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An Alluring Nuru Massage Near Me Leads to Retro Perversium in Odessa

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Like Catherine and many other readers of Whoreuro, I class myself as a worldly kinkster. I derive great pleasure from sampling the erotic delights of various countries worldwide.

I often seek anything from Gloryholes to a Nuru massage near me, searching for my latest sexual thrills. It’s the latter that will be the topic of the tale I’m sharing with you today.

In January of 2020, I found myself in the Eastern European country of Ukraine for the first time. But rather than the capital city of Kiev, I was based in the Black Sea city of Odessa. Often referred to as a ‘city of sin’.

It’s a title that the Black Sea port city has well and truly earned. It’s been a thriving holiday resort for centuries. Over the years, the locals have been well aware of the lucrative nature of sex for visiting tourists, sailors, and soldiers.

Sex and Odessa often go hand in hand. The city streets at night are a magnet for streetwalkers and mongerers. The hallways of Odessa hotels are constantly ringing with the moans of casual sex until the early hours of the morning.

But whilst I fully intended to sample the erotic delights of Odessa, I fancied something far more unique than what most go after. Luckily for me, I well and truly found it in the form of a mind-blowing Nuru massage near me.

“I felt the soft impact of her huge MILF tits on my back. She leaned in close and tongued my ear before dragging her breasts down south. Reaching my ass, she ensured a pierced nipple dragged down the middle of my crack sending chills across my body.”

My reason for being in Odessa was to conduct an erotic photoshoot with some local models. Thankfully, this was an ideal way to get on-the-ground information on the local sex scene.

Like all of us, I like to stay on the right side of the law when abroad. So I was disheartened to find out that traditional brothels and whorehouses were illegal in Ukraine, despite being widespread anyway.

But then, one of the local models in the photoshoot suggested a local Nuru massage near me, where she formerly worked. As she rubbed cum off her nude Ukrainian tits after the shoot, she explained that although it is intensely erotic and a brothel, it’s entirely legal and extremely cheap.

The reason being is simple. No penetrative sex takes place, only a nude sensual massage (B2B) and a happy ending. Sounds pretty tame, right? Well, the Ukrainians are an innovative bunch. What I found there seriously blew me away.

Back alley tales from the erotic massage parlor nearby

Curiosity got the better of me. After the photoshoot, I headed back to my hotel to freshen up before heading out onto the cold streets of Odessa for the short walk to the erotic massage parlour nearby.

Old school courtyards and back alleys define this Black Sea port. Once the haunt of the Odessa Mafia, they’re now primarily residential areas or, in this case, the location of an erotic Nuru massage parlour.

I arrived at the address and was greeted by a formidable steel gate; I rang the buzzer to enter. Meanwhile, I hoped passers-by weren’t fully aware I would get a sleazy rub and tug. The gate finally opened, and I walked into a dimly lit Odessa courtyard.

The erotic massage parlor was located in an old 19th-century brick building tucked into the corner. There were lots of cheap and well-used towels on a mixture of old school washing lines outside. I’d indeed found the place.

As I rang the doorbell, I heard the sound of high heels approaching the door. As it opened, the warmth of the building hit me, along with the scent of massage oil and perfume.

“Come on in!” the petite blonde girl at the door purred with a smile. She was wearing a dark robe, high heels, and stockings. I could smell her sweet perfume as I slid past her into the tight hallway, and she locked the door behind me.

Inside a Ukrainian happy ending brothel

I was asked to take my shoes off at the door in typical Eastern European fashion. As I untied them, I found my face inches from the black slutty heels caressing the tiny feet of the girl who let me in. She looked to be about 20 years old.

I was given some flip slops and led into a warm and cosy waiting room. The walls were adorned with erotic art, a widescreen TV played hardcore porn, and on the coffee table in front of me were brothel menus advertising the services and prices in Russian. Stuff like:

  • A standard Nuru B2B massage with an “erotic finale”.
  • Four hands massage with two naked women. The finale of this consisted of face sitting combined with a handjob.
  • Dominatrix experience with a trained Mistress that had various levels from beginner to extreme.

What first hit me were the prices. Aside from a 30 thirty quickie special, most massages were 1 hour long. A standard Nuru massage was around $18, and the Dominatrix experience was about $35. I assumed the price would rise when it came to ”extras”.

I decided on the standard Nuru massage and waited for a couple of minutes for the girl to come back. Just enough time for me to peruse the erotic reading material on the coffee table in front and curse myself for only knowing basic Russian.

Then, the door opened. In walked a gang of post-Soviet whores that made my heart flutter. There was something for every taste, from twenty-something rebellious types with face tattoos to cock-hardened whores in their late forties.

Not all were Ukrainian either. Some of the girls looked like they hailed from the former Soviet Republics of Central Asia. The choice of the girl or girls was down to me, the customer. But there was only one I truly desired.

I opted for the standard Nuru service with a slim, blonde Russian-Ukrainian MILF with big hanging natural tits that were poorly concealed by an ill-fitting silk robe. The other girls left, and she and I headed up a creaking staircase to the massage rooms. No upselling at all.

This Russian mom looked like she had been in the sex trade for years. She had challenging but inviting Asiatic eyes. She looked like she certainly knew her way around a cock, but took no shit in the process.

Watching her slim MILF ass sway up the steps in front of me was making my cock hard already. Luckily, she knew what to do with it. I could never have predicted what happened next when I first began seeking out a Nuru massage near me.

The Nuru massage sex that I’ll never forget

The relatively large massage room centred around a massive mattress in the centre. The walls were illuminated with sleazy red neon of retro perversium and decorated with the kind of tacky erotic art which I love.

