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Male Chastity Cages: The Unlocked Guide for 2024 

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Thick, veiny, foreboding, and firing our jets of aesthetic white liquid that has the power to create conquerers, geniuses, peacemakers, war starters, and empire-builders. 

The male penis is a fascinating organ and one that can instill a deep sense of lust and fascination deep inside most of us. Well, that is until male chastity cages get in the way.

As a woman with a broad spectrum of sexual tastes, I’ve felt thousands of cocks pump seed into my womb and bowels, and I’ve also locked a similar amount of cocks in chastity cages.

”Chastity is the cement of civilization and progress. Without it, there is no stability in society, and without it, one cannot attain the Science of Life.”

– Mary Baker Eddy

For me, few feelings compare to watching a once majestic cock that had the ability to transform a woman into a quivering mess of pleasure turn into a pathetic, caged shell of its former self.

With each passing day, the number of people willing to lock their fuck meat in cock cages is booming, and it’s high time for a guide to male chastity cages.

What Kind of People Lock Their Cocks & Why?

15 Humiliating Public Femdom Ideas to Try on Your Slave

Firstly, let’s take a look at the broad spectrum of people worldwide who are choosing a life of chastity and the beneficial ways that locking the cock can revolutionize their pleasure.

Those Seeking to Relinquish Power and Control 

The first type of male chastity cage wearers are those who crave the chance to give up the power and control that comes with having a free-swinging cock. 

With the help of a trustworthy chastity keyholder who controls access to the cage, many find handing over the power of their pleasure to someone else to be an immensely empowering feeling.

There’s endless scope for erotic ideas with chastity cages, and many locked cocks are expected to earn their release by completing sexual tasks, ticking off XXX accolades, and more.

Gooners Looking to Focus on the Beauty of Porn

Historically, the art of Gooning has been associated with cross-eyed porn fanatics pumping their fuck meat until they achieve a state of porn-induced bliss. 

However, there’s also a growing number of Gooners who are opting to lock their cocks away when they Goon, and the reasons they do this are pretty damn wild.

Rather than being a bleary-eyed mess of edging pleasure, some Gooners prefer to keep their dicks locked away so that they can admire the true beauty of porn and only touch their cock when they feel they’ve deserved it.

There are also the Gooners who prefer to use their prostate for edging pleasure, and a chastity cage is a great way to instill discipline. This brings us to the following type of chastity cage user.

Those Who Want to Achieve a Sissygasm

A Sissygasm, otherwise known as a prostate orgasm, involves so much intense anal play that results in a hands-free orgasm and jets of cum spurting out of a cock.

Now, if you’ve read my popular guide to achieving a Sissygasm, you’ll know that it requires a significant level of discipline to achieve, and a free-range cock can be far too tempting for many.

Any sissy worth their salt will invest in a chastity cage to keep their limp clitty locked away, thus allowing them to entirely focus on cumming through the throbbing prostate in their asshole. 

Gay or Bisexual Power Bottoms 

There are many men who were gifted with a body that was just made for hardcore fucking. Often referred to as power bottoms, they’re the type to indulge in prolonged anal with ease.

Few things make a power bottom happier than having their hole used like a cheap Fleshlight by a dominant top, but an increasing number of them are discovering the joys of chastity cages.

With their cock caged, a bottom is able to entirely focus on the divine joy of anal pleasure and ensure they extract as much enjoyment as possible from the fuck meat hammering their hole.

Caged Cuckolds

When you’re watching your beloved wife spread her legs for a big black cock and look you in the eyes as she’s pushed towards the type of immense orgasm you can’t offer, how can you appreciate it in its full glory if you’re pumping your dick like a disobedient cuckold?

One of the most vital assets in any dedicated cuckold’s kit is a chastity cage that adds an additional level of humiliation to the cuckold and Hotwife lifestyle.

Few sensations are as spellbinding as a cuckold husband who feels his wife’s pussy grinding on his caged cock as she puts her throat to work on another man’s cock.

The jingling humiliation of a caged man squirming while his wife writhes in pleasure on another man’s cock is the stuff that some of the most utterly perverted dreams are made of.

A Journey Through Five Types of Male Chastity Cages

Those who opt to lock their cock in chastity encompass a broad range of people, and the five mentioned above have merely scraped the top of the chastity cage iceberg.

To bring you deeper into the perverse world of modern male chastity cages, allow me to introduce you to five examples of cock cages that sum up how broad this lifestyle can be!

