Femoutsex – The Trans Porn Site That Allows Stars to Opt-Out

It’s important to choose wisely when it comes to starting certain careers. Nowhere is this more important than a career Porn. A common warning about the porn industry is that once you star in your first porno, it’s out there forever. A new trans porn membership site is looking to change that. Its name is Femoutsex.

Whilst a career in porn can be a very rewarding experience, it’s not for everyone. Many people embrace it and grow. But many people decide after their first porn shoot or two, it’s not the career for them. Their erotic performance, however, is already out there regardless. After signing a contract, there’s not much going back.

“If only there was a porn company that gave aspiring young pornstars the chance to turn back and have their content removed if they want!” I hear you shout. This is where Femoutsex comes in.


According to AVN.com, Femoutsex was launched by the porn brand Grooby in June 2019. Primarily a trans porn membership site, it places a particular spotlight on new pornstars from the transgender community.

The hardcore trans porn scenes on Femoutsex are phenomenal. Their productions are always shot in full HD and 4k. Membership on the site allows you to download or stream high-quality trans porn with zero buffering and download issues.

With the great porn content aside, what really sets Femoutsex from other trans porn providers is their policy towards their models. Many of whom are new to the porn industry and still finding their feet.

The site puts the ‘out’ in Femout with its backstage content policy. All new aspiring pornstars who sign up for a shoot on the site have a unique option. They are able to have their content removed completely if they change their mind about porn.

“Femout.xxx has been one of our more recent successes and is a great way for us to introduce new trans models to the adult modeling world and for us to try out new faces with a focus on graduating them to our other sites”

– Steven Grooby, the founder of Femoutsex

This is confined within a certain time period. It allows the aspiring young porn stars to not have their porn scene hanging over them should they decide a career in the industry is not for them.

Whilst the concept is new, the Femout brand is not. Femout.xxx has been running since back in 2015. Between now and then, it has amassed an impressive 380 trans porn models. Many of whom are absolutely stunning. Femout is young, but the larger Grooby brand is far from it.

Grooby Productions Are No Stranger to Innovation

Based in Los Angeles, Grooby productions have been a powerhouse of trans porn for over two decades. The porn company was originally founded back in 1996. It set a precedent with one of its early trans porn websites: Shemale Yum. Well known amongst trans porn connoisseurs as the first transsexual pay site with original content, Shemale Yum marked Grooby as an innovative company.

Set up by Steven Grooby, a film school graduate, the porn company started from humble beginnings. After the initial success of Shemale Yum, Grooby started sites like Ladyboy-Ladyboy. This was the first website dedicated to Thai ladyboy porn. After that, similar sites covering trans women in Brazil, Japan, North America, and Euro Tgirls.


– International Business Times

Over the course of 24 years, Grooby expanded massively. Amassing an impressive portfolio of trans porn sites, DVD lines, forums, magazines. All of which were focused on the niche of transgender porn. Regarding magazines, in 2017 Grooby took over Transformation – currently the longest-running trans magazine in history.

Is the Femoutsex Policy a Good Thing?

In summary, I think this is an innovative and very forward-thinking initiative. It allows people to try the porn industry without fear of making a mistake. One that has the ability to follow them for the rest of their life. Once something goes viral online, there really isn’t much you can do to stop it.

However, the internet is not foolproof. So there is no guarantee that the videos cannot be downloaded illegally before the porn model in question changes their mind. However, the initiative is a positive change to the porn industry. Hopefully, it will serve as inspiration for other porn companies. Kudos to Femoutsex!



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