Red Bed Seduction – The Ultimate Guide to 9 Amazing Escort Blogs

The world of sex work is one surrounded by controversy, misinformation, and misconceptions. Many people, apart from sex workers and clients themselves, have no idea of what actually goes on inside the world of paid sex.

So, in my latest article entitled Red Bed Seduction, I am to provide the ultimate guide to escort blogs so you can get frontline access to the adult industry around the world.

The following list is comprised of current and former sex workers as well as their clients. All of them publish work that I feel is inherently useful to building an understanding of the world of sex work.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into Red Bed Seduction!

The Organized Escort Blog

Kicking off our Red Bed Seduction article is the Organized Escort blog. Founded by a sex worker called Amelia, the OE was founded to provide vital skills for girls in the sex industry.

The founder explains that, when she began her sex work career at 18, there was no guidance and she was left to figure everything out for herself.

With the organized escort blog, she aims to change that. The site is full of amazing articles that contain various resources enabling sex workers to live more and work less.

In particular, the blog is full of business advice with escorts in mind. From filing taxes to writing a business plan, it really is a resource centre of invaluable information.

“Sex work is hard. I’m here to make it easier for you.”

In addition, there is also a number of articles I myself took advice from for sex meets and hookups.

One I particularly enjoyed was the blog post that covered incall safety tips for sex workers. There are also some great guest posts covering everything from mixing politics and sex work, digital hygiene, and more!

Being an Escort Behind The Red Light District

Behind the Red Light District is a phenomenal blog I came across a while ago. I first discovered it by researching the so-called “Blue Light District” of Amsterdam.

After sifting through a series of ignorant travel bloggers who professed their knowledge on the subject, I finally came across the blog of Felicia Anna whose on the ground knowledge provided a much-needed hit of truth in an age of misinformation.

Felicia Anna is a window prostitute working in the world-famous Red Light District of Amsterdam. Originally from Romania, she runs ‘Behind the Red Light District’ which is an English and Dutch blog that she uses as a platform to talk about the reality of prostitution in Amsterdam.

De Wallen in Amsterdam has been covered so much online. But unfortunately, this is often by naive tourists who have spent an afternoon there and rarely by those who actually work there day in day out. Felicia Anna is an exception and her blog covers everything from her life behind the red light windows to fighting misinformation around prostitution.

If you’re looking for an insight into being an escort, then this is a blog you cannot afford to miss.

Additionally, it provides an insight into the beaurocratic side of prostituion in Amsterdam ranging from a guide on how women get into escort work in Amsterdam to how the city is increasingly implementing restrictions that are slowly stifling the sex trade in the Red Light District.

Sarah’s 2 Cents Answers: What Does an Escort Do?

Nevada brothel
Nevada brothel

Founded back in 2016, Sarah’s 2 Cents has since grown into an excellent escort blog covering a wide range of topics.

An escort with 20 years of experience, Sarah covers her own personal stories from working in the industry but has since expanded into turning the escort blog into a resource site for the escort industry.

From growing an escort website in 2021 and the best websites to build an escort site to adult SEO and guides to discretion, there are tonnes of fantastic articles on her blog. I particularly love how each article is well researched and backed up by facts or the personal experiences of Sarah.

English Collective of Prostitutes

Working on the streets and indoors, the English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) is a network of sex workers who campaign for the decriminalisation of prostitution and the safety of sex workers.

Their work has assisted sex workers to beat trumped-up charges such as soliciting. They are truly a vital aspect of British prostitution.

As well as their incredible range of activism, the English Collective of Prostitutes has a range of incredible online and offline resources to assist sex workers in knowing everything from their rights as sex workers to reports and fact sheets. ECP also features an impressive escort blog.

Their Sex Workers Speak Out blog features a range of interviews with active escorts from the UK and abroad.

These can cover a wide range of issues from transsexual prostitution to pop up brothels populated by MILF escorts. The site is easy to read, navigate, and is truly a multifunctional resource centre that is useful for anybody involved in the sex industry.

Red Bed Seduction in Letters From Johns

Although largely forgotten about, Letters From Johns is still online despite not having been updated for over a decade. Regardless, this incredible escort blog features correspondence from escorts, strip club lovers, cheaters, porn addicts, and clients of escorts (Johns).