There is no Escape From This Steel Cock Cage

We begin with a one-size-fits-all chastity cage. This is an iconic design that resembles a literal prison for a man’s fuck meat and encases it in robust steel bars, which are then padlocked shut.

The sight of a once mighty penis locked away in a formidable prison like this is like watching a conquered king languishing in a medieval dungeon, and it fills my cunt with joy whenever I see it.

Better yet, chastity cages like this one allow the keyholder, or any sadistic person who feasts their eyes upon it, to tease the shaft through the open slats, causing it to swell hopelessly in its cell.

This is a sturdy chastity cage with some weight to it, and the added bonus is that it’ll cause a chastised male’s fuck meat to hang low and ensure he never forgets he is wearing it.

Who Said Chastity Was Feminine? Introducing The Big Black Cage!

It’s a common misconception that all men who opt for chastity have small cocks to begin with. Hell, most of the fun for me is watching a giant cock shrink into a humiliated shell of its former self!

For those who have been blessed with a large cock and want to encase it in chastity, there are fittingly Alpha cock cages on the market, such as the Big Black Cage, that can accommodate larger dicks.

This male chastity cage can contain up to 3.74 inches of flaccid fuck meat with ease and looks downright sleek when it’s dangling between a useless male’s legs.

In particular, this cock cage is pretty popular amongst gay/bi power bottoms, cuckolded husbands eager to please their Hotwives and Gooners. For sissies, on the other hand, there’s the following cage.

The Sissy Chastity Cage That Inspires Pussy Envy

With sissy sluts being one of the critical customer bases for chastity cages, there’s a tonne of sissy cage options on the market. Few, however, are as downright humiliating as this one.

Reserved for those who are deeper down the sissyfication rabbit hole than most, this tiny chastity cage comes in a gorgeous pink color scheme and has a pussy-shaped opening at the front.

The design is crafted in a way that denies erections and strives to enhance femininity. What more could an aspiring sissy slut ask for?

It’s the perfect cage for a sissy to wear as she rides a dildo, watches porn, and dreams of having her own pussy. As she loses control and oozes cum from her artificial labia, it’s the next best thing!

The Cellmate V2 Chastity Cage

The life of a modern chastised male can come with its ups and downs. Modern life can present obstacles that make the male chastity lifestyle difficult, but there are, thankfully, a few solutions. 

For example, if your cage is locked and controlled by a Mistress, then travel can be awkward. Plus, there’s also lots of temptation around that causes disobedient thoughts in a sub’s head.

”Thick, veiny, foreboding, and firing our jets of aesthetic white liquid that has the power to create conquerers, geniuses, peacemakers, war starters, and empire-builders. The male penis is a fascinating organ.”

This is why the Cellmate V2 was invented. An app controls this high-tech male chastity cage, and it comes with a tonne of humiliating features to take advantage of.

From remote control shocks for disobedient submissives to timer-controlled locking sessions for those wishing to indulge in solo chastity play, this is a revolutionary addition to the male chastity lifestyle.

The Flat Chastity Cage is for Those Who Have Truly Accepted Their Fate

For many men, being blessed with a long, girthy member is one of the greatest gifts in life. For others, the dream is to have a piece of useless meat between their legs that has been shrunk by chastity.

I’m talking about the kind of cock that is dwarfed even by some women’s labia. The kind of cock that is ideally suited for a flat chastity cage reserved for the most dedicated male chastity devotees.

The ultimate lesson in self-control, this male chastity cage is merciless and leaves no room for horny excitement. It will nip any lust in the bud and refuse to allow your cock to extend a few millimeters.

A small penis-locking cage like this isn’t recommended for beginners, but it’s a prime example of how far many people go once they discover the sheer joys of locking their meat up in a steel prison.

Life is Often Better Caged, My Darlings

The concept of chastity goes back hundreds of years, and many would assume that it would have no place in a modern, forward-thinking society. However, they would be wrong.

This guide to male chastity cages shows that an increasing number of people are discovering the joys of chastity and the wealth of pleasure and punishment it can bring. 

How about you? Are you ready to relinquish control and turn your mighty meat hammer into a pathetic and imprisoned shell of its former self?

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  1. Fort time I used a chastity cage I knew immediately that this was the way to go. I felt at home. All focus went on the sissy cunt and nipples and it turns me into a complete sissy whore. I’m trying to easy my wife into the idea of turning me into a caged cleaner and for her to start inviting lots and lots of men to satisfy her and maybe even use my holes in any way they want. The only use I have of my clit is to produce cum for me to swallow.


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