphere of the hotel significantly better than a conventional swingers club.

“A problem a lot of newcomers face is what to wear. Some girls will turn up dressed casually and feel out of place amongst the more experienced swingers. In a club, it’s not ideal to head home and change. Here, they can pop upstairs and slip into something more comfortable, whenever they feel ready to”.

The Paradise hotel provides a wonderful stepping stone into the lifestyle. From making swingers friends to hearing recommendations of clubs and scenes to check out.

Exploring the erogenous zones of the swingers hotel in Blackpool

Exploring the Erogenous zones of the swingers hotel in Blackpool

After being welcomed with some classic Blackpool hospitality, I was excited to explore the Paradise Hotel further. Sandy, my trusty swinger guide, led the way as we explored the coridoors of the hotel.

Now, the layout of the swingers hotel is just fantastic. If visitors hit it off in the bar, a world of pleasure is just a ball gag’s throw away. The first room we checked out was the leather play area.

Here, eager women are politely asked to slip out of their high heels as they enter a dimly lit erotic space illuminated by sensual lighting. It’s perfectly sized to allow for some very intimate private or group play with ample room for spectators.

“The orgy room is a big favourite. There must have been 30 people having sex at once in there one night. Obviously, I’ve never been to a Roman orgy, but that’s what I imagine one would have looked like!”, Said Steve as I asked about some of the wildest sex he’s witnessed inside the Hotel Paradise.

Clad in tiger print bedding, the feature of the gangbang room is its enormous bed that just cries out for orgies. The semi-retro aesthetic was divine and the sexual energy in the room was undeniable.

Here, the visual skills of Steve and Sonia came into play once again. They’ve fitted the ceiling and walls with an array of mirrors, so no divine angle of view is missed during the regular orgies that take place here.

Along one wall is an array of seats and a leather couch for the more voyeuristic to enjoy the sight of a mass of swingers writhing in pleasure. Another bonus is a fucking machine and an enormous widescreen TV that blasts an array of porn in case swingers need some extra inspiration.

But the cherry on the cake is the BDSM dungeon. The centrepiece is a formidable leather sex swing surrounded by mirrors on the ceiling and walls so no angle is missed out on. In the corner are a Gloryhole booth and a groping box.

For those seeking uninhibited Gloryhole fun near them, this is the place to be. The booth is even fitted with fetish cuffs inside. So if you or your partner wish to be willingly exposed to a smorgasbord of cocks, then inside this sex cabin will certainly be your happy place!

It’s tight and cosy, just how a dungeon should be. It allows for a very intimate atmosphere both for those playing and for those who choose to watch. There’s also a tantalizing steel bondage chair in the corner of the room. Perfect for those who like to be restrained with their legs spread.

And once again, rather than providing mundane decor, the fetish dungeon has been tastefully redecorated with recycled kinky items left behind after raunchy events. Something I really liked about the Hotel Paradise.

During my exploration of the dungeon, I spotted a few used panties, a rather busty bra, and two pairs of Dominatrix high heels. If I had spent longer, I’m sure I would have spotted more!

With the array of playrooms covered in meticulous detail, Sandy guided me upstairs to show me some of the hotel’s 16 bedrooms that can accommodate 20 couples, single men, sissies, or single females alike.

As the staircase creaked beneath us and echoed through the hallways, I pondered how many people had climbed up and down these stairs into a world of sexual ecstasy over the 20-year reign of this sex hotel.

The rooms in the hotel are quintessential of Blackpool: Simple, comfortable, and affordable. Made to accommodate singles, couples, or groups, there’s a wide range of room themes from vanilla to BDSM.

Whilst the vanilla rooms with a sea view offer a great option for those to detox from the intense play going on downstairs, the BDSM room was my personal favourite.

Decked out in black and red, it even features easy-to-clean headboards for those who want to take their fun upstairs. After all, it can get busy down below!

From a delightfully intimidating BDSM dungeon to sensual spaces for uninhibited orgies, the Paradise Hotel is a sexual gem for open-minded folks. But it’s not just British swingers who travel from far and wide to indulge here…

The Paradise is where kinky hotel porn is made

Photo credit: @SandyWild69 on Twitter.

A place as unique as a sex hotel is not something the British porn scene would miss. Alongside their array of renowned sex parties, the Hotel Paradise often doubles as a shooting location for a variety of kinky smut.

When it comes to porn shoots, this is a spot that has the full package. As an added bonus, Steve has become a bit of a photography buff himself. He knows a good angle when he sees one and he’s even added ceiling platforms for filming porn in the BDSM suite.

“If someone wants to shoot porn in a normal hotel, they’ve got to be discreet. Here, they have comfortable rooms, a free roam of the play areas, and no judgment or hassle. It’s ideal for it.”

“We’ve had porn producers book a whole week here. We don’t bother them and they’re free to work as they please. We’ve been working around the hotel and seen men being led around on dog leads for fetish productions. It’s no bother”, said Steve on the porn side of the hotel.

One of the most well-known is Granny Kim. For one shoot, she brought a hen party of swingers to the hotel which quickly descended into a free-for-all orgy. For another, she was the centre of an intense bukkake session. Both of which racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

Naturally, there’s a crossover between porn and swinging. Hotel Paradise’s status as somewhat of a British porn hub has only led to more guests wanting to book. After all, who would pass up the chance to recreate their favourite porn in the place it was filmed?

Seeking an affordable swingers vacation? Go North!

And so, we come to an end to our review of the Paradise Hotel. Criminally underrated, this swingers utopia is a unique institution to Britain where open-minded singles and couples can indulge in judgment-free sex across a range of adult-themed rooms and get a good nights sleep.

As a very unique establishment, you won’t find the Paradise Hotel on sites like Tripadvisor. But its twenty-year reign in a resort where competition is fierce and repeatedly being the filming location of choice for many leading British porn producers is all you need to know.

Although they’re both very humble, Steve and Sonia are highly experienced swingers who have seen it all. It goes without saying that they seriously know what they’re doing with a place like this.

Overall, this is a well-established sexual institution run by friendly, welcoming and highly experienced swingers that crushes the old saying that ‘It’s grim up North’. It’s one that should be on every swinger bucket list!

To book an unforgettable stay at the Paradise Hotel, to inquire about filming adult scenes inside, you can contact Steve and Sonia through their dedicated website. The hotel is located at 7 Crystal Road on Blackpool’s South Shore.

Our special thanks to the incredible hospitality shown by Sandy, Steve and all of the staff who help run the Paradise Hotel: A unique gem of the swinging community!

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