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My Hot Dog Sex At a Sleazy Rest Stop (Bizarre!)

I’m always looking for new sexual guinea pigs with whom to create new true sex stories. If you’re interested in participating in one of my debauched proposals, contact me through my Adult Friend Finder profile and let’s make it happen!

I stopped at the sleazy roadside rest stop for a coffee and a cigarette. I didn’t stop for hot dog sex and a taboo cum facial. But the latter is what I got.

My latest sex confession takes place in the Czech Republic. I was on a work trip driving back to Germany through a fairly rural area known for having a lot of streetwalking hookers.

This was one of the old trucking routes across Czechia. Now bypassed by modern highways, they are largely deserted aside from slow drivers who aren’t in a hurry, hookers, and mongers.

These ”road flowers”, as they’re affectionally called, made the trip much quicker. I drove slowly, admired their blatantly slutty outfits, and watched them disappear with men into the bushes.

“Looking behind me, I saw his foot step on the soaking wet panties hanging around my ankle and crush them into the ground littered with cigarette butts, used napkins, and other trash.”

And yes, I was more than tempted to stop the car, hand over some cash, and bury my face in a roadside whore’s pussy. But I was in a company car with laptops and various documents.

I couldn’t risk it. But little did I know that my constant sexual urges would be quenched in some unexpected and downright bizarre hot dog sex further down the road.

This is a tale of being mistaken for a street walking hooker, the weaponization of fast food, the triggering of porn addiction and hot dog sex. Keep reading if you dare!

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the sex in question. But I’ve broken the story up with pictures of hotdogs, roadside hookers seen on the way, and some fitting hotdog porn. Enjoy!

Welcome to Hotdogger, Whore!

What the fuck is that? I thought to myself as a grimy-looking shack with an enormous fibreglass hotdog stuck on the roof came into view. I slowed to a crawl to take in its tackiness.

It was called Hotdogger. A sleazy snack bar for the few people passing through this stretch of road was empty aside from a young 20-something-year-old cook playing on his phone.

A few hundred metres up the road, I decided to pull into a layby and walk back to this quirky snack bar. The cook was startled when I appeared, having not seen a car pull up.

Street hooker waiting for mongers in Czech Republic
One of the countless street hookers lining the lonely backroads of the Czech Republic.

“Uh… welcome to Hotdogger,” the half-asleep cook stammered in Czech, “what can I get you, miss?”

As you’ve probably guessed, the options at Hotdogger were limited to hotdogs (known locally as párek v rohlíku)!

But these Czech hotdogs are possibly not the type you’re used to, especially if you’re from the U.S. So, to get the gist of this story, I need to explain the wonders of European hotdogs briefly!

You cut a baguette in two, make a deep hole inside and fill it with condiments like mayo, ketchup, mustard etc. Then, you slide a greasy meat pole inside and stick it in your mouth.

That sounded sexual, didn’t it? Well, wait until you see one being made. In particular, the one this horny young Czech stud was kind enough to craft for me.

“A violation of hot dog etiquette.

I’ve worked in the Czech Republic countless times over the years, so I’m naturally conversational in the local lingo. He used this to his advantage and started flirting with me.

He was in shape, confident and handsome. I did not attempt to hide that I was staring at every inch of his body as he made my European hotdog.

Fuck, I could sexually destroy this guy, I thought to myself. But then, he did something so small but triggering to my porn addiction that it made my pussy throb and my legs shake.

“Sauce? BBQ, mustard, mayonnaise?” he asked. I opted for the latter. Don’t judge me. I’ve been in Europe too long!

He added a generous amount of mayonnaise into the deep hole carved into the halved baguette. Then, the long, thick, greasy brown hotdog was taken off the grill.

Exhibit A: The hot dog that started it all.

As the hotdog slid deep into the baguette, the mayonnaise had nowhere to go and promptly began seeping out around the meat and leaking down the bread.

My eyes were fixed on this bizarrely erotic sight in front of me. When I could finally drag them away, I noticed that the cook had his eyes locked on me with a seedy grin on his face.

“D…D… Děkuji (thank you)”, I stammered. Taking the hotdog with shaking hands, I headed to the empty picnic area around the back of the shack to eat. But I wouldn’t be alone for long.

“Hot dogs are meant to be enjoyed – not weaponized.”

As I sat at one of the tables, my appetite had gone. It had been replaced by the familiar feeling of butterflies in my stomach and heavy breathing. My porn addiction had been awakened.

I sparked a cigarette and stared at the mayonnaise dropping out of the baguette that a large, girthy sausage had rudely penetrated.

