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Funzee’s Orgasm Monster Pro: Does It Live Up to Its Name?

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After a long pause, the time has finally come once again for me to test out some new sex toys that were freshly added to my collection.

I hope that you’re excited to hear all about it because I sure am very excited to test them out. Some might say they all do the same stuff, and purchasing new and new ones is pointless.

However, I always wondered how people have one toy and that’s all they need for years. I, on the other hand, have a box full of them, and I’m far from satisfied. Which person are you?

Even though they might have the same result, the question is, how does each toy reach that result? Does your orgasm creep in slowly, or does your clit explode the second it touches the vibrations?

After each orgasm I get, I get needier in regards to how I want it to go down, and let’s be fair, each moment calls for something different. It all depends on our mood and vibe. 

”My pussy was a mess, sweat, my cum, his cum, it was all leaking down my legs.”

Today, my vibe was a little exhibitionist ever since I saw my neighbor peeking through his window and staring at my naked body as I was dressing up after my morning shower. 

Usually, I don’t like people seeing me this exposed when I wasn’t about to fuck their brains out, but I have to admit that looking into his thirsty and horny eyes made me quite wet.  

This meant only one thing: it was time to take Funzee’s Orgasm Monster Pro out for a spin, a toy that had arrived on my doorstep that very morning. But first, what is it?

What’s the Orgasm Monster Pro Designed For?

Each sex toy is unique, and it’s designed for different situations and moods. Taking Funzze’s Orgasm Monster Pro out of its box pleasantly surprised me. 

Initially known just as the Orgasm Monster, this toy was the updated version, which Funzee claims is “biggerlonger, and stronger.”

I was expecting a chunky clit-pounding beast, but instead, I got my hands on a delicately designed toy that fitted perfectly into my small female hands. The only giveaway of its power was its sleek black color.

Aside from its original tip, the toy came with extra two exchangeable and flexible tips aimed at hitting all three of your sweetest spots – stimulation of the G-spot, the clit, and the nipples. 

I also liked that it came in a beautiful satin-gold bag with the Funzee logo on the front. What better than a black and gold combination for a classy sex toy like this?

I, on the other hand, would be looking far from classy by the time I finished taking this toy for a ride. Keep reading to find out why!

Did I Get the Monstrous Clitoral Orgasm I Was Promised? 

After getting intensely aroused by the thought that my neighbor was about to spend his day thinking about my perky boobs and freshly shaved pussy, I desperately needed to cum. 

I put Funzee’s toy in my workout bag and headed to the gym. Workout sessions were making me extra wet and horny, and I was ready to test my arousal limits. 

The gym was quite empty in the early part of the day, which was perfect for my needs because I had my eye on the guy at the reception desk, who I caught a few times staring at my ass. 

It was a day dedicated to butt and abs exercises. As I was doing squats in front of the mirror, I saw that same look my neighbor had staring at me from behind.

My legs started feeling shakier than usual, and I could feel my breathing getting heavier from the combination of exhaustion and intense arousal. My pussy was begging me for attention.

After I finished my squats, I strategically placed my exercises matt in a spot where the hot guy at the desk had no choice but to stare at me – horny, sweaty, and ready to fuck. 

As I moved on with my exercises, I spread my legs, exposing my swollen arousal clit through my extra-tight leggings. 

Even though I couldn’t see him behind the desk, I knew for a fact he was harder than a rock. You could read it in his eyes. Made me wonder how many other girls had done this before. 

My sex craving was getting out of control, so it was time to finish off the session with a nice hot sauna. Luckily, it was empty. It was just me and the Orgasm Monster Pro.

The moment it touched my sexually depraved clit, I couldn’t hold myself from letting out an intense moan. As I opened my eyes, I saw him standing in front of the glass door, smirking. 

I was in so much pleasure that I felt like I was paralyzed, and my only goal was to keep teasing my clit. Felt so fucking hot to see him looking at me as I was putting on a little show. 

Didn’t take long before he entered the sauna, sat down next to me, and took control of the toy. He moved it around my clit and then moved it up my body reaching my nipples. 

I shut my eyes and felt the vibration radiating back down towards my sweat-soaked clit. Once it reached it, he turned the intensity to the highest mode. I couldn’t control my moans. 

“Fuck, I’m gonna cu-” is all that could slip out of my mouth before my cunt got wrapped by an intense explosion of pleasure that extended through every single part of my body. 

As I was lying there shaking and twitching, he pulled me up and pushed me against the wall. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for weeks, you little tease. Keep that toy on your clit” he ordered as he pulled his dick out and slid it into my slippery cunt. 

He was fucking me so hard, and the vibrations on my clit just kept me getting an orgasm after an orgasm. Just when I thought I couldn’t cum anymore, I would cum again.

It didn’t take him long to cum after all this teasing. My pussy was a mess, sweat, my cum, his cum, it was all leaking down my legs. 

What’s the Verdict? 

The Orgasm Monster Pro really did surprise me. It’s been a while since a toy made me cum so intensely, so quickly, and so many times in a row. 

Usually, when using powerful toys, my clit gets overstimulated and too sensitive super quick, but this didn’t happen with the Orgasm Monster Pro. It just felt like an endless orgasm. 

I also liked that it’s super easy to hold it at the right spot during sex. Most toys struggle to reach the clit, but this one is extremely precise and great to use during any sex position. 

The only thing that I didn’t like about it was that it’s fairly loud in comparison to other toys I’ve tried, so you should keep that in mind if you intend to be as quiet as possible. 

Here are some points to think about before purchasing:


  • High frequency: up to 12000 times per minute
  • 7 Frequency modes
  • 3 Flexible tips depending on your need
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Magnetic charger
  • 100% body-safe silicone 
  • Affordable price


  • Not as silent as other toys in this range
  • Not as powerful for those seeking hardcore sensations

Whom Is the Orgasm Monster Pro Best Suited To? 

I would say that any girl who wants a more practical clit stimulator during sex would be very satisfied with the Orgasm Monster Pro. 

In addition, girls who usually get overstimulated after the first orgasm would especially love this one because it tends to minimize that uncomfortable sensitivity to the max. 

In this way, you can continue to enjoy multiple orgasms during each heated session with your partner or, of course, solo. It’s a perfect fit for either of the situations. 

Overall, it’s a must-buy for anyone who wants an affordable and practical toy that focuses its power strictly on the spots you want to stimulate without numbing your whole pussy in the process. 

And so we come to an end to this review of Funzze’s latest clit-pounding invention. Be sure to take a look at our no-holes-barred reviews of other toys in the Funzze line, such as their thrusting BBC dildo and the affectionately nicknamed ”Swiss Army Knife of Pleasure.”

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