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Is Funzze’s 3-in-1 Sex Toy Really a ”Swiss Army Knife of Pleasure?”

At home in Belfast, I have a sex toy collection that’s been described as ‘’formidable’’. However, I often travel a lot, both for business and for sex trips, to various kinky destinations like Berlin, Budapest, Prague, and Jamaica.

Whether it’s weekend breaks or long work trips abroad, transporting my favorite sex toys isn’t easy, meaning I’m constantly on the lookout for compact toys that can do multiple things at once.

Recently, the well-known sex toy company Funzze seemed to hear of my plight and was kind enough to dispatch one of their most compact sex toys with multiple orgasmic options for play.

It’s called the 3-in-1 Sucking and Flapping Thrusting Vibrator. But, to make things easier, I’ll just refer to it as the 3-in-1 sex toy for this review.

”Biting my fist to stifle my moans and immensely turned on by the fact two flight attendants were on the other side of the door, a flow of squirt bubbled out of me and coated the airplane toilet seat.”

Funzze’s parcel couldn’t have arrived with better timing, as it landed on my doorstep while packing for a business trip to Europe, and it was soon thrown into my hand luggage for a field review.

So, will the 3-in-1 sex toy make the cut and become my favorite travel companion? Or will it be an experience worse than trying to join the Mile High Club on a budget airline flight? 

Read on to find out!

Does This Count as the Mile High Club?

First, let me explain the three things that this compact sex toy claims to fit into one package. It can suck your clit; it can fuck your hole with a thrusting base, and the ball-shaped head of the toy that is home to the clit sucker can be turned around to become a magic wand.

En route to Europe, I had planned to test the toy out in the hotel when I arrived. But lust got the better of me, and I was soon in the airplane bathroom with downloaded porn playing on my phone.

With the sound of the plane drowning out the toy’s vibrations and my lust-fuelled moans, I put this toy to the test on the various parts of my sex-hungry body.

The clit sucking function of the toy hungrily turned my sweet spot into a swollen mess, and my slit was soon leaking down my thighs. The perfect time to test out the thrusting function, right?

In sync with an Angela White gangbang, I deepthroated the thrusting handle of the toy to get it lubed up and slid it deep inside of me. 

Sure, it was nowhere near the size I’m used to, nor did it have the same thrusting power as Funzze’s realistic action BBC dildo. However, what this toy lacks in power, it makes up for in functionality and size.

The thrusting action didn’t do it for me, so I reverted back to the clit sucking action and span it around to turn it into a magic wand. Within a few minutes, I heard my twat start gurgling. 

Biting my fist to stifle my moans and immensely turned on by the fact two flight attendants were on the other side of the door, a flow of squirt bubbled out of me and coated the airplane toilet seat.

Making my way back to my seat, I left the toilet stinking of sex for the next person and smirked to myself, knowing my fellow passengers were all blissfully unaware of what I’d done with the tiny sex toy sitting in my handbag.

What Did I Like Most About The Toy?

Big things certainly do come in small packages, and there’s a lot I liked about this toy. Here are my top three favorite features and functions that really stood out!

It’s Extremely Compact

The first pro is the most obvious. This toy is exceptionally travel-friendly and compact. You can take this on vacation, on business trips, or even to work if you find yourself needing to release your pussy’s tension throughout the day as I do.

It’s Like a Swiss Army Knife of Pleasure

Three functions might not seem like a lot, but each one is capable of bringing a different kind of pleasure through vibrating, sucking, and thrusting. 

Whatever mood you’re in, this toy has you covered, leading me to give it the affectionate nickname of ‘’the Swiss Army Knife of pleasure,’’ thankfully without the same sharp edges!

The Gold Finish is a Nice Touch

Funzze has added a sleek section between the head and handle of the toy that is covered in a sleek gold finish. This is a nice design touch, and it looks awesome when it’s reflecting your soaking-wet pussy mid-play!

Plus, the ball feature at the top of the toy functions as a perfect stopper when fucking yourself with the thrusting handle and equally forms a good handle for your fingers to hold onto the toy.

Criticisms and Suggestions I Have

For a toy this compact and with so many features on offer, it’s hard to criticize it. But, as always, I keep my reviews transparent to ensure my readers know the good sides and bad sides of every product.

The Level of Power Might Not be to Everyone’s Tastes

Don’t get me wrong, for the abilities this toy has; it is seriously impressive. But, depending on your sexual preferences, you might find it lacks the power needed to make you cum.

Personally, it took me around eight minutes to cum with the toy. However, it’s all relevant to the user, and you might find yourself going cross-eyed in seconds.

So, What Are My Final Thoughts?

Maybe my high-mileage pussy has been spoiled by some of the world’s best sex toys, but I do wish this toy had more power.

However, you can either have a multifunctional sex toy that’s either compact or powerful; it’s hard to find both.

Funzze has done a solid job with this toy, though, and it’ll definitely be a staple piece in my travel kit in the future.

So, where to pick one up? You can buy this cutting-edge toy along with Funzze’s ever-expanding range of products over at their official store!


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