We shared some small talk in broken Russian and English. She was a Russian Ukrainian from one of the war-torn regions in the East of Ukraine and had come here to escape the situation there and find work as the sex trade was far too dangerous in Donetsk.

After undressing and taking a shower, I was invited to lie down on my front as a mixtape of erotic Russian music began playing. Behind me, I could hear a bottle of oil opening, followed by the soft scrape of silk on the skin as this Russian MILF disrobed herself.

As the warm oil splashed on my back, her soft hands began relaxing my muscles for a good ten minutes. She neglected not one inch of my arms, legs, neck or back, and I was soon ecstatic just from her fantastic massage skills.

She placed a big emphasis on my lower back, thighs, and ass. As she did so, her fingers would rudely wander and rub around my balls, asshole, and my throbbing member. I was genuinely worried I would cum hands-free from the tension.

“The first inhabitants of Odessa were soldiers, sailors and foreigners from all over Europe. Professions inseparable from whores. And any port city has always been a place of depravation.”

– The Odessa Journal

I made no secret that I was gazing at her divine MILF body in the mirrors around me. Her tits were exceptional. Big, bouncy, and natural whilst topped off with two chrome nipple piercings.

She was the strong but silent type, not just because of my awful Russian. She hardly said a word but knew exactly how to take the initiative. As my cock throbbed, what she did next was the first test.

Suddenly, I felt the soft impact of her huge MILF tits plant themselves on my back. She leaned in close, tongued my ear and whispered something dirty-sounding in Russian before dragging her breasts from my shoulders and down to my ass.

Shifting to the side slightly, she ensured an erect nipple slid directly down the centre of my ass. Chills shot to every corner of my body as she continued this for five minutes or so. Then, she asked me to turn over.

Ukrainian sluts know how to give a happy ending

Now lying on my back, I got my first proper look at this nasty MILF in all of her nude glory. Standing dominantly in front of me, her hard eyes fixed on mine. She rubbed another dose of oil all over her boobs.

Her middle-aged thighs then straddled my body as the Nuru massage continued on my front. Her gigantic tits were now rubbed sensually in my face as my cock stood like a flagpole. Before I could have a chance to suck them, the tits disappeared down my body.

Compared to the sensation of her tits rubbing against the nerve endings in my back, the frontal session of this Nuru massage near me was equally intense. Her nipples rubbed against mine as she did circles around my upper body.

She then reached the elephant in the room. She moved back slightly and ensured her tits made enough contact with my dick to ensure maximum intensity without risking me cumming.

She then sat opposite me and stroked my cock with her tiny, oil-covered Russian feet. Her red-painted toenails looked fantastic on either side of my quivering length. With her legs spread, I got my first good look at her meaty MILF twat staring back at me.

Inside a Ukrainian brothel where I enjoyed a Nuru massage near me

A phenomenal sight indeed. Don’t get me wrong. But I could feel the spunk bubbling in my balls. To buy me some time, I asked if I could suck her tits. Honestly, for the price, I expected her to upsell. But was pleasantly surprised when she slid up and lay beside me.

Caressing my head, she buried my face into her tits and left me to suck away to my heart’s content. They folded in my hands like play-doh, and my mouth sank into her pierced nipples as I sucked as a man possessed whilst gazing down towards her crotch.

As I did, this Ukrainian slut spotted my wandering eyes. She spread her legs and lifted one in the air without saying a word. Her exposed slit just sent me wild. I had to cum, and my one hour was fast approaching.

Now tired of my broken Russian, she picked up her smartphone and opened the translate app. I was presented with two choices. A standard handjob until completion or an oiled up thigh job. Penetrative or oral sex was forbidden.

The thought of spraying her divine tits with cum was tempting, but I went for the thigh job, despite not being fully aware of what it was. Thankfully, she took the initiative to put her phone away and picked up the massage oil.

The Nuru massage near me comes to a slippery finale

Bending over in doggy style, I peered at her well-fucked pussy as she got herself ready. She applied a hearty dose of oil to the inside of her thighs before pressing them together. “Davai!” (let’s go) she said with a smile whilst pointing towards her freshly made fake pussy.

I was amazed. This place exists so brazenly because it exploits a loophole in the law. It’s not penetrative sex, but it’s as good as your going to get. The whole thing made me horny as hell.

I wasted no time and slid my cock through her thighs. She had applied so much oil that it glided through like butter. In the wall mirrors, I saw her looking back at me with her big tits hanging low beneath her.

I told myself I’d take it slow and try to last about ten minutes. But I keep it honest; I pumped away for a good two minutes before I lost control. But have sympathy on me, I spurted for a good reason.

This fake thigh pussy felt mind-blowing. The oiled up, freshly shaved legs of this Russian MILF felt just like a real pussy. I was handling it well until I made eye contact with her in the mirror, and she flashed me a devilish look.

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Leaning on one shoulder, she threw both of her hands back and pulled her asscheeks apart. As I looked down at her audacious asshole looking back at me, I tried to look away only to see her flicking out her tongue in the mirror.

Before I knew what was happening, ropes of cum were let loose. Spraying the towel beneath me as well as the underside of her tits. Amidst the hum of the background music, I could hear her release a proud chuckle at how hard she’d made me cum.

I lay exhausted as she wiped up the cum from her body before she invited me to the shower. For a tip of my choice, it was optional to shower with her. Despite my post-cum daze, I took her offer.

Having a post-orgasm rub down from a dripping wet MILF was the cherry on the cake to this incredibly erotic experience. I tipped her $25. After receiving a warm farewell and a kiss on the cheek, I was back on the streets of Odessa and on the way back to my hotel.

I certainly didn’t regret my search for a Nuru massage near me, nor was I disappointed by what I found. It certainly wasn’t my only visit. After all, I had an entire menu to sample. But that’s another story for another day.

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