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The Extreme Anal Queen Test: How Hardcore Are You?

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As my ass cheeks were unceremoniously spread, the gangbang attendees peering between my thighs were in an almost hypnotized state as they gazed at the hole most of them had just bred.

A woman’s twat is a powerful tool. However, it wasn’t my cunt they were looking at. In fact, my pussy was off limits during this gangbang; only my ass was open for cock. 

After an onslaught of over 19 cocks, my cum-filled bowels gurgled out of my battered ringpiece. It was a sight that would disgust most upstanding members of society, but not this crowd.

‘’I’ve always wanted to tongue the ass of an Anal Queen,’’ one attendee said between thrusts of his tongue up my cum-glazed sphincter, ‘’it’s the pinnacle of sin!’’ How fuckin’ right he was.

”There are few things that can top the aforementioned orgasm through anal sex, but one of them is feeling your bowels being pumped full of hot sperm in an anal creampie.”

In any journey into debauchery, your asshole should play a prominent role, and I’ve used mine to maximum effect to earn the esteemed title of an ‘’Anal Queen.’’ 

Now, I’m going to teach you how to do the same via this anal quiz that determines how far down the ass-fucking rabbit hole you really are! 

This Anal Queen test is for guys, girls, sissies, and everything in between. If you have a hungry asshole, then this quiz is for you. Now, grab your lube, and let’s get started!

Stage 1: Take +1 Point For Each You’ve Done

It works the same as my other kink tests. For each act you’ve done, you take a point and then count them up at the end to get your result. Let’s start at the tame end of the anal scale! 

You’ve Masturbated to Hardcore Anal Porn

Double anal penetration

The sight of a woman taking a cock in her asshole in a slow, smooth, and sensual way doesn’t excite you anymore. Your taste in anal porn has become far more debauched.

Instead, you prefer to indulge in the sight of women who treat their asshole as though it’s disposable. Rapid fire fucking, DAP, or TAP, if it’s a defiled ringpiece, you’re in the thick of it.

But what started as a form of adult entertainment soon shifted into a different kind of lust. You eventually found your fingers wandering a little further south than they should have been.

You’ve Fingered Your Asshole

‘’Owww!’’ you moan as you experience the bizarre blend of pain and pleasure from a finger sliding into your asshole.

‘’This isn’t for me!’’ you say to yourself, wondering how the debauched whores on screen manage to take cocks bigger than your forearm balls-deep into their balls with a smile.

But lust is powerful, and you persist. Your fingers end up working overtime as the pain and pleasure blend is soon replaced by pure pleasure. It’s a sensation you want to spread to others.

You’ve Played With Another Person’s Asshole

Everything about anal drives you wild, whether it’s an asshole being filled with cum or someone burying their tongue deep in someone’s sphincter. Soon, you crave the IRL experience.

Now look at you, on your knees in the home of some random hookup you met on Adult Friend Finder less than ten minutes ago with your face between their asscheeks. You gorgeous whore.

The feeling of another person’s hole wrapped around your tongue is addictive but not as powerful as the burning sensation in your stomach to upgrade your own anal experience.

Invested in Anal Toys to Further Your Journey

This Review Goes to the Hilt of Funzze's Anal Beads Sword!

You gulped when you opened the package to find your first anal toy in front of you, but it didn’t take long for it to find a warm and welcoming place in your hungry asshole. 

Anal porn hits you differently now. You can’t watch it without slapping a dildo to the ground and riding it hard like your favorite on-screen Anal Queens, and your toy collection is soon enormous.

But while the toys kept your whore asshole satisfied for a while, they couldn’t stop you from another craving developing in your bowels; the lust for a real cock!

Stage 2: Take +3 Points Per Anal Accomplishment

Things are beginning to escalate. Your asshole is changing shape. Every object you look at, you imagine how it’d feel in your bowels. Take +3 points for each of these anal accolades.

Taken a Real Cock in Your Ass

As the cold kiss of lube was slathered all over your asshole, you thought of backing out. You’d only met this guy an hour ago on Ashley Madison, and he was married. But you didn’t stop.

This is what you’d trained for. The sounds of his pleasure in the right confines of your ass made you bite your lip and take every thrust he had to offer in a two-hour anal marathon.

He didn’t even touch your cock or pussy; your ass stole the show. As he pulled out of you and rewarded your battered rump with a slap, you knew you were hooked.

Completed an Anal-Only Challenge

Anal Creampie Cleanup: Eating Cum From Ass After a Gangbang

You feel guilty when you let someone fuck you in the pussy/play with your cock. Your asshole should never be left out. The prospect of an anal-only challenge makes your hole twitch.

You start wearing a chastity cage on your cock or slapping masking tape over your cunt, leaving only your ass as a fuck hole for people to enjoy.

Whether it’s two weeks, a month, a year, or more, completing an anal-only challenge that leaves your genitalia an abandoned, leaking mess is a glorious feat and one that deserves +3 points.

You’ve Cum Solely From Anal Sex

The human body is an incredible thing and can adapt to the most extreme changes, including that of opting for a sex life that relies heavily on anal sex. 

With your pussy/cock abandoned and no way to release the sexual pleasure other than through your ass, the inevitable happens, and you start to orgasm from anal fucking.

Whether you experience the infamous sissygasm out of your cock (which I guide you through here) or involuntarily squirt from your leaking slit, cumming from anal is a game-changer. 

You Let Somebody Give You an Anal Creampie

After pounding your forbidden hole for hours, you can feel his bare and trembling cock is about to erupt. Your legs wrap around his, and he explodes into you at full force.

The feeling sends you cross-eyed, causing your genitals to pour sex juice that pools with the gurgling spunk coming out of your freshly-bred ass. It’s far from your first anal creampie.