“A Web site gives men a chance to write anonymously about the complicated reasons they buy sex.”

– Newsweek

As an online collection of life letters from sex workers and their customers, Letters From Johns provides an incredible, true insight into the mindset of various cogs in the sex industry machine. There are some truly fascinating stories on here from the thoughts of a man who lost their virginity to prostitutes at the age of 34 to people whose wives discovered their addiction to prostitutes.

The Amsterdam Diaries

Whilst we’ve covered an escort blog covering the realities of life behind the red light windows of Amsterdam, the world of sex work in this Dutch city is equally fascinating from the other side. Presenting The Amsterdam Diaries. Although it’s an e-book rather than a blog, I couldn’t miss it off this list due to the insight it provides.

Written by Marcus Segretto, the Amsterdam Diaries is a collection of tales and experiences of the author’s multiple visits to Amsterdam’s red-light district of De Wallen. After documenting his sexual encounters with multiple escorts in the windows of Amsterdam, he soon compiled an extensive diary.

As his sexual hobby intensifed he had indulged in conversation with many of the city’s sex workers. This cause his interest in the sex industry of the city to grow and, after researching the local prostitution scene, he discovered various aspects of prejiduce and misinformation that existed around the scene.

Thus, Marcus Segretto penned his book to provide an alternative view on the sex industry in Amsterdam. This being the viewpoint of a prostitutes client. Personally, I find his book a refreshing view on sex work. Segretto is respectful and witty in the coverage of his sexual escapades and his diary leaves nothing to the imagination. The book is available on Amazon.

The Whores of Yore

abandoned brothel urbex
abandoned brothel urbex

​I adore history. I adore whores. So when I came across the Whores of Yore blog, I was infatuated. Founded in 2016 by Dr Kate Lister, the Whores of Yore soon gained a dedicated following of thousands and input from academics from around the world keen to contribute to accurate coverage of sex work from the past and present.

Whores of Yore describes itself as a research project and archive. It covers the fascinating heritage of human sexuality through the ages and openly challenges aspects of the stigma associated with it. It features amazing insights and input from sex workers, sex activists and more to provide coverage of their life stories, experiences, and studies around sex.

So, if you’re interested in the bygone era of sex work to the cutting edge of modern prostitution, then the Whores of Yore is another escort blog that is not to be missed. Additionally, there are a few great podcasts on there. My personal favourite is the following with the very witty and informative founder: Dr Kate Lister.

The Best Escort Blog – The Honest Courtesan

The Honest Courtesan is a blog that has a place in the hearts of sex workers and clients alike. Run by Maggie McNeill, she is one of the most well-known sex bloggers around. Personally, I fell in love with Maggie’s blog the first time I saw it after reading her rendition of how she introduced herself at a dinner party when somebody tried to embarrass her about her profession.

Maggie’s blog provides incredible insight into the world of prostitution and she provides a refreshing and much-needed perspective on sex work. She provides witty and thoughtful comments on human sexuality, stories of her experiences during ”the life”, and articles on the history of prostitution. As a history buff and whore myself, the latter is something I particularly enjoy.

“A whore,” I repeated. “A prostitute. A call girl. A harlot, a lady of the evening, a hooker, a strumpet, a doxy. A demimondaine, a woman of questionable virtue.” This was delivered with a straight face and no hint that I had said anything more unusual than “bank teller.”

– Maggie McNeill relaying how she proudly explained her profession at a dinner party.

Last but not least, she gives what she has deemed her whore’s-eye view on current events. You can check out the Honest Courtesan blog here. Be sure to clear your schedule, it’s easy to get hooked on the quality of writing in what is my favourite of all escort blogs.

Red Bed Seduction

And so, we reach the end of Red Bed Seduction. This article has listed the blogs, books, and resources that, in my opinion, are some of the finest escort blogs available online. None of these blogs is promoted, they are simply the favourites from my personal reading list when it comes to the research of prostitution and sex work.

Remember, the prostitution and sex industry is surrounded by so much stigma, misinformation, and fake facts that the reality is often drowned out. A big shout out to all of the writers featured on this list who are fighting and working hard to change that.

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