With a screeching creak, the shack door opened, and I was joined by the cook, who still had a horny grin on his face as we made more small talk, the flirting intensified.

His compliments shifted from my eyes to my plump lips. He may as well have come out and said what he was thinking. After all, I do have great cock-sucking lips.

When I returned the compliments and admired his toned, gym-fit body, he presented his bicep for me to squeeze.

My hands looked tiny around it. I bit my bottom lip, stared into his eyes, and smirked whilst squeezing his hot young body.

The summer heat of Central Europe and the feeling of hot, male flesh in my hands made my cunt throb. It was a hot day, but my pussy was far from dehydrated.

Fuck it. This guy needs me to rail me now. I need to get going, I thought to myself. Luckily, I had the perfect plan to get what my slutty little mind wanted.

Walking over to the rusty coffee machine nearby, I pretended I didn’t know how to work it by tutting and softly saying to myself that these machines never work.

Bending over to peer into the slot where the coffee is made, I made sure my ass was bursting out of my fairly short skirt. When he couldn’t see, I released a few buttons on my white blouse.

My bent-over ass was like a beacon to this horny fucker. He was at my side in seconds, pretending that he had a vested interest in helping me work it.

He placed his hand on my lower back as we perused the coffee options and waited for me to decide. But it didn’t take long for it to start wandering south.

His eyes were cautiously looking for a sign of resistance from me. But every inch his hand progressed, he just saw my smirk growing larger.

When he began rubbing my tingling pussy lips through my soaking wet panties, he knew he was about to have a day to remember.

A Welcome Case of Mistaken Identity

Pushing him up against the coffee machine, he thrust his hips against my crotch. But when I tried to plunge my tongue down his throat, he avoided it every time. Weird, I thought.

He rudely pushed me to an empty table, turned me around, and thrust me down onto it. I subconsciously opened my legs for him to have his way with me.

He yanked my black skirt up and tore my panties down around my ankles in two swift movements. The cool breeze on my glistening wet slit felt immense.

Staring into the trees surrounding the Hotdogger eating area, I felt the cook drop into a squat and spread my pussy lips before launching a ball of spit into my twat.

Please eat my cunt, I thought. I couldn’t wait any longer and thrust my slit back into his face. To my utter disappointment, he backed out. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

“You don’t want to kiss me, and you don’t wanna”, I said over my shoulder whilst flicking my tongue between my fingers to make up for my missing Czech vocabulary. “Don’t you like me?”

“I want to fuck you. But you can keep dreaming if you think I’ll kiss you or eat your pussy.” the cook laughed. “I work here ten hours a day and see what you girls get up to!”

As I lay on my front with my legs spread, he tore open a condom packet behind me. It took me a minute to translate and realize just what he meant. Then it hit me.

Holy fucking shit, I said to myself. He didn’t see my car pull up as I parked down the road. He thinks I’m one of the streetwalkers. My short skirt and heels certainly didn’t help.

I never told him where I was from, so although he knew I was foreign, he probably assumed I was from one of the neighbouring countries or perhaps the Balkans.

My natural instinct was to tell him the truth. But before I could, his latex-coated cockhead was lining up with my leaking slit.

Truthfully, the fact I was being seen as a cheap roadside whore turned me on like crazy. And oh boy, he certainly fucked me like one!

The Cheapest Whore on the Road

He didn’t give me a chance to get used to his cock. It was long and girthy. Yep, this guy did the hotdog business proud!

With one leg on the picnic table, he had total momentum as he smashed into my hungry slit. I gripped the table for support as his big Czech balls smashed into my swollen clit.

Looking behind me, I saw his foot step on the soaking wet panties hanging around my ankle and crush them into the ground littered with cigarette butts, used napkins, and other trash.

It didn’t take long for me to start moaning like the cheap roadside whore he thought I was. When I did, he unleashed a slap on my right ass cheek, making me squeal.

“Shut the fuck up! I see you sluts coming here all the time. But you’re the cheapest and nastiest of them all. I don’t even have to pay you. In fact, you pay me!” he muttered in my ear.

I was beyond turned on. The only thing that could make this better would be for some dirty truckers to arrive and put my other holes to good use.

But the cook had enough fucking power for ten guys. My legs flailed wildly in the trash-covered ground below as he relentlessly pounded my wanting slit.

I accidentally slid along the table with the force of his fucking. My uneaten hotdog that caused this debauchery ended up under my tits and left a smear of mayonnaise on my erect nipples.

When he pulled out of my slit, I took the chance to switch positions. Now laying on my back across the sticky table, I felt my skin stick to the uncleaned surface.

