The Time I Became a Breakfast Cuckcake For a Naughty Couple in Belfast

With the lockdown situation beginning to ease off, I’ve fired up my hookup profiles on sites like Adult Friend Finder. One day, I got a message from a married man in Belfast whose wife was a keen Cuckquean.

As many of you know, I’ve been in a Cuckquean relationship before and adored the humiliation of it. But now, I was being propositioned to be a Cuckcake for this man and his wife.

“Removing my damp stockings and his wife’s knickers. I took a second to admire them. They were damp with my squirt and glistening with a forbidden cocktail of pussy grool, lube, and her man’s spunk.”

They were an older, swinging couple. He was well built with good looks and was stylish; he also sent photos of his enormous cock, which made my mouth water. After a few messages back and forth, he made an indecent proposal I couldn’t resist.

His front door would be left open, and I would quietly enter while his wife was ‘sleeping’ upstairs. Meanwhile, I and her husband would fuck each other’s brains out in the kitchen downstairs. Little did I know that was far from all that would happen.

Always one for trying new experiences, I was more than keen. We arranged to meet around 7 am on a midweek morning. The meeting would have to be quick, as I was working at 9. A few days later, I was en route to a house on the outskirts of Belfast.

The Taboo Cuckcake Story Begins

Dressed in heels and stockings, I was nude from the neck down but covered it with my favorite black wool coat. I was dressed for easy access to my pussy to make the meeting more efficient and planned to slip into my work suit in the house afterward.

The house was in a leafy and wealthy suburb of the city. As I approached the front door in the darkness of the morning, my heart was pounding. I quietly closed it behind me and discreetly navigated a house I’d never been in before. Finally, I found the kitchen.

In the dawn light, her husband was leaning back on the kitchen worktop, masturbating a long, thick, and shaved cock while spitting on it for lube. His eyes were on fire with lust. No words were spoken, only a like-minded nod. His cuckquean wife was nowhere to be seen.

I wasn’t here for conversation. I slowly slipped off my coat without breaking eye contact. I watched his eyes slowly move toward my freshly shaved and dripping twat. But his vision was abruptly cut off as I dropped down on all fours and crawled towards him.

Cuckquean and cuckcake porn captions

Rudely removing his hand from his spit-covered cock, I looked up and whispered ”thank you” before licking his shaft from base to tip and engulfing it with my warm, wet mouth. As I gagged and bobbed on his member, I regularly looked up to the ceiling and thought of his wife in bed.

“You’re such a slut. Your mouth feels way better than my wife’s. I should have married you instead”, he said as I ruined my makeup on his girthy length. The idea of his wife being humiliated by a harlot in her kitchen sent lightning bolts to my slit.

I wanted to be fucked in this forbidden environment so bad. I hoped his sexually frustrated wife was upstairs rubbing her clit to the sound of a whore caressing her man’s cock. As I bent over the island in the middle of the kitchen, I spotted the fresh laundry basket in the corner.

“Are there any of your wife’s panties in there?” I whispered with a filthy look on my cuckcake face.

This taboo husband didn’t need me to elaborate. He left his erect cock hanging and tiptoed over to the basket to grab a few pairs of his wife’s panties and dumped them on the worktop. I slipped into a lovely pink pair and stuffed an elegant black pair in my mouth.

This was fucking sordid, I thought. The pink panties were roughly pulled aside, and his throbbing dick slid past my cuckcake pussy lips and plunged into me. I moaned into his wife’s knickers and dribbled all over them as he fucked me like he was a man possessed.

I could feel my slit getting gaped as this fat cock slammed into me. Splashes of pussy grool were peppering his wife’s underwear. All the while, he was muttering degrading comments about his other half and how superior my twat was. I was in heaven.

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Switching positions, he lifted me by my waist and planted me on the island in the middle of the kitchen. Pulling my legs back, I gave him deep access to my pussy and tongued the panties gagging me.

