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A Dirty Chat With Ireland’s No.1 Goonfluencer

As much as I love my native Ireland, it isn’t exactly a sexual mecca when it comes to smut, sleaze, and kink.

However, we try and make the most of what we’ve got. Our divine Irish pornstars give their all on-screen and never fail to display their hardcore sexual prowess.

So whenever I come across fellow Irish kinksters, I’m delighted. Recently, I discovered The Irish Gooner on Twitter, who is widely regarded as the country’s number 1 Goonfluencer!

“I ended the edging session in the correct way: by swallowing my own load! It’s just so kinky and drives me crazy as a way to finish.”

It’s a title that has been well-earned. This mid-20s porn fanatic has built up a community of over 50 thousand Gooners and regularly sprays our Twitter feeds with an abundance of pure smut!

I was charmed when The Irish Gooner agreed to sit down with me for an interview. Discuss some divine porn topics like:

  • His mouth-watering plans for a Goon cave of epic proportions.
  • The filthiest sexual kinks that he has discovered through pornography.
  • His eye-watering edging record that ended with a mouthful of his own cum!

And much more! So read on to discover the humble story of this Irish Goonfluencer who is putting the porn fanatic subculture on the map!

You’ve been described as Ireland’s No.1 Goonfluencer. Tell us a bit about yourself!

Porn destroys your brain

The name was a bit of a joke in a chat (Credit to Bella), and it kind of stuck. I suppose there weren’t too many Irish Gooner accounts out there, so I saw a gap and decided to go for it.

I’ve been big into porn since my teens. I really got into gooning in the last 3-4 years. I started on Reddit with jobuds, chatting and virtually stroking to porn with other guys who loved porn too.

My love for porn stems from the intensity of it all. The longer you go and the more you edge, the resultant state of bliss is like nothing else.

If you had a filthy genie appear and grant you three porn wishes, what would they be?

My first genie wish would be the ability to analyse people. I’m talking about seeing what they like, what they are like sexually, and how to seduce them. It would be like icons above their heads.

The second would be to have the perfect cock for every situation, so length, girth and endurance would always perfectly match whatever was needed.

The third would be to maintain a banging body, but it would appear to everyone as their fantasy body; everyone would see me differently but to their exacting tastes.

What is the most important advice you could give to new Gooners?

The first piece of advice is to put yourself first. If you need a break, take it. Always put your mental health first. Gooning is great when you are good but can cover up other things if you are not.

The second piece of advice would be it takes time to be a true Gooner and get the most out of edging. There is no rush. Enjoy porn for porn, not just a quick wank; enjoy the journey.

What’s your favourite gooning toy?

I actually don’t use toys, but a fleshlight and prostate toy are on the wishlist. I have tried poppers and must give them another go.

I have a fantasy to get a fleshlight and then double fuck it from either end with a gooning buddy. I also would love to be able to cum hands-free. That is something on my bucket list!

Do you think Gooning has benefited your life overall? If so, how?

In a word? No. Has it harmed it? Maybe a little. Was it worth it? Well, I enjoy it. I allocate it time and give time for other things.

Sometimes I know if I need to be productive, I just need a wank to clear my head and get on with things.

“You feel the horn just build and build. It is bliss. The pre cum starts to leak, which you have to taste. The porn gets better and better. It is hypnotic.”

I mean, Gooning is like everything; good in moderation! You have to know your limits, like when it is good for you and when it is bad.

I think to be a good Gooner, you have to be in touch with yourself. You also need to have respect for yourself and know how to relax.

Do you have a Goon cave?

I haven’t built one yet, but a real ambition of mine. I am hoping to buy a house next year and create one.

I’m also waiting for pc parts, especially GPUs, to drop in price, which will be at least the second half of this year.

My Goon cave will have a big screen tv, a display for sex toys and a few ultrawide monitors. The whole place will be lit with RGB lighting. It will be epic!

What’s the naughtiest sexual experience you feel porn led you to discover?

pornstar skills and gooning captions

The two things are jerk off buds and Dommes. I am hoping to pop my cherry for both in 2022. Hoping the same for orgies and gangbangs too.

The last two years have put everything on hold. A few things that might have worked out just went on pause. 2022 is already looking up.

What was your longest edging session and how did it end?

I think it was over 7 hours. I ended it as all those should by swallowing my own load. It is kinky and drives me crazy as a way to finish an edging session.

You feel the horn just build and build. It is bliss. The pre cum starts to leak, which you have to taste. The porn gets better and better. It is hypnotic.

Do you always edge alone or do you have Gooning buddies?

It is actually a bit of both. Most I tend to do it alone just because of timing. Before the lockdown, I used to do a lot more with others. Just a change in circumstances means I don’t have as much free time.

I really enjoy having someone join me, especially the few regulars, sharing porn and fantasies. I have, on occasion, video chatted too, which can be really good!

Hopefully, 2022 will be the year to meet up with some gooning buds in person!

What’s your favourite porn genre and why?

My absolute favourite genre is double and triple penetration gangbang scenes. Legalporno.com are arguably the leader in this, with some great stars like Kristy Black.

I think the attraction is pure sexuality, just a group of people letting themselves go sexually with very few reservations.

Want to be interviewed by us?

A huge thank you to The Irish Gooner for taking the time to sit down with us and provide a sticky insight into the Pornosexual scene in Ireland.

We’re always seeking unique figures in the kink, fetish, and adult communities to chat to. If you have an interesting take you think we’d be keen to know more about, get in touch with us.

We can create a custom interview that will showcase your kinky talents to a wide audience and increase your following. Just take a look at our recent porn interviews for some more inspiration.


  1. To be a Goonette or a Gooner is pure Bliss. Thank you for this interview, hope our community will grow and grow.
    The Gooner community is real familiy for me, and I’ll be proud to be PUSSYFREE for Porn.
    Irish Gooner your tweets are always a trigger for me, thx again


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