The slats between the wood were the perfect place to lock my heels into and provide full access to my now stretched-out pussy with a touch of bondage.

With another ball of spit splattered across it, he entered me once again. Missionary sex was incredible with him as our dirty talk was now in each other’s ears.

The unwashed greasy chef whites he was wearing crushed against my body as he thrust his hips into me. I was going to cum, and the dirty talk sent me over the edge.

  • “You’re the best guy I’ve had today. Most fill me with cum and leave, but you make me feel special!”
  • “I’m going to come here every day for a coffee. I’m addicted to your cock!”
  • “You should be so proud of yourself giving a cheap, older whore like me a real fuck like this. I don’t deserve it!”

Yep, I was really playing on the fact that he mistakenly thought I was a roadside prostitute! I was fucking loving it. So much so that I felt the familiar force building in my stomach.

Unable to speak, I used the last of my energy to push his body back and erupted in a gushing squirt all over his chef’s whites. It was everywhere. I lay there on the sticky table, quivering.

I opened my eyes and saw the latex condom around his throbbing cock glistening with my juices. To say the sight reenergized me was an understatement.

A Sticky End To My Hot Dog Sex Story

Pulling myself off the table, I dropped into a squat before the young cook. In my heels with my legs spread, I looked like a proper pornstar. I tore off the condom with lustful abandon.

Finally, I had access to his raw fuckmeat without any condom third-wheeling us. In seconds, it was deep down my throat. I could taste my squirt as my lips touched his balls and pubic hair.

The sounds of the odd passing car and tweeting summer birds were rudely drowned out by my obnoxious gagging and his load moaning.

I left no inch of his cock neglected. Stroking it with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. With his meat stuffed down my throat and my eyes bulging, I made myself cum again.

This time, my squirt leaked down onto my already damp and filthy panties and drenched my heels. I’d emptied myself. Now, it was his turn.

Pulling out of my sloppy mouth, he looked down at my ruined makeup and breathless state. I rudely stuck my tongue out like the cheap whore he thought or knew I was.

My blouse now open and blowing in the wind, I was rewarded for my sexual efforts with rope after rope of hot Czech cum all over my face and bare tits.

My body was caked in a sordid cocktail of makeup, spit, cum, mayonnaise, and grease. I was an absolute mess.

“My hands were occupied wiping a ball of spunk out of my eye, so he rudely threw the notes at me. Some fell to the ground, and one stuck to my tit.”

I was still on my knees as the cook shoved his dick back into his pants. He told me there was a bathroom if I needed it, albeit filthy.

He handed me some wet wipes to clean up a bit. Then, something unique happened. He reached into his wallet and fished out about 500 Czech Koruna ($25).

My hands were occupied wiping a ball of spunk out of my eye, so he rudely threw the notes at me. Some fell to the ground, and one stuck to my tit.

“Thanks for that. Hope to see you again,” he said whilst casually walking back into his shack to continue playing on his phone. Incredible. He genuinely thought I was a whore.

The excitement and bizarreness of it all just overwhelmed me. After getting the cum out of my eye, I pulled up my filthy panties, buttoned up my shirt, and headed back to my car.

As I returned to the front of the shack, a middle-aged driver had arrived and ordered some food. He blatantly checked me out and muttered to the cook: ”not bad, eh?”

If only you’d arrived ten minutes earlier, love. I thought to myself.

An Emergency Orgasm Stop

Back in my car a few hundred metres up the road, I tried to process the day’s events on the way to Germany. As I did, it sent lightning bolts to my twat.

On a lonely stretch of road, I pulled over. I stank of cum and sleaze, which triggered me even more.

Plunging my fingers into my freshly fucked pussy, I came in the space of sixty seconds. My screams drowned out my Spotify playlist as I again fed my perpetually hungry pussy.

girl stuffs hotdogs in her pussy in a hot dog sex session

A few hours later at a Czech service station, I took a quick rest stop to buy some Red Bull and threw the 500 Czech Koruna into a charity box at the checkout.

The rest of the drive saw me sitting in a sticky wet patch I’d caused myself. When I reached Germany, I handed the car over to a colleague who was due to take a work trip to France.

“Sorry about the mess!” I told him, referring to two cans of Red Bull and some energy bar wrappers. I neglected the mention the sticky remnants of my roadside debauchery, however.

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Disclaimer: This true sex story is a true version of events that I personally experienced. However, names and dates may have been adjusted to protect the identities of those involved. Also, this story may contain affiliate links whereby I receive a small commission as no extra cost to you for any purchases made through them.


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