There are few things that can top the aforementioned orgasm through anal sex, but one of them is feeling your bowels being pumped full of hot sperm in an anal creampie.

Stage 3: Take +5 Points For Each You’ve Anal Accolade You’ve Committed

Your ass now clucks for attention. You crave being filled and having entire armies of sperm sent to their doom in the infertile landscape of your bowels. But you haven’t yet reached the pinnacle.

Slurped Your Own Butt Musk in an Ass-to-Mouth Blowjob

He’s burned through an entire bottle of lube and almost drained his balls through an all-night fucking session in the depths of your asshole, but it’s still not enough for you.

As he pulls out after another anal breeding session, you eye his defiled cock drenched in lube, stale cum, and the scent of your bowels. You know he still has cum left.

Like a hardcore pornstar, you leap onto his cock and deliver an ass-to-mouth blowjob that revives it and brings it back into action, ready to dump after load into your hungry hole!

Your butt musk tastes fuckin’ good, doesn’t it? You soon realize that you’ll struggle to make it through future anal sessions without sucking the taste of your ass from your lover’s fat dick.

Been Fucked in the Ass by Two Cocks at Once (DAP)

After reading my field report from a visit to the infamous Czech porn studio of LegalPorno and AnalVids, you couldn’t resist the temptation to get fucked by two cocks at once.

It wasn’t romantic. You hooked up with two men you met online, and they had no qualms double penetrating your ass and turning your bowels to mush in a frenzied fuck fest.

You couldn’t even speak due to the sexual carnage. Your ass didn’t know what it hit it; all it did know was that it needed double anal penetration again and again.

You’ve Been Pounded in the Ass on Camera

Your anal prowess made you the talk of the town, and you soon became known as a human Fleshlight for anyone seeking to dump their load in your forbidden hole.

But sex toys and lube aren’t cheap, and your anal addiction was soon interfering with your day job. Instead, you opted to take your anal talents onto the big screen in anal porn productions.

Whether you’ve starred in big-budget flicks that have seen your ass get rearranged or filmed your own amateur anal adventures and posted them online for the world to see, take +5 points.

Achieved an Anal Prolapse

Every queen has a crown, but the one given to bona fide Anal Queens is located between their asscheeks and comes in the form of a prolapsed asshole, otherwise known as an anal rosebud.

The crowning glory of a buttslut comes with her asshole has taken so much hardcore fucking that it becomes a blown-out mess that has the power to disgust non-kinkster normies.

But who wants to impress them? Instead, you take well-earned pleasure in the fact that you’re now part of the upper echelons of anal whores whose asshole bears the scars of debauchery.

Are You Ready to Take Your Lube-Soaked Crown, Anal Queen?

You’ve now reached the end of this perverted test. It’s time to see if you’re a legit Anal Queen or if you still have a long and cum-splattered way to go. Count up your points and find out!

  • 0 – 7 Points – You’re destined for great things, and it’s safe to say you’ll never be one of the prudes whose asshole is closed for fun. However, you still have work to do in order to rank up.
  • 8 – 15 Points – You’ve been gifted with an attention-seeking butthole that isn’t satisfied until it’s filled balls-deep with meat. You get more pleasure out of being fucked in your bowels than you do out of other forms of sex, and you’re destined for anal glory if you work hard enough. 
  • 16 – 24 Points – Behind closed doors, you’re an aspiring anal star who welcomes a plethora of lovers into your most pleasurable of holes. The mere scent of anal drives you sexually wild, so much so that you’ll even suck your own butt musk from a dick fresh out of your ass.
  • 25 – 36 Points – You’re the kind of slut that people get warned about. You’re a legit Anal Queen who wants the entire world to know it. You’ll never be truly happy until your butthole is a blown-out disgrace of its former self, and you’re well on your way to achieving it. Congratulations, slut!

Where do you stand on the Anal Queen test? I and your fellow sluts want to know! Let us know in the comments below and, likewise, if you have suggestions of anal tiers to add to the test!

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  1. Scored 18 points! I could do better tbh. Dying to have a group of men run a train on me raw and blow my hole out. It’s just not an easy thing to have -sigh-.

  2. I only got 12 I thought I was better. But If I substitute real cocks to horny nymphomaniac women with strapons I become an anal Queen! Guess it’s time for the real thing!!

  3. 28, do want to push for a rosebud and tbh my DAP was only for a few seconds as I just had to tap out so must work towards trying that again sometime!!

    • Yep! DAP is seriously hard to pull off, especially getting a momentum going with the right position, although they make it look so easy in porn. However, with the right practice at home I’m sure you can one day tick it off 🙂 x

  4. 20p, 25p if counting dp and tp with dildos. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to try real cocks yet. Longing for a train of cocks taking turn fucking and emptying their precious load in me to swallow after oozing out in a glass.

  5. I remember when I fell in love with ass…it came from reading an article about rimming in a porn mag. After that I always made it a goal to eat a girl’s ass before I kissed her lips, which I did manage a few times. I generally started at her toes and worked my way up to her lips. Since I started crossdressing, I’m loving being the anal princess I used to desire. I sissygasm so easily now, and when I get horny enough I just automatically flip around and put the dildo right into my mouth and shove it to the back of my throat. It’s amazing how natural it’s become to do that. I can hardly think of anything better than bouncing up and down on a cock and then flipping around to finish it off with my mouth.

  6. I have a solid 28 points ! Love anal, especially painful anal. I take a great pleasure and big cumming when I cry at anal fuck. BBC anal gangbang and refugee camp destroy my ass and let me with a an broken ass, so amazing. My owner fuck me so hard, sometimes it’s make me cum on the floor of pain.


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