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10 Humiliating Cuckquean Ideas Every Female Cuckold Should Try!

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Now, I adore cuckolding. Making a beta male slurp up the mess an Alpha has made in my pussy is a divine feeling. As is spitting cum in his face to humiliate him. But we girls can’t hog all the fun. This is why it’s worth trying out the role of a Cuckquean.

A cuckquean is the female version of a cuckold and the opposite of a Hotwife. Yes, you guessed it! This type of kinkster gains sexual pleasure from her male partner fucking other women and gets turned on by cheating. The thrill often comes from the humiliation or victimization elements.

“I’d take great pleasure in tonguing the scent of another woman’s pussy from my man’s used condoms and masturbating alone.”

Just like a cuckold, a Cuckqueen will often encourage her male partner to cheat on her. Whether she’s in the room to watch and clean up the mess with her tongue or relegated to enjoying it from a distance, there are many dynamics to this kink.

However, these multiple dynamics often leave aspiring cuckqueening wannabes confused about where to start. Don’t worry. In this article, I’m going to offer my slutty hand to guide you through the beautifully humiliating world of cuckquean training through topics like:

  • How to implement real cuckquean training from a distance.
  • Degrading initiation tasks to become a bona-fide cuckqueen wife.
  • Where to find Cuckqueans and open-minded male partners to indulge in this fetish with.

And of course, a plethora of other smut to go with it. Now, without further ado: Sit back, relax, and prepare to be initiated into the world of the female cuckold and learn how it can benefit your kinky sex life.

What is a Cuckquean?

What is a Cuckquean?

First off, let’s delve into this kink a little further so you know exactly what you’re getting into. I’m going to briefly talk about the cuckqueaning dynamic and the three main roles played in it.

Put simply, a cuckquean is a girlfriend or wife who is complicit and compliant in her man’s adultery. Just like a male cuck, a female cuckold will consensually take part in sex between her man and other women. The latter are known as ‘Cuckcakes’.

Sounds cute, right? Well, some Cuckcakes can be ruthless. This is the female version of a “bull” in the cuckold scene. They can be dominant and humiliate you or submissive and in full control of your man. In short: These are the women you want your boyfriend or husband to fuck in front of you.

“The word ‘quean’ goes back to the 10th century and was used to describe ‘prostitutes’ or a ‘disreputable, impudent or ill-behaved girl or woman’ with strong undertones relating those traits to her sexual activities.”

– Erevos

The dynamic often features degrading and humiliating acts carried out on the Cuckquean but can also be tender and loving too. The choice is entirely up to you depending on what turns you on.

Overall, it’s a very kinky fetish and centres around the power-play dynamic. Traditionally, the woman is submissive and her man is dominant and in control. If he wants her to clean up a Cuckcake’s squirt from his cock, she must. If he wants her to sit in the corner whilst he fucks another woman, she must.

Of course, as with any intense kink, a safeword and aftercare are vital. As is a prior discussion to ensure this is something that both of you want. If done too fast or in the wrong way, it can cause serious damage to a relationship.

The journey to being a Cuckqueen wife starts slowly

The journey to being a Cuckqueen wife starts slowly

To start with, there’s a few things you can do to begin your cuckqueening journey sensibly. Rather than inviting a Cuckcake to your place to reenact your favourite porn, I suggest a more tame route.

Go out with your man to a bar or club, and permit him to flirt with as many women as he likes. See how you react. If you feel uneasy, sick, or angry, then this fetish isn’t for you.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself wet and turned on then you might just have found your new rewarding kink! View this as testing the water of your sexual limits. Then when you feel comfortable, move on to the next stage.

Go dating as a female cuckold

Go dating as a female cuckold

The good news is that there are a fair few adult dating sites dedicated to fetishes like this (some of the best are listed at the bottom of this article). That means that you shouldn’t have trouble finding like-minded people to indulge in this kink with.

After you find your ideal Cuckcake and you feel comfortable enough to do so, arrange a date between the three of you. It’s better if you find someone with experience who can ideally show you the ropes at the same time.

