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A Dominant Guide to the Hotwife Anklet & Charm Bracelet

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Whilst I’ve never been married, a few of my swinger friends have deemed me an ”honorary Hotwife” when I’ve been in relationships.

As a confessed sex addict, a monogamous relationship is off the cards. So I would often wear a Hotwife anklet to signal my availability to other men.

But even in my single life, I found that I had developed a deep attraction with the hot wife anklet and began to develop an enviable collection.

What I love about them is their ability to look like a discreet piece of jewellery from afar, but with a capacity to reveal sexual desire and kinks on closer inspection.

“A Hotwife anklet tells the world just what kind of woman your whore wife is.”

In this dominant guide to the whore wife anklet, I want to provide you with an understanding of this kink and some incredible Hotwife anklet inspiration from my porn collection.

But first, for those of you who don’t know, let’s cover a Hotwife FAQ.

Hotwife FAQ

For those new to the lifestyle, the concept of a Hotwife may be new to you. But fear not, we’re on hand to explain everything you need to know about this intensely erotic fetish adored by many open-minded couples.

What is a Hotwife?

Put simply; a Hotwife is a married woman who is free to have sex with other men with the full knowledge and often encouragement of their husband.

Whilst regarded mainly as taboo, it’s becoming an increasingly popular kink amongst married couples, and many argue that it empowers women.

What does it mean when a woman wears an anklet?

Generally, it means nothing when a woman wears an anklet. But in the swinging culture, an anklet is used to discreetly signify the whore wife status of Hotwives.

Often featuring anagrams, only people familiar with the Hotwife culture will likely know what the anklet expresses.

Which leg to wear ankle bracelet?

You can wear an ankle bracelet on any leg that feels comfortable. Still, in Hotwife culture, it’s generally worn on the left leg to signal that they’re in a polyamorous relationship.

Bear in mind that a woman with an ankle bracelet on her left leg might not necessarily be a Hotwife at all!

What is the meaning behind a hotwife charm bracelet?

A plain anklet can signify a woman being open for casual sex with other men, but it’s often reinforced with Hotwife charms.

For example, if a whore wife has a kink for black cock, the queen of spades charm is added to her anklet.

If she has a cum fetish, it may have “I heart cum” added. But the varieties of a Hotwife charm bracelet are wide.

Hotwife anklet inspiration

Now we get to the juicy part of the guide! Next up are several incredible pics of Hotwife anklets and charm bracelets that you have to see.

Ranging from cuckold queens to big black cock sluts, this is a formidable array of whore wives who aren’t afraid to show it!

Keys and anklets in a cuckold relationship

A Dominant Guide to the Hotwife Anklet & Charm Bracelet

Naturally, the hot wife fetish goes hand in hand with cuckolding. A wife that likes to outsource her cock addiction and often rubs her husband’s face in it has all the ingredients for peak cuckold sex.

At Whoreuro, we know a thing or two about putting submissive men in chastity. So what better way to begin our celebration of this kink than with this hot wife who has combined keys and anklets as she humiliates her husband in chastity?

Hotwife jewelry for a Queen of spades

Next up is a dominant woman genuinely dedicated to the Hotwife fetish. Her love of big black cock over her husband’s dick is so great that she’s invested in some Queen of Spades jewellery.

But not only that, she’s taken a lifelong commitment to black cock by having the QoS symbol tattooed above her whore wife’s ankle! This permanently signals to Black Bulls that she is available for extramarital sex.

A hot wife anklet for a true slut

This Hotwife in mint green heels squats to rub her pierced pussy until orgasm. Around her left ankle are two blatant examples of a Hotwife’s anklet and a piece of fetish jewellery.

The top anklet brightly brands herself as a slutwife available for sex with Alpha males outside of her marriage.

The bottom anklet is another piece of fetish jewellery reading ‘ATM’. Symbolizing her love for ass to mouth, maybe? Whilst I love her ankle jewellery, those heels are divine too!

The whore wife gang

This is one of my favourite hot wife pics. At a swingers club or fetish party, a gang of girls push their ankles together and display their endless devotion to black cock. They all sport the QoS tattoo to let Bulls know of their kink and their husband’s weakness.

Despite their awesome sexual tattoos, there is a criminal lack of Hotwife anklets amongst these four girls. However, the Hotwife second from the right is wearing one with what looks like the key to a chastity cage attached. That’ll do!

The Hotwife ankle bracelet rules are clear

I love this particular picture of a whore wife anklet and can only imagine what was happening. Perhaps her pathetic cuckold husband politely requested his hot wife’s black lover doesn’t fill her pussy with cum.