Before fucking me, he got down low and buried his face in my cuckcake slit. Tonguing the grool that had built up during Doggystyle, he was lapping at his wife’s panties at the same time and taking in the taste of two pussies at once.

When he finally thrust into me, this position took my breath away. He roughly pushed me back and sucked on my erect nipples. I could feel it building inside me, and without warning, I pushed him back with my petite hands and gushed.

“It’s hard for an educated woman to turn her head off. That’s part of the joy of being a submissive.”

Cherise Sinclair

Rubbing his glistening cock, he stared down as a pool of my juices erupted over his expensive kitchen worktop before slipping his dick back into my pussy, causing sloppy fucking sounds to echo around the kitchen.

“We cook and eat here, and I’m not cleaning that up. I can’t wait to see my wife having dinner around your sticky mess,” he grunted into my ear.

His wife’s pink panties were also drenched too. By now, my pussy was a dripping wet mess. Rubbing my clit through another woman’s panties as she slept upstairs just sent me wild. I lost track of the amount of orgasms I had in the end.

The Cuckcake Creampie

We’d been using condoms up until this point, as I hadn’t been taking the pill to schedule. When her husband expressed his desire to breed a cuckcake whore with his wife in the house, I had another idea.

“Does your frigid wife ever let you do anal?” I whispered. When he said she wasn’t into it, I fumbled around in my handbag for the lube and slathered it on my waiting hole.

The condom was torn off and discarded. I felt the divine feeling of a raw cock pushing its head rudely against my sphincter before sliding inside me. It was a good thing his wife’s knickers were back in my mouth, as his girth was enough to make me scream.

My tight ass was teasing his ballsack, and he started with slow strokes so as not to blow his load too soon. But before long, he was back in action and fucking me like the whore I am.

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I grew bored of my surroundings in the kitchen and wanted to mark my territory all over the house. From the living room to the downstairs toilet, he fucked me in the ass all over the bottom floor of the house.

With my face buried between the cushions of the couch where he and his wife watch TV most nights, I heard his moans grow more rapid. Then, the unmistakable feeling of a creampie filled my cuckcake ass.

I moaned in sync with every rope of spunk that splattered the inner walls of my ass. I tensed my sphincter to drain every last drop of that precious nectar from his balls before he pulled out of me with a satisfying ‘pop’ sound.

To keep the cum in my ass, I used the panties I was wearing as a taboo breakwater. We shared a deep kiss on the couch for a few minutes before I was offered a coffee before I left.

Cuckcakes for Breakfast

Back in the kitchen, I stepped off the used condom on the ground and saw my pool of squirt was now turning into a sticky mess on the kitchen counter. We made hushed small talk about swinging and our experiences on the hookup sites we use.

As he made coffee, I asked which coffee cup his wife used. Again, this guy was very much on the ball and knew exactly what I was getting at. He fumbled around in the cupboard and found it.

Drinking from his wife’s cup and rimming the edge of it with my cuckcake tongue was the cherry on the cake of this sordid escapade. As I prepared to leave, I got myself presentable and dressed in my work suit.

Removing my damp stockings and his wife’s knickers. I took a second to admire them. They were damp with my squirt and glistening with a forbidden cocktail of pussy grool, lube, and her man’s spunk.

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As a final crescendo, I handed him back the panties and told him to make sure she wore them when they dry out a bit. The thought of her wearing this taboo relic of her husband’s infidelity was enough to make me want to repeat the entire session.

In the hallway, I couldn’t resist looking upstairs. There, next to the banister, I could see his wife. She was standing silently in her nightgown with her back to us. I hoped she had been standing there the entire time and heard everything.

A few days later, he told me she had worn said pink panties to work. Over dinner that night, she confessed to him that she had pulled off into a quiet country lane on her lunch and masturbated with her face buried in those sordid knickers.

Funnily enough, I would later bump into the pair at a swingers club in the UK, where we shared our experiences and talked a lot.

We still keep in touch to this day, and all of us are glad of the day we connected on Adult Friend Finder and kicked this divine Cuckqueaning adventure off.

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