You can also add a touch of fun to the date. Don’t speak without permission, encourage your man to openly flirt with the other woman in front of you, etc. If it goes well and you’re all happy to do so, it’s time to take it to the bedroom.

Cuckquean blowjob assistant

Cuckquean blowjob assistant

This is one of the best sexual ways to start as a female cuckold. It centres around oral sex rather than diving into penetrative sex which is best reserved for those who have a bit more experience under their belt.

This will see the Cuckqueen assist her man and the Cuckcake during a long, drawn-out blowjob. This was how I started with this fetish and I found it to be a great introduction. Especially with the following techniques:

  • Catching the spit that dribbles down from the Cuckcake’s mouth as she deepthroats your partner’s cock.
  • Being relegated to sucking your man’s balls as the other woman gets the privelidge of sucking his dick.
  • Sucking his cum off the other woman’s body when he’s finished or drinking it straight from her mouth.

This sensual, wet, and often messy is a great introduction to the often humiliating aspects of cuckolding. Sharing spit, cum, and your man’s cock with another woman is a phenomenal experience.

The Cuckquean creampie cleanup

The Cuckquean creampie cleanup

Just like with their male counterparts, spunk plays a humiliating role in the female cuckold scene. There is a specific type of Cuckquean whose fantasies centre around breeding play, creampies, and impregnation.

The main thrill here is seeing her husband blow his load inside another woman’s pussy, with the cherry on the cake being the humiliating thought of his impregnating someone else with his ‘superior seed’.

The creampie cleanup is an alluring initiation into this fetish too. It will commonly see an aspiring Cuckqueen patiently wait nearby as her man pounds another woman and fills her pussy with cum. Then, she will assume her position and lap up the salty nectar that drips out.

Whilst breed play can be fun, I cannot stress enough that you should keep it as play. Do not engage in active breeding or risky play that can lead to unwanted pregnancies. Keep your personal life and fetish separate.

Roleplaying as a pathetic Cuckqueen

Roleplaying as a pathetic Cuckqueen

You can’t beat a bit of roleplay. Luckily, the unique aspect of the female cuckold dynamic allows for a lot of sexually rewarding options. One of the most common ways is for a Cuckqueen to pretend that she’s unaware of her man’s infidelity.

Of course, the male will be well aware that she knows. To heighten the level of sexual humiliation involved, he can do several things like leaving used condoms for her to find, traces of makeup and perfume on his clothes, or another women’s panties in his pocket.

Personally, when I was in a Cuckquean relationship back home in Belfast I would leave my man with known harlots or drop sly hints for him to cheat on me whilst I was working away. He was only too happy to oblige.

I had access to the tablet that we both used at home. So I’d check the messages he was sending to fellow whores on Adult Friend Finder and would rub my pussy into oblivion at the fact I was being cheated on and humiliated when I was on the other side of Europe.

When I’d return home, I’d sometimes find his used condoms in the trash. I’d take great pleasure in tonguing the scent of another woman’s pussy from them and masturbating alone, whilst my man was out flirting and doing whatever he wanted with his dick.

The voyeuristic female cuck

The voyeuristic female cuck

Another dynamic to add is to get voyeuristic. Rather than being present during the sex between your partner and another woman, you can be relegated to another room of the house, listen from under the bed, or otherwise.

I have a major kink for listening to others have sex. So listening to the raw sex through an open door and imagining the scene was intense. I’d often play with myself and cum hard when I heard my partner’s dirty talk to another woman degrade me.

You can also blend some roleplay here too. Be at home watching TV when your man comes back with another woman. Feign ignorance when they go upstairs and listen to them fuck each other whilst pretending to be none the wiser.

Be a Domme Cuckquean

Be a Domme Cuckquean

Oh, you thought this fetish was all about submitting and being humiliated? No, sweetheart. The world is your oyster here. If you have a dominant streak, you can easily combine this with the kink.

