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Ultimate Guide to the Best Sissification Blog to Learn How to be a Good Sissy

On my sexual journey, I’ve dabbled a fair bit in the femdom scene. One of my favourite aspects was that of sissification. I took pleasure in turning men, particularly alpha males, into slutty whores and teaching them the art of how to be a good sissy and becoming the ultimate whore.

In recent years, sissy porn and the fetish of sissification is becoming rapidly more popular amongst gay, straight, and bi folk. Amongst the fetish scene, it’s also becoming a popular FLR discipline method and femdom domination technique. If you want to impress your mistress or just simply be the best sissy there is, then where do you find resources to find out how to be a good sissy? In this article, we’re going to cover the best sissification blogs there is.

What Kind of Sissy Are You?

Before we jump into covering the best sissification blog that there is, it’s important to find the answer to the question: what kind of sissy are you? Well, in my personal experience there are five common types of sissies. I’m going to briefly break them down and provide a sissy test resource so you can find out what kind of sissy you are.

Ultimate Guide to Best Sissification Blog to Learn How to be a Good Sissy

The first type of sissy is the alpha male sissy. This is often a straight or bi guy who is an alpha in day to day life and dominant with his female sexual partners. However, he has an overwhelming sexual craving to relent his power and control and switch into a female from time to time.

Wherever there is alpha, of course, there is beta. The second type of sissy is the beta male type. This is usually a beta male who gets sexually aroused by losing the power struggle against alpha males. The end result is the beta male transforming into a sissy to devote themselves to the sexual service of the alpha male.

Then, there is the kinky sissy. One of the most simple types of sissies to explain. This is usually a guy who gets a sexual thrill from the transformation into a sissy, as well as an array of other kinky activities, simply because the uniqueness of it all creates an array of sexual sensations.

And last but not least, the gender identity sissy. This type of sissy is often a person who feels like a woman and wants to live their life as such. The sissification fetish allows them to explore their role as a submissive woman prior to designating themselves as a trans person.

Ultimate Guide to Best Sissification Blog to Learn How to be a Good Sissy

Can’t identify with any of the types of sissy on this list? That’s completely natural. It’s very difficult to categorize all sissies into a small group of types. These four types are simply the most common types of sissies I have come across. To find out what kind of sissy are you, then you can take this free sissy test.

How to be a Good Sissy?

Welcome back! So, you’ve figured out what kind of sissy are you. Now it’s time to continue your sissification journey as we delve into our guide to the best sissification blog. This guide features a wide array of sissification resources from the humble sissy chastity blog to the best sissy hypnosis audio.

Sissy Hypnosis Audio

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You can’t beat reading some great sissification blogs alongside some great music, right? Well, I have something better for you to listen to. Something that can teach you how to be a good sissy whilst reading about doing the very same. This is sissy hypnosis audio.

Sissy hypnosis is nothing new. Often consisting of porn that features a rapid porn compilation of women and transexuals being fucked hard and designed in such a way that consensually hypnotizes those watching it to act submissive and feminine. However, you can’t watch porn and read at the same time, as much as I’d like that.

Instead, you can pop your headphones in and listen to some classic sissy Hypno audio on the dedicated audio section of hypnotube. These are some seriously high-quality sissy Hypno audio and is bound to turn you into the cock whore sissy that you desire to be in absolutely no time at all! As an added bonus, Hypno Tube also has a dedicated sissification blog under its stories category.

Sissy Chastity Blog

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Looking for a sissy chastity resource centre? There’s a sissification blog for that! Male Chastity Lifestyle is an incredible site and resource base dedicated to sissy chastity and the benefits of male chastity. It’s also home to a male chastity forum that is full of people sharing their journeys into sissy chastity.

Male Chastity Lifestyle features many epic resources from chastity Stories and orgasm denial stories to chastity porn videos and the women perspective on male chastity. Additionally, it also has a great femdom simulator and a range of BDSM personals for like-minded fetishists to find each other and have fun.

Sissy Hypno Resources

Ok, now you’ve listened to hours of sissy Hypno audio and your limp dick is threatening to become erect and burst out of your chastity cage. You need to see some of the best sissy Hypno to truly turn yourself into a sissy slut. Whilst not strictly a sissisfication blog, Sissy Hypno is an amazing resource of amazing sissy porn to assist you in your transformation.

Featuring Hypno porn submissions from some of the best amateur porn makers out there, this porn tube is home to over 2,000 sissy porn videos. SissyHypno actually has a wonderful porn feature that I love. That’s the timestamp feature that is on every sissyhypno porno. These thumbnails allow you to jump into the smutty highlights off an array of sissy porn and learn how to be a good sissy.

Sissy Training Stories

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As I mentioned earlier, the sissification fetish has been heavily utilized by femdom mistresses for a long time. Luckily for us, some kind Dominas have decided to share their sissy training stories with the world. One of them is Mistress Ayn. A professional dominatrix in Atlanta with over two decades of experience.

