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Cruising For Sex: My Underground Guide To 8 Cruising Spots for Women

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As sweat oozed from every orifice, I looked at the man I was sharing the sauna with like he was a piece of meat before spreading my legs to show him my mangled twat. He didn’t hesitate.

Five minutes later, he wrapped a towel around his quivering cock and returned to his unaware wife at the poolside, leaving cum leaking from my slit onto the wooden sauna floor below.

Cruising for sex has been a gay staple for years and involves hanging around a specific spot to find casual sex with strangers. However, I do it as a woman.

”Whether he drops to his knees and tongues the blend of sauna sweat and love juice from my cunt or beckons me to swallow his piping hot meat down my throat, I always take what I can get!”

I’ve been fascinated by the world of Cruising sex for decades since the day a public toilet in Belfast was publicly exposed as a notorious Cruising ground, and it was sadly closed down. 

Through my many beloved friends in the LGBTQ+ community, I adore learning about the art of Cruising and implementing their tips and tricks into my own casual sex adventures as a woman. 

In this exclusive guide, I will draw upon ten years of female Cruising experience to show you some of the Cruising spots I use to engage in casual sex with strangers. 

Now, let’s begin! 

So, You Want to Cruise For Sex as a Woman? Good Girl!

Cruising for sex is divine. It’s an adrenaline rush; you never know what you’ll get, but the resultant sex is often frantic, raw, primal, and the type of hard fucking you’ll never forget. 

But Cruising is also an art form, the foundations of which were laid by the gay community. From subtle eye contact to lingering correctly, there’s a lot to learn about Cruising for sex.

So, before you set off on your adventure and begin seeking anonymous sex in local Cruising spots, here are some tips.

  • Use common sense and don’t put yourself in danger – Cruising for sex comes with risks, but this is even truer for women. Never let lust put you in a position of danger, and always rely on common sense. If it doesn’t feel good, get the fuck out of there.
  • Don’t involve non-consenting people – One of the biggest rushes that come from Cruising is that it often takes place in public. However, don’t purposely try to involve non-consenting people in your anon sex, as that’s not cool and can lead to trouble.
  • Wear easy-access clothing – Cruising sex is often fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled, and takes place outside. So don’t wear clothes that are a nightmare to get off. Avoid skinny jeans and opt for an easy-access miniskirt. Oh, and leave your panties at home!
  • Pack condoms and lube and keep valuables safe – I often get fucked bareback when Cruising, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play it safe. Ideally, avoid bringing valuables and pack essentials like condoms and lube instead.

Okay, with those tips under your belt, it’s time to explore the wild world of Cruising for sex as a woman!

Are you nervous about going Cruising for sex alone? Have a look on Adult Friend Finder to find other like-minded men and women who I’m sure would be more than keen on joining you!

Cruising For Sex in Gyms

As much as I’d love to lay in bed and wreck my slit to porn all day, I need to stay in shape. After all, a whore who handles an inhuman level of cock and cunt requires a peak level of fitness.

That post-workout feeling always leaves me insanely horny, as does the sight of muscular men surrounding me for the past hour. 

Luckily, the feeling is often mutual, and it doesn’t take long for me to find a Cruising target. A great time to do it is during a late-night workout at a 24-hour gym when there are fewer people.

Here’s what I usually do. I hang around the men’s changing rooms and wait for some stud who has finished his workout. 

My eye contact says it all, or I’ll just be blunt about it and ask to get fucked, usually leading to me leggings around my ankles and my insides being arranged at a quiet spot in the gym.

If I can’t find another gym goer, I’ll seduce one of the bored workers on a night shift and ask for a tour of the gym before asking him to make a deposit in one of my holes. 

But that sweaty gym bro cock really hits differently, so I always try to find a post-workout hottie to fuck me senseless. 

Hotel Bars are Great for Women Seeking Sleazy Casual Sex

I often sleep in hotels when traveling the world for work, and I have found hotel bars to be a prime Cruising hotspot worldwide. Hell, why do you think so many hookers hang out in them?

Men get so fuckin’ horny when they travel, and seeing me dressed like a cheap whore and sitting alone at the bar is like a red rag to a bull. 

I can spend an entire evening rotating through a hotel bar and riding its clientele, much to the shock of the bartender working the shift. 

I fondly remember when, at a hotel bar in Berlin, a guy I’d been flirting with drunkenly whispered into my ear, ‘’So, Catherine, how much for an hour?’’ Yep, he thought I was a hooker.

I’ll never forget the look on his face when I said, ‘’Nothing. But if you buy me another cocktail, I’ll definitely let you cum in my ass!’’ It was a deal he was more than happy with. 

So, take a seat somewhere where you’re clearly visible, dress like a slut, and let the magic happen. The horny bargoers will no doubt take the initiative. 

A Steamy Sauna is Ideal for Women Cruising for Sex

Whether at a local spa or with a hotel stay, I never miss the chance to let my body drip with sweat in a sauna. Not only is it good for your health, but it’s also great for your holes.

The effect that the heat of a sauna has on the human libido, combined with the sultry sight of sweating skin and scantily-clad bodies, creates a whirlwind of a Cruising opportunity.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seductively stared at a man on the opposite bench and flashed my twat at him, and the aftermath is often just as expected.

Whether he drops to his knees and tongues the blend of sauna sweat and love juice from my cunt or beckons me to swallow his piping hot meat down my throat, I always take what I can get!

