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PornHub Statistics 2022 Recap

PornHub is one of the most popular websites in the world, with a loyal user base that seems to never stop growing! But have you ever wondered what categories are making waves in the porn industry?

In this blog, we’re here to satisfy your curiosity. Join us as we close the year by recapping which fetishes took the cake for most searches last year and which ones are rising in popularity. 

A Porn Statistics Overview

Before we take a deep dive into the erotic realm of pornhub, let’s look at the porn industry as a whole:

  • In 2023, the porn website market in the USA is projected to surpass one billion dollars in value
  • By the end of this year, the online porn market is estimated to grow by approximately 58% compared to 2018. 
  • 35% of all internet searches are related to porn. 

Source: Statistica

With these facts in mind, one thing is for sure: as a whole, we love to watch porn. But which categories really get our hearts racing?


The ‘Reality’ category made a whopping 165% growth in 2022. Additionally, in the United States, searches for ‘Real Homemade’ content saw an impressive surge of 310% in 2022. 

From this, you can gather that people crave the real deal when it comes to sex. They want intimacy, passion, and pleasure shared by real-life couples without the smoke and mirrors. It seems pizza delivery pornos are a dying art!


The Transgender category grew by 75% to become the 7th most popular worldwide category. This makes a lot of sense, as the transgender community is thriving on a global scale now more so than ever. 

Trans porn offers something refreshingly different to viewers, a departure from the porn norm we’ve all grown accustomed to. From heated trans romance to the exciting use of extra assets, it’s no wonder this category has skyrocketed!

So, if you’ve ever fantasized about sharing an evening with a woman with the best of both worlds, it turns out you’re not alone. 

Group Sex

The threesome category grew by 34% in 2022 to become the 4th most popular in the world. Let’s be honest; we’ve all had daydreams about steamy threesomes, and this fantasy has withstood the test of time. 

That being said, only 19% of American men have actually had one! To make this dream a reality, some American states have their own threesome-finding sites.

From directories such as Slixa, which enables you to find New York escort girls to apps dedicated to sourcing bedroom third parties, it’s clear the Americans are eager to recreate their favorite threesome scenes. 


After Covid-19, it turns out people craved the great outdoors so much that it translated into their sexual fantasies! 

The ‘Outdoor’ category grew by 121%, “travel” grew by 32% and “camping” by 62%. This might come as a bit of a surprise, but in all honesty, the thrill of sex in an unusual setting can serve as an enticing watch. 


There’s no denying that position porn is a craze among the masses. It gives some much-needed inspiration and even more spice to our sex lives with our partner or simply helps us indulge in a certain angle that gets us going. 

But the question remains: which position takes the top spots? Well, scissoring, cowgirl, and 69 all took a sharp rise in popularity in 2022, which means there’s something about these positions that’s really hitting the spot! 

We have officially reached the end of our exploration of the top trending Pornhub categories. So, why not take the time to venture into the wide world of excitement and passion that the porn industry has to offer? With thousands of content at your disposal both here and on Pornhub, there’s a world of pleasure waiting to be discovered. 


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