On Mistress Ayn’s website, she has a formidable blog that dates back years. When it comes to sissification, it sure as hell isn’t lacking! Her sissification blog features a range of true sissification stories and experiences. It has everything from the journey of a chastity slave to some mouth-watering stories from her sissy mansion events.

Sissy Hypno on Reddit

As I always say, if there’s a fetish then there’s an NSFW Reddit for it. Of course, sissy Hypno is no exception. Whilst not a blog in the traditional sense of the word, sissy Hypno on Reddit is a phenomenal resource of sissy captions, sissy porn, and stories of sluts in their transformation into a cock whore.

Additionally, the Sissy Hypno subreddit features sissies and alpha male masters posting personals for casual or long term hookups. So this resource offers you the chance to upgrade from your porn fetish and make it happen for real, either by becoming the sexual servant of an alpha or being the sexual master of a sissy bitch.

Online Sissy Training Program

Ultimate Guide to Best Sissification Blog to Learn How to be a Good Sissy

Whilst primarily an online sex shop selling sissy sex toys and feminization accessories, Sissy Lover is home to not only a phenomenal sissification blog that covers everything from cum eating to male chastity, but it’s also home to a phenomenal sissy training program. The best thing of all? This online sissy training is free!

Aptly named ”The Sissification Academy” this online training too by Sissy Lover is seriously helpful. It covers sissy training in various areas of the fetish dynamic from
Step by step Feminization and Weekly conditioning to sissy challenges to undertake as well as kinky and supportive teachers who can help you in your sissification journey.

The sissy school is designed to help you embrace being a sissy. Over time, it aims to begin transforming prospective sissies into beautiful, subservient sluts all through the help of experienced and professional sissy trainers and mistresses.

The Best Sissy Blogspot to Learn How to be a Good Sissy

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For reasons I can’t understand, there are tonnes of examples of a great sissification blog that are all hosted on Blogspot without a domain name. Despite their lack of overall professionalism through the missing domain name, it would be wrong not to feature a great sissy Blogspot. My favourite is the wonderfully named Sissy Factory.

This Sissy Blogspot describes its main aims as inspiring you with new sissy ideas and training methods to transform you into the ultimate sissy you aim to be. The site will play with your sexual fetish and manipulate them until you realize that it’s too late to go back and you’re now a fully-fledged sissy slut.

The Sissy Factory is home to an array of mind-bending sissy Hypno and sissy slut porn that you can enjoy on your journey into becoming a whore. There is truly some great sissy smut on here and easily my favourite sissy Blogspot, hence its feature on this guide on how to be a good sissy.

My Favourite Sissification Blog

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Sissy Things is a site run by the alluring translesbian sissy named Jordyn. Despite just being three years old, Sissy Things has grown into a seriously amazing resource site for sissies around the world. It’s home to many long articles covering everything from the sissy mindset and feminization advice to sissy chastity and sissy fashion.

Similar to my journey into building Whoreuro, Sissy Things started as a place to post her collections of sexy sissy photos. But after posting one article after another, it soon grew into a phenomenal blog of sissy resources that can provide phenomenal help in your journey on finding out how to be a good sissy.

Don’t worry, the sissy photos collection hasn’t gone anywhere and every Wednesday, Jordyn uploads one of her favourite sissy photos or sissy art. Trust me, she has good taste in sissy porn.

Recommended Sissy Hookup Site

Now you have an abundance of sissy resources that will teach you how to be a good sissy, your next step is to get out there and service some alpha cock. So to round off our ultimate sissification guide, I want to give you a recommended sissy hookup site that’s used by sissies and admirers alike.

The Trans version of Facebook is home to a huge adult dating community of the XXX variety. Amongst the straight, bi, and gay men and women on the site are an abundance of transgender folk and sissy sluts. Wherever you are in the world, Trans Fuckbook is bound to have a willing sissy or well-hung admirer near you.

The site is simple to use and essentially acts as a XXX version of Facebook. You can sign up for free through my referral link, which means I get a small commission when you do.

Related Learn How to be a Good Sissy Blogs

And there you have it, Whoreuro’s ultimate guide to the best sissification blog for you to learn how to be a good sissy. I hope this article has provided you with the inspiration, assistance, and guidance you need on your sissy journey. If you have another sissification blog that you feel deserves a place on this list, then drop your suggestion in the comments below!


  1. Deseo iniciarme y estoy decicida. Necesito instructores o/o instructoras. Mi whastssp + 57 31929083seventwo. Estoy urgida

  2. I’m not looking for sissy training, but sissy acceptance. I’m willing to relearn how to be around dominant friends, and wear my humility on my sleeve, but how can I know if my “friends” are able to accept me, I’ve been masking for so long.


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