His disgusted wife responds by flipping him the bird and reminding him the Hotwife ankle bracelet rules are clear.

This unfaithful wife doesn’t care who knows it

Confidence comes in many forms, but the confidence exuberated by this black cockwhore’s ankle jewellery is next level.

Her solid silver Hotwife anklet tells anybody who looks down that she is a big black cock slut, and this unfaithful wife doesn’t care who knows it.

I love a discreetly thin Hotwife anklet, but this chunky variant is undeniably blatant. I love her disregard for what anyone thinks of her public declaration of her lust for big black cock!

Cuckold takes a photo of a hotwife ankle bracelet

This busty and buxom hot wife decided to make her cuckold husband photograph her to send to her Black Bull to get him riled up for the fucking session planned for that evening.

Her elaborate Hotwife anklet is adorned with various fetish charms signifying her different sordid kinks.

A cuckold anklet in its natural habitat

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you’ll know I adore putting men in chastity. This seductive Hotwife has taken her chastity ambitions to the next level.

As well as sporting a solid silver Hotwife anklet spelling out her chosen fetish, she has also incorporated the key to the chastity lock in her fetish jewellery.

A hot wife anklet on display

This mature slut demonstrates her heavenly legs in the car on the way to a swingers party. Her silver anklet demonstrates her bisexuality and sexual open-mindedness. Of course, all of which topped off with a pair of killer high heels!

Ankle bracelet tattoo

In virgin white stripper heels, this Queen of Spades Hotwife lies on a hotel bed awaiting the arrival of a Black Bull they hooked up with online. To pass the time before the hookup, her cuckold husband takes a photo of her hot legs.

As well as a Queen of Spades tattoo on the ankle, this slutwife has a thick Hotwife ankle bracelet advertising her love of big black dicks. Such a blatant declaration around her ankle likely grabs attention when out and about!

These hot wife ankle bracelet charms tell a story

This is one of my favourite instalments in this article. Wearing see-through pornstar heels, this Hotwife is wearing a QoS anklet. In an intense fuck session with her Black Bull, her cuck husband couldn’t hold back anymore and was desperate to cum.

This is a generous Hotwife. As a reward for staying obediently on his knees as a black dick devoured her promiscuous pussy, he was allowed to edge forward, remove his chastity cage, and empty his balls on her divine feet. A perfect Hotwife tribute!

A lifelong hotwife symbol

The thing with ankle bracelets is that they can be easy to lose! This Hotwife has probably lost her fair share of ankle jewellery and permanently fixed the problem. She’s had an enormous Queen of Spades anklet tattoo permanently inked on his ankle.

Of course, there’s no better way for this black cock slutwife to demonstrate her passion than with this photo. A Black Bull with an enormous cock is ravaging her pussy as she holds her tattooed legs in the air to allow him to get deep. All the while, her cuckold takes photos.

A humiliating whore wife anklet

A Hotwife anklet is only as kinky as the shoes that accompany it. This slutwife knows the rules and has chosen a pair of stripper heels with fake diamonds to complement her chunky and in-your-face Hotwife anklet, demonstrating her status as a big black cock slut.

Hotwife charm bracelet in an adult theater

When I first saw this kinky picture, I took one look at that cheap floor and dirty tiles and knew precisely where this was taken: an adult theatre! This hot wife has ordered her cuckold hubby to get on his knees and take a photo of her seriously erotic heels and equally stunning anklet.

With the silver letters standing out in contrast to her slutty stockings, everybody in this adult theatre will be fully aware that this slutwife is down for being dominated and fucked in all corners of the porn cinema as her cucky records it all.

The best way to wear a hotwife anklet

And finally, we reach our final instalment in this celebration of the hot wife anklet! It was hard to decide which example would take first place, but none could compete with this picture of a redhead Hotwife demonstrating the best way to wear a fetish anklet.

With a QoS tattoo on her pussy, this mature redhead demonstrates her dedication to her black cock kink as she is impaled by an big-dicked bull. On her left ankle, above her pornstar heels, we see a classic Hotwife anklet jingling away.

All of which was captured by her obedient cuckold husband enjoying the sight of his Hotwife being ravaged by an alpha male black man.

A Hotwife conclusion

There is a wide range of fetish jewellery, but the Hotwife anklet is one of my favourites. You can either make your own or buy one online. Whilst discreet public displays of fetishism can be sexually rewarding. It’s essential to be sensible.

For example, don’t wear such jewellery anywhere that could adversely affect your family life or job. For instance, I only wear such jewellery when I’m abroad and far from home.

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