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5 Wild Pornstar Escorts Who’ll Bring Your Gooning to Life!

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How many times have you been balls or clit-deep in a Gooning session and have thought; I’d give all the money I have to kiss the feet of the Porn Goddess on-screen and Goon with her.

Well, Gooners and Goonettes, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is because hiring pornstar escorts to join your Goon Sesh in person is far easier than you might think.

You see, pornstars aren’t just an on-screen fantasy; they often have a side hustle that sees them offering unforgettable pornstar escort services to fans.

”Her silicone-infused curves, bolt-on tits, and cock-sucking lips topped off with her sex-drunk eyes, are an iconic sight. Now, imagine seeing them in person!”

And guess what? I’m in the loop about which pornstars are offering meets with fans, and I know all of the stickiest places to find them!

Now, open wide because I’m about to squirt all of the nastiest secrets about my favorite pornstar escorts straight into your mouth!

Tigerr Benson is a Wild Asian Pornstar Companion

Who is the Best Big Tit Whore in Porn?

To kick off this list of pornstar escorts, who better than the busty Asian temptress from the UK, Tigerr Benson?

This underrated porn slut had multiple porn credits to her name and specialized in some truly shocking and taboo themes ranging from a cum hungry nurse at a sperm bank to her iconic BDSM Bukkake scene.

As a proudly perverse slut, Tigerr Benson didn’t confine her debauchery to porn studios. Instead, she provided pornstar companion services to fans and kinksters worldwide.

She might be from the UK, but she often finds herself traveling the world for work and offering international pornstar escort services wherever she goes.

Who knows, maybe this busty Asian cumslut will pop up in a town or city near you?

How Much Does Tigerr Benson Charge?

Benson’s current pornstar escort rates are unconfirmed, but it’s said that the best way to reach out to her is via her official Twitter account.

Sophie Dee Offers the Chance to Have Sex With a Pornstar

The busty Sophie Dee put the Welsh Valleys on the porn map, and this UK nympho is a sexual tour de force who has starred alongside major names like Angela White.

Not only does Sophie have a cock-studded porn career under her stockings, but she’s even starred as an escort in some of her scenes.

”I just wanna be a better whore than my mom!”

– Sophie Dee: The Top 10 Best Dirty Talk Porn Flicks Ever Made!

This goes to show that the whole vibe of sex work makes her wetter than an otter’s pocket! Imagine being nose-deep in the same iconic pussy that has squirted in Angela White’s mouth?

How Much Does Sophie Dee Charge For Her Escort Services?

However, it’s worth noting that Sophie isn’t a cheap pornstar escort with prices running into the thousands of dollars. But that is the price you pay for an unforgettable experience.

If this is out of your budget, then it might be worth considering the numerous live sex experiences many iconic pornstars like Gianna Michaels and Lisa Ann are offering on CamSoda.

This interactive live sex cam site is home to multiple porn star experiences as well as the chance to virtually play with many pornstar escorts via private chat and Bluetooth sex toys.

Aletta Ocean is One of the Top-Rated Pornstars Around!

Which European Country Makes The Best Euro Porn?
A former Miss Hungary runner up, Aletta Ocean is one of Hungary’s most loved pornstars.

If you show any Gooner a picture of Aletta Ocean’s tits, I guarantee they’ll identify her without seeing her face!

This gorgeous Bimbo pornstar from Hungary has become the epitome of a porn slut around the world, and she’s proud of it!

Her silicone-infused curves, bolt-on tits, and cock-sucking lips topped off with her sex-drunk eyes, are an iconic sight. Now, imagine seeing them in person! It’s the stuff dreams are made of!

Luckily, you can! Aletta Ocean offers VIP luxury companion services in Europe and beyond and often tours the world, meaning she might be in a town or city near you very soon!

How Much is the Aletta Ocean Porn Star Escort Experience?

At the time of writing, the Aletta Ocean escort experience was around 1,500 GBP / $1,900 for one hour.

Sure, it’s pricy, but when else would you have the chance to fuck and Goon with an AVN Award-winning porn slut. Imagine how jealous all of your Goon Buddies would be.

Veronica Avluv is one of the Porn Mommy Pornstars Who Escort

Ah, you didn’t think I’d miss out on a Porn Mommy, did you? Veronica Avluv is a porn-hardened MILF whose interracial, DP, facial, and fisting scenes are bored into our minds!

If there’s a Porn Mommy worth of coughing up cash to worship in person, then it’s Veronica Avluv.

Luckily, this divine MILF whore joined the ranks of pornstar escorts and offers escort services to her many adoring fans, and the feedback is very positive indeed!

But the sad part? It’s reported that she doesn’t offer anal. This is a crying shame because some of her most iconic scenes saw that hungry MILF asshole get put through its paces!

Where Does Veronica Avluvxx Offer Her Luxury Companion Services?

According to her fans, the best way to inquire is via the email in her porn star Twitter bio. Current prices and availability are unconfirmed.

Rebecca More Provides an Epic Pornstar Experience

Rebecca More escort report

In the porn industry, there is an elite tier of pornstars who don’t handle cock on screen for money; they do it out of pure nymphomania. One of them is the iconic Rebecca More!

This busty blonde British MILF became one of the UK’s greatest porn exports in her cum-soaked career, and she proved to be a formidable man-eater on camera.

Rebecca More earned her stripes as a blue chip pornstar with studios like Brazzers and Harmoney until she retired from porn and hung up her pleaser heels.

But if you think her retirement from porn means she’s stepped back from hard fucking, you’d be wrong!

These days, Rebecca More is enjoying her semi-retirement as a pornstar escort and offers the ultimate real-life porn experience to fans!

How Much Does Rebecca More’s Pornstar Escort Service Cost?

Rebecca More is an elite-tier pornstar, so you can expect to pay north of $1,000 or more for an hour-long pornstar experience.

It’s not cheap, but is it worth it? To find out, read this wild escort report from ISG’s Karl Majak after he was able to secure a meeting with the notorious British porn slut Rebecca More!

Currently, Rebecca offers a pornstar escort experience through her verified profile on Adultwork, and she’s been heavily verified on sites like Intl Sex Guide and UKPunting.

The Chance to Fall at the Feet of Pornstar Escorts May be Closer Than You Think!

Goonette stare

This guide to the world’s naughtiest pornstar escorts offering a real-life pornstar experience is merely the tip of the iceberg. Porn and escorting often go hand in hand, so it’s a popular side hustle for many adult performers.

Naturally, the price tag that comes with pornstar escorts isn’t cheap, but there’s a far more affordable (and easier way) to come face-to-face with your favorite adult stars!

Many iconic porn performers are performing live and intensely interactive cam sex shows on CamSoda, and this platform lets you chat, interact, and virtually play with your favorite pornstars through Bluetooth-controlled sex toys!

Amongst the many pornstars in CamSoda’s portfolio is Gianna Michaels, Tori Black, Brandi Love, Valentina Nappi, and the iconic MILF Lisa Ann!

So, if you’re seeking a more affordable and easily accessible pornstar experience, explore the live sex cam pornstars on the platform here for free!

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