For a dominant Cuckqueen, her partner and his Cuckcake exist to serve her sexual pleasures. She will pick and choose her man’s sexual partners, set up the dates, and encourage them into bed with each other.

In the bedroom, the Domme female cuckold is in total control. She takes part as hard or as soft as she wants. Nobody cums without her strict permission, and the Cuckcake is only there because she wills it.

Whilst I prefer the humiliated sub role in this scene, turning Domme can be a rewarding experience. Having total power over both your man and a sexually open-minded woman in bed can be incredible! But who said it has to be with a woman?

Turned on by cheating? Expand your sexual horizons!

This next form of play can incorporate the Domme Quean, roleplaying, or simply a bisexual male partner. It involves your man having sex with other men or transsexuals in front of you. Consent and being comfortable with sexuality is vital for this to work.

The roleplaying aspect can centre around your man is a closet homosexual who is more attracted to men than you or perhaps he decides to rub your face in his overwhelming desire for transsexual sluts which is ruining your marriage.

If you’re going down the Domme route, you can arrange gay or transsexual hookups for your man and take an active role as you make him indulge in gay and transsexual sex solely for your pleasure.

And finally, you can make this utterly humiliating. Make your man whisper degrading comments to you as he has sex with another man, clean another man’s cum off his body, or suck a shemale’s cock as he fucks her ass and tells you how much better it is than your pussy.

Real cuckquean training features female chastity

You don’t have to confine your fetish to the bedroom. I would often be assigned a discreet female chastity belt to wear in day-to-day life and even during sexual encounters, too.

Trust me, there are few things as humiliating and sexually frustrating as watching your man fuck another woman whilst your pussy is out of bounds.

I wore one to work a few times. My keyholding partner would then regularly send me homemade porn of him fucking different harlots. Leaving me wet, horny, and unable to do anything about it.

For female chastity belts, there’s an incredible range at the BDSM stockroom. I highly suggest those that incorporate a butt plug into their design if you want to enhance the teasing humiliation they guarantee!

A swingers club can provide the ultimate cuckquean humiliation experience

One of the best places for an intense cuckqueening humiliation experience is a swingers club. Here, your fetish will be respected and more than likely catered for. This is great for greedy cuckqueens who like to see their man fuck multiple women again and again.

At a swingers club in Germany, I used to frequent, some of the regulars gave me a full-on cuckqueen experience for my birthday. My partner fucked as many women as his cock could handle whilst I was on my knees in the corner of the sex rooms.

As a reward, the girls would remove his condom and pour the contents all over my face and body. By the end of the night, I sucked the cocktail of different pussy juices from his balls as other swingers sang happy birthday. Oh, memories!

In conclusion: Where to meet other cuckqueening kinksters?

In conclusion: Where to meet other cuckqueening kinksters?

So, you’ve been pumped full of hot, sticky inspiration. Now you’re eager to try it out yourself. Whether you’re an aspiring Cuckquean, open-minded couple, or a keen Cuckcake, there are a few surefire hookup spots to meet fellow kinksters into this fetish.

  1. AdultFriendFinder – This site has been connecting kinky people for two decades. You won’t have to look far to find an array of people into the Cuckqueaning scene.
  2. OnlySwingers – An independent swinger dating site that connects like-minded sexual beings for casual encounters. There’s plenty of female cuckold couples on here.
  3. Ashley Madison – The notorious dating site for cheating wives, it’s naturally a hotbed for Cuckcakes looking to fuck random guys and humiliate female cuckolds in the process.

To round off, I can say from personal experience that Cuckqueaning is a divine kink to partake in. Provided that you have a strong submissive side, are comfortable with your man fucking other women and enjoy being humiliated.

But of course, this is a fetish that is not for everyone. It requires full communication and a lot of trust with your partner. It might look great in porn but doing it in real life can be very different.

So please, do your research and preparation before taking the plunge. Fantasize about it first, watch cuckqueaning porn together, and ensure it’s something you both want. Otherwise, it could end in tears.

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