Sissy Sex Audio: After Months of Training, I Unleash a Feminized Slut on a Hard Cock

This sissy sex audio captures a magical moment. After nine months of relentless sissification training, I tasked my latest sissy slave with a mission; to unleash everything I'd taught her on a cock of my choosing. The resultant debauchery, the audio of which I ordered her to record, was one of the finest sissy sex […]

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  1. My first time was old enough to be my dad – I was 20 and he was in his late 40s. He really knew how to slut me out. He made me edge him with my mouth for nearly 30 minutes before he went in my hole.

    Laying me on my back, he lathered my hole and probed me with his fingers and tongue. Digging his fingers into my buttcheeks, he pressed into me and began fucking my hole so well I was leaking in a matter of minutes. I was getting used as a fleshlight, a toy for him to edge his cock with, and I yelled out in shock and pleasure as I came.

    As he was riding his edge, he took me out of his room and led me downstairs and out to his backyard. The summer sun was beaming down on us. He put me down on a towel and whispered for me to turn over prone. I gasped as he lay his entire weight on my butt and my back, and after applying another generous helping of lube, he resumed rutting into my hole like a feral creature. My hands were forcefully held down while I whimpered and moaned blissfully, losing track of time and space. Right as he fucked another orgasm out of my body, he grunted and popped his cock out, and then moaned loudly as he sprayed down my butt and back. It was like heaven!


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