5 Old School Erotic Games Worth Checking Out!

It’s safe to say that we live in an era where porn fans have never had it so damn good. Nowadays, all we have to do to access a global library of hardcore smut is pull out the phone in our pocket, open up our laptop, or even cast it on our TV to get the porn cinema experience from our own homes!

But it does us porn fanatics good to go back to our roots from time to time. As a girl who loves everything retro, there are few things I love more than taking a sticky trip down memory lane to enjoy some old-school erotic games that kept me entertained while I took a break between Gooning sessions back in the day.

When I recently came across the old-school XXX gaming platform Erotic Games, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I remember gaming on this back in the Noughties when the likes of Gianna Michaels and Kelly Wells were in their prime. On my current day revisit to the site, I was more than impressed by the selection of adult gaming experiences on offer.

Now, join me on a trip down memory lane as I take you across this site’s portfolio and introduce you to some of the erotic gaming titles that kept my pussy energized over the years. Let’s get started!

Before They Were Boob Jobs

As you all know, I’m something of a connoisseur when it comes to pornstar tits. I adore all forms of boobs, whether they’re fuck doll-style silicone implants or big ol’ naturals that swing beautifully.

But, sometimes, it’s good to put my knowledge of porn boobs to the test, and the quizzes offered by games like Before They Were Boob Jobs are the perfect way to do it!

From Kelly Brook to Jenna Jameson, this game tests your knowledge by exploring what porn icons and adult actresses looked like before they had their boobs done. It’s a great way to see how much porn has transformed your favorite adult icons, and the erotic transition that this game reveals is immense.

Of course, it also has that semi-retro online game vibe and feels like you’ve been transported back to the Noughties when you’re playing it!

Black Ice Hardcore Playing Cards

I fondly remember the days when men used to play cards with decks of nude playing cards adorned with explicit images of women doing naughty stuff. Hell, maybe that’s where my love for porn originally began?

Nevertheless, I was overjoyed to see these card games haven’t faded into history and have now been given a new lease of life in a digital format.

Black Ice Hardcore Playing Cards is an online erotic card game that’s a prime example. This game lets you go ‘’all in’’ in more ways than one and welcomes you into virtual card games where each turn sees some of the hottest ebony pornstars of the Noughties pop up on your screen, all of whom are doing some uniquely filthy things on each card. 

Let’s Fuck: The Dice Game

Next up, we have a game that really gets to the point with its name. It’s called ‘’Let’s Fuck,’’ and it’s one of the few old-school XXX games that couples can play. The premise of the game is straightforward and sees many sex acts suggested whenever players roll the dice.

Whatever the game suggests, the couples playing it are encouraged to follow. From deepthroating to pussy eating and deepthroat to anal, there’s a tonne of adventurous suggestions to be explored, and you never know what the game will throw your way next.

It’s fair to say that this is the kind of game where there are no losers, just a wild night of fun and sexual exploration in an old-school format that will take you on a cum-soaked trip down memory lane. It’s a great fuckin’ game, literally!

A Girl’s Night Out

Whenever I’m getting ready for a night out, I choose my outfits very carefully to ensure that I look as fuckable and downright irresistible as possible. From audacious high heels to miniskirts that are so short that theyre hardly worth wearing, anybody who looks at me knows that I’m down to fuck.

But not everybody was fortunate enough to be born a woman, yet they still crave how it must feel to dress up like a slut for a girl’s night out. This is where old-school porn games like ‘’A Girl’s Night Out’ come in to save the day.

The erotic video game for adults gives you a fly-on-the-wall insight into a woman’s bedroom as she gets herself ready for a big night out with her friends. You have full access to her wardrobe and can dress her up modestly (ew!) or as slutty (yay!) as you like. However, pick your outfits wisely because if something doesn’t match up correctly, you must start all over again!

Sexy Tetris for Adults

Tetris was a groundbreaking force in gaming and laid the foundations for today’s gaming world. However, Tetris is far from outdated these days despite the wealth of high-tech gaming experiences that cast a shadow over it. The reason is that porn-fuelled game enthusiasts have revamped the game in a very kinky way.

Take Sexy Tetris as a prime example. This game gives you all the fun of Tetris without the boring stuff. With each successful puzzle you complete on the Tetris side of the screen, the other side undresses a slutty blonde pornstar for you to feast your eyes over. 

For many people, Sexy Tetris is the ultimate test, as you’re forced to keep your eye on the game while also trying not to drool over the increasingly naked slut on the other side of the screen. Good luck!

Old School Erotic Games Are Far From Over!

It warms my heart that, in an era of highly advanced and immersive smut like 4K porn and live sex cams, old-school porn games still hold a warm place in the hearts, cocks, and pussies of adult entertainment fans around the world. 

The guide to five unmissable retro adult games on Erotic Games has only touched the tip of the iceberg, too. There’s a lot more where that came from!


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