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When Pornstars Brought Their Moms to Set!

In years gone by, having a porn career was frowned upon, taboo, and seen as something disgraceful by vast swathes of society, particularly the parents of the porn talent taking part.

But now, as Pornosexuality grows and the population becomes ever more sexually liberated, a lot has changed. 

So much so that we’ve even multiple members of one family enter the industry, with seen legit mother-and-daughter pornstar duos on the scene as well as real pornstar sisters.

Of course, none of them play together because that would be just plain wrong, but it is a sign of changing times and attitudes towards Porn. 

”Coco’s reward comes in a mammoth Dredd cumshot, but it’s not enough for her, and she asks to borrow someone’s phone to call her mom and tell her that she finally defeated Dredd’s BBC.”

‘’Pfft, Catherine! Just because there’s a handful of mom and daughter pornstars out there doesn’t mean there’s a pro-porn shift amongst the parents of pornstars!’’ I hear you say.

No? Well, prepare to be proven wrong because today, I’m going to take you on a journey and show you the times when pornstars brought their parents face first into their XXX careers.

Now, prepare to see the term Porn Mommy in an entirely new way, and let’s look at some crossovers pornstars have had with their parents on set.

Coco Lovelock’s Mum Used to Drop Her off at Porn Shoots

‘’Did you know that the last time I was here, my mom dropped me off?’’ Coco said with spunk dribbling onto her 18+ teen tits and red eyes synonymous with hardcore fucking.

If you haven’t met Coco Lovecock yet, it’s time to do so. She looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but she can make a fuck stick melt quicker than ice cream on a hot summer’s day!

Ah, Coco Lovecock! This adorable 18+ teen pornstar is only 4′ 10″ (1.47 m) tall and still tried to take the notorious big black cock of Dredd in her tight, white pussy, only to be forced to tap out.

A porn career is going to have its ups and downs, and this was definitely one of the latter. Coco Lovecock’s tiny body just wasn’t ready for Dredd’s gigantic black fuck meat, as you can see here.

As her mom dropped her off at the shoot and picked her up, she no doubt gave her empowering words of encouragement on the way home and told her to up her skills and try again.

This pornstar’s mom would give her the motivation she needed to try again, and she wasn’t finished with Dredd’s BBC yet. Later on, she would thank her mom in a very inappropriate way. 

But more on that shortly!

‘’Your Mom’s Sitting There in Shock, But…’’ The Notorious Mia Malkova Mom Scene

‘’Wow, I’ve never had someone’s mom drop them off before!’’ said the porn producer when 19-year-old Mia Malkova showed up to one of her first porn shoots with her mom in tow.

At the time, Mia was using the initial stage name, Madison. Mia’s mom had dropped her off at her “modeling shoot” and decided to stay on set to support her.  

However, Mia hadn’t been fully upfront about what work was involved, and the producer had to awkwardly explain what would be happening to her shocked mom: full nudity and sucking dick.

Regardless, Mia’s mom decided to hang around and watch, even when the first piece of fuck meat came out on camera, leading to Mia’s dick-hungry tongue hanging out with lust. 

Mia Malkova’s mom sits there in shock with her car keys still in her hand, as if ready to bolt, but she can’t stop herself from watching her daughter show off her stunning blowjob skills.

‘’How deep can you go?’’ the producer asks before Madison makes 90% of his fat porn cock vanish down her throat, leading to her mom no doubt wondering, ‘’Where did she learn that?’’

Although then a fresh-faced porn newbie, Mia had the telltale signs of a true nympho. Her love of cock and cum was clear, and she wasn’t awkward at all, despite her mom sitting behind her.

As Mia opens her mouth and inevitably welcomes his cum deep down her throat with a gorgeous smile and fierce eye contact, the awkward scene fades out and comes to a close. 

Nobody knows what was said between Mia Malkova and her mom after the scene, but the rest of this iconic pornstar’s career is history. Hey, maybe you can ask Mia on her OnlyFans page!

When Coco Lovecock Refused to be Defeated by BBC, She Called Her Mom to Tell Her She’d Won Round II!

Lovecock had tears in her eyes following her first defeat to Dredd’s big black cock, and for more reasons than one. But you can’t keep a good whore down, and she soon returned for more!

Dredd is said to have the biggest cock in porn, yet Coco wasn’t going to take this defeat lightly and soon returned for another run at this gigantic piece of fuck meat in a Jules Jordan porno.

Dredd’s pornstar dick looks bigger than Coco’s head as she almost suffocates herself, trying to deepthroat it. Then, it proceeds to push inside of her fuck hole in a divine reverse cowgirl fuck!

If you want to see prime 18+ teen pussy stretched beyond all recognition while she releases the kind of porn screams that can’t be faked, this is it. It’s a porn accolade Coco should be proud of.

Coco’s reward comes in a mammoth Dredd cumshot, but it’s not enough for her, and she asks to borrow someone’s phone to call her mom and tell her that she finally defeated Dredd’s BBC.

‘’Mom! Today I shot with Dredd, and I was finally able to take his fuckin’ dick!’’ Coco exclaims proudly before handing the phone to Dredd so he can confirm how well she took his dick.

The sight of her beaming smile of pride is enough to warm your heart, especially when combined with the ropes of hot jizz oozing from her chin as she spills the news to her mom. Check it out here!

When Sophie Dee Called Out Her Mom on a Porn Set

Sophie Dee is an iconic porn name we all know well at this point. This Welsh harlot stole many men’s lust when she appeared on camera with her divine milkers and insatiable sex drive.

However, a lot of Porn fans are unaware of a particularly taboo Sophie Dee scene that was shot early in her adult career and saw her explicitly call her mom out on camera. 

The scene was Gangbang Auditions 21 and saw an aspiring Sophie Dee take on a plethora of cock with the mission of making a name for herself in Porn, and things get wild. 

Sophie lacks the giant tits she is known for at this point, but she is still a lioness in the scene. However, it’s the opening scene that manages to shock viewers before the fucking even starts

‘’So, what got you into porn, Sophie?’’ The porn producer asked as she spread her legs playfully, ‘’Erm, my mom. She was a prostitute. I’m just trying to be a better whore than her!’’

Airtight fucking, loud gagging, and some genuinely wrecked holes, Sophie Dee is insatiable, and performances like these saw the sordid foundations of her porn career laid. 

Sophie finishes by milking every man in the room onto her face and in her mouth in a Bukkake finale before offering the cameraman some strings of stray cum, which he politely refuses.

Dee began the scene confessing she wanted to outdo her whore mother. She finished surrounded by cock, blew a cum-soaked kiss to the camera and said, ‘’Bye, mom! I love you!’’

The scene was shot ages ago but I was overjoyed to see that it was recently remastered via AI. You can watch it in all of its HD glory, here.

There are Some Pornstars Who Redefine the Term Porn Mom!

For most people, the idea of knowing your mom has an insight into the nasty kind of stuff you do when a dick is put in front of them is enough to make them shudder.

But the porn industry has proven that there is an elite tier of whore out there who don’t give a fuck about conventional taboos.

They’re kind who will call their moms up to tell them about the huge dick they’ve just conquered or even get them a backstage pass to watch their blowjob skills in action.


  1. There was a girl who brought her mum to a FA shoot, her mum held her hair back during it and then of course the Sexxtons..praise the mums leading the way!


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