Anonymous Sex and Dogging Go Together Like Cum and Creampies

Dogging is a quintessentially British pastime that revolves around meeting others for anonymous sex in the great outdoors via several unofficial Dogging spots dotted nationwide.

Are you a car sex voyeur? Dogging may be for you!

But while it started in the UK, it has since spread worldwide and can now be found in Europe and North America. If you want to get fucked by strangers, this is a surefire way to do it.

Dogging usually occurs at night in remote nature reserves after all the walkers and picnickers have gone home, and the sex can be a wild adrenaline rush. 

If you’re lurking around one after dark and dressed like a whore, you can assume anyone else you come across is looking for the same thing, but always make sure they are, of course.

If you want to learn about Dogging etiquette and how to find many tried and tested Dogging locations near you, I’ve written a dedicated guide, which you can read here.

Dogging can be a little overwhelming for newbie women, but a great way to start is by turning up in your car, locking your doors, and masturbating to anyone who wants to watch. 

Once you’ve built your confidence up and want to taste the cocks pumping away on the other side of the window, either wind it down or step outside and get to work!

Airport Sex With Strangers Redefines the Term ‘’Layover!’’

‘’Good evening, madam! Welcome aboard,’’ said the cute air hostess as I boarded the plane. Little did she know I’d just been bent over a toilet and fucked bareback by a random guy.

Like the quintessential pre-flight beer or cocktail at 6 am, the rules in airports are… different. Yet so many people fail to discover the Cruising opportunities within them.

I don’t like flying, and the pre-flight nerves often get to me. So, airport sex with strangers is a great way to calm me down and take my mind off it. 

Now, acting suspicious in an airport isn’t a good idea, so I sidestep Cruising signals and opt for an adult hookup app to find potential fuck buddies.

Generic apps like Tinder sometimes work, but I’ve had some solid results through the notorious Ashley Madison, which is set up for cheating spouses to find like-minded fuck partners.

Many married men adopt the mantra of ‘’what happens in the airport, stays in the airport’’ regarding airport sex, and they rarely miss their chance to fuck an eager whore while there!

It’s not quite the Mile High Club, but few feelings are as divine as settling into your plane seat with hot spunk oozing down your thighs. Take it from me!

Porn Cinemas & Adult Bookstores Were Made for Cruising Sex

Once you’ve cut your teeth on the tamer side of Cruising for sex, it’s time to upgrade to an anonymous sex institution via a local porn cinema or adult bookstore.

erotic outfits to wear at porn theaters

While they’re sadly not as common as back in the day, there’s still a surprising number of adult theaters and XXX bookstores out there, often with dedicated Cruising areas and Gloryholes.

These places are like a paradise for me. You’re walking into a den of sleaze inhabited by men and women lurking in the shadows and absorbing porn on cinema screens for hours on end.

When you walk through the door dressed like a slut, it’s like Christmas morning for them, and you’ll soon have a horny crowd lurking behind you, waiting to see what you’re up for!

As a woman who has been in the porn cinema scene for decades, I’ve written several guides on them, which you can find here!

Cruise Ship Sex is a Quintessential Way to Cruise For Anon Sex!

As his cock pulled out of my bowels with an unceremonious slurp, I dropped to my knees to suck the taste of my ass off his dripping cock before he said, ‘’I’d better get back to my fiance!’’

I didn’t refrain from sucking his messy dick because he had to leave; I stopped myself because I wanted him to bring his defiled cock back to his cabin, where, hopefully, his fiance would use it.

No, this isn’t a wind-up! My next suggestion for Cruising spots for women to take advantage of is a cruise ship vacation or a ferry boat ride with an overnight cabin.

Just like in an airport, there’s something about being onboard a ship that changes people and makes them more sexually adventurous, and cruise ship sex is massively underrated.

Cruise the deck and look for dicks to take back to your room, connect with other passengers on casual hookup apps like this one, or source casual sex in the onboard bar or club.

The world is your oyster when amongst the holiday atmosphere of a cruise ship, and getting your holes rearranged by a stranger while looking out over the high seas is bucket list shit!

Nude Beaches 

While on Cap d’Agde beach in the South of France, the sun baking my body from above was suddenly blocked out by the shadow of a man pumping his erect cock over my body.

Most female holiday goers would be disgusted, but most of them probably wouldn’t have their arm wrist-deep in their cunt and masturbating in full view of other nude beachgoers.

Looking for nude beach sex is easy for a woman and is a great way to go about Cruising for sex. All you need to do is put down a towel, masturbate, and wait for people to approach.

Always ensure it’s an adults-only nude beach where such behavior is permitted. If it isn’t, there’s usually some sand dunes nearby for you to take your new Cruising partners behind to fuck.

A post-sex swim in the ocean is fucking divine, too. Feeling that post-sex sweat cleansed from your body and your love juices ooze into the water is something you’ll never forget. 

Oh, and have you read my story about being gangbanged on a nudist beach by a bunch of migrant workers? If not, give it a read here and let it inspire you!

Yep, Women Cruise Too! So, Which Cruising Spot Near You Will You Hit Up First?

We girls owe the gay community a lot for their work in laying the foundations of the Cruising lifestyle, and we can say thank you by keeping it alive!

I hope this guide has opened your mind to the opportunities and locations waiting for sexually liberated women who want to cruise for sex with strangers.

Do you have some other tips for successful Cruising locations? Want to drop some tips for your fellow female Cruising sluts? Drop a comment below and get a discussion going, my darlings!

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