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Small Dick Humiliation: My Meeting With Catherine Goes Wrong

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The following is a small dick humiliation story told from the perspective of a guy I hooked up with last year. It is not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. Part II is available here.


I guess I should start by introducing myself, right? My name is Alfie, and this is the story of what happened to me when I managed to meet Catherine Duffy and her 19-year-old Goonette acolyte in her den of depravity in Belfast.

I’ll be honest; I’d never even heard of Whoreuro before that fateful winter’s day last year. I was working in Belfast on a construction project and was spending many nights bored in my hotel.

I’m a thick-set lad with an average-sized cock. I thought I was sexually adventurous, but meeting Catherine revealed a world of sleaze and sexual ferocity that I never knew existed.

Like any single guy on the road, I had a portfolio of hookup apps readily available on my phone, from Tinder to Ashley Madison and Badoo to Adult Friend Finder.

It was on the latter where I came across Catherine. It was a cold Friday night in Belfast, and there weren’t many people online.

“I bet you’d love to spray her fertile lil’ womb with cum, wouldn’t you?” Catherine chuckled whilst sipping her drink. “Courtney spread your legs; let’s Goonify this lad!”

I usually like a woman with bigger tits, but Catherine’s pics were irresistible, and those fat blowjob lips drew me in like a moth to a flame. She responded fairly quickly to my message.

Even though Adult Friend Finder is a hookup site, I was taken aback by how upfront Catherine was with her demands. Wait, better yet; I’ll copy and paste one of the messages she sent.

“I’m chilling at my place with a mate watching porn, and I’m just looking for a quick and easy fuck. If you can get here within an hour and promise to last more than five minutes inside me, my pussy is yours. I’ll order you an Uber if you want. If you’ve got a recent STI test, you can go bareback in me”.

Bagging a hookup this easy felt too good to be true, and I probably would have declined if Catherine lived in a rough area, but she was in a plush apartment block in the centre.

I declined her offer of an Uber and decided to walk from my hotel to her place. However, it was a far longer walk than expected and freezing outside. I’m talking seriously fucking cold!

These two factors would transform my original fuck and suck with Catherine into a sexual experience that initially left me ashamed of myself before later transforming my entire sex life.

This is the true story, exactly as it happened.

Meeting Catherine

I was buzzed into Catherine’s apartment and discreetly made my way inside. “Yo! In here!” I heard a raspy voice call from a room at the end of the hallway.

The apartment was dimly lit, with the sound of pornography and the flicker of a TV coming from the door left ajar where the voice called me from.

The smell inside was unlike anything I’d ever experienced when I entered. It was a distinctly feminine smell that was overwhelming but not unpleasant.

It was a blend of cigarette smoke, p0ppers, and perfume. But, above all else, it smelt like pussy. I mean really strongly of pussy, as if there were ten horny women in the room.

But it was just Catherine. She didn’t even look up when I came in. She was lying back on a blowup mattress with her glazed-over eyes glued to some immensely hardcore porn on TV.

Catherine was wearing stockings, pink stripper heels and nothing else. I must admit, she was far hotter than in her pictures and her blowjob lips were even bigger in person.

The layer of sweat that glazed her gym-fit body caused the rays of light from the porn to bounce off of her hypnotically as she played with herself.

I awkwardly tried to make conversation, but I couldn’t focus. Catherine didn’t seem interested in me at all, and I couldn’t help but take in my overwhelming surroundings.

The room was decorated like a brothel. Nude art and pornographic posters lined the walls, some of the signed by what I assumed were pornstars.

Stripper-style heels, panties, lingerie, bottles of p0ppers and lubricant littered the floor, and there were enough adult toys to stock a sex shop. What the fuck is this place? I thought.

“Look, if you came here for company and bullshit small talk, you can fuckin’ leave”, Catherine said in a slurred voice, “are you gonna fuck me or what?”

Small Dick Insults From Drunken Courtney

Suddenly, I heard a toilet flush and a door opening down the hallway. Oh fuck, is that a guy? I thought, expecting the situation to turn really awkward.

I had somehow forgotten that Catherine had been watching porn with a friend and anxiously waited as footsteps approached the room. My worries were eased when I saw a girl stumble in.

She was about 5 foot 1 tall (1.55m) with dyed blonde hair and medium-sized natural tits. Her name was Courtney, and she was probably one of the trashiest-looking girls I’d ever seen.

Courtney looked to be around 19 years old. The epitome of a chav, she wore pink stockings and a loose-fitting miniskirt with her tits lazily exposed through a fishnet top like a cheap prostitute.

Like Catherine, she was also visibly drunk. Clearly, this pair had been indulging in an alcohol-fuelled porn session all day.

A mishmash of non-conforming tattoos pockmarked her body. Some of them looked extremely amateur and cheap.

When she smiled, she revealed a pair of braces in her mouth. She looked like Belle Delphine if Belle Delphine had been raised on a council estate/housing project/trailer park.

“Mmmm, you’re fuckin’ gorgeous”, Courtney slurred before stumbling towards me and grabbing my crotch.

“Don’t even fuckin’ look at her pussy”, Catherine barked aggressively, “she’s not for fucking. She’s in training and belongs to Porn and Gooners only. Courtney, back the fuck off!”

I felt like I was tripping out. What in the fuck is going on here? I thought. I had no idea what Gooning was or why this girl was hanging out with a seedy woman half her age.

It was too awkward to leave, so I decided to dick this MILF down and get the fuck out of there. But there was a serious problem.

I was still freezing cold from the long walk here and seriously overwhelmed and nervous from the bizarre scene I’d walked into. My dick had shrunken to an embarrassingly small size.

It’s all good. It’ll kick into action as soon as the fun starts, I thought as I stripped naked. Catherine hadn’t seen it until Courtney looked at my crotch and cruelly burst out laughing.

“Oh my god, what the fuck is that?” Courtney cackled drunkenly whilst putting her vodka mixer down, “I can’t believe I wanted to fuck you. Catherine, look!”

Catherine got up from the mattress, and I heard it almost peel off her body. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what filthy sex mess was coating her body.

She came towards me with an angry look on her face with her eyes glued to my cock. Leaning on Courtney’s shoulder, she lifted her pink heel and inspected my cock with her foot.

“Are you fucking serious?” she said in a low, unsettling voice, “you agreed to waste my time and meet me to show me that shit? What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?”

“I’m really sorry, it’s not usually that size”, I said, realizing I was sounding pathetic in this situation.

“Well, it’s not fucking moving, is it?” Catherine barked in my face causing the smell of whisky and perfume to fill my nostrils. “You have two options; you can get the fuck out and leave, or we use you as a toy. If you make us cum, I’ll make you cum. What’s it to be?”

I had no idea what came over me next. Every fibre of my being was telling me to get out of this seedy apartment and these two perverts, but I was horny, and my dick told me to stay.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing, babe!” Catherine whispered to Courtney, who seemed confused as to why I was given the option to stay, “we can still use him!”

“We Can Still Use Him” – My Small Dick Humiliation Story Begins

I was ordered to strip naked and lay on the airbed in the middle of the room. I felt it stick to my back as I lay on it. My cock was still limp and nervous, so I accepted my fate at this point.

Courtney lay next to me with a disgusted look in her eyes as Catherine put new porn on the large TV. It was an extreme Euro production with young women taking two dicks in the ass.

Then, Catherine squatted over my face in the blink of an eye. I didn’t even have a chance to think before my mouth was engulfed in her pussy meat.

Not wanting to annoy her, I began lapping at her pussy. It was sticky with sweat and vaginal fluids and what tasted like another person’s spit. I assumed it was Courtney’s.

Within a few seconds, Catherine really got into action. She began riding my face like I was a cheap sex toy. I felt my nose going numb as she aggressively ground her meat into me.

Her pussy had clearly been enjoyed by a few too many guys because it was a mess of swollen labia topped off with an engorged clit, and my tongue could slide inside all the way.

Usually, it would be a huge turn-off, but I’d never tasted a pussy this good before, and I ate her out like it was my last meal on earth.

I lost track of how long I was underneath her cheap hole. In this den of depravity, time was only measured by the passing of various Porn scenes on the large TV that dominated the room.

It seemed to annoy Catherine to have to lift herself off of my face from time to time to give me air, as she’d release a disgruntled sigh whilst she did.

Whenever her pussy was removed from my face, it remained connected via long, thick, creamy strings of her frothing pussy grool.

When she’d slam herself back down, it coagulated on my face and immersed me into my short beard.

I also don’t eat ass, but Catherine was making no secret that she wanted her bulging anus meat licked, too, so I gingerly tongued her sphincter until she slammed herself down to force my tongue deep into her bowels.

“How is he, Cath?” Courtney said mischievously next to me as she played with herself and toyed with my limp cock with her petite and dainty feet, “worth it?”

With her eyes glued to the porn on screen, Catherine didn’t say a word. But I could feel her tempo increasing as she began to grind rhythmically across my tongue.

Suddenly, her body began to twitch and convulse. Tearing her meat off my face, she unleashed an almost animalistic roar and aggressively slapped her clit until a waterfall of fluid erupted above me.

The slightly sweet juice filled my mouth, covered my eyes, and poured down my hairy chest. I was shell-shocked. I’d only seen women squirt in porn films and never thought I’d see it for real.

Before I could move, Catherine collapsed back on my face, and I lapped at her pussy to clean her.

Suddenly, I felt Courtney’s tongue on my body, lapping at Catherine’s juices that were now coating my naked skin.

“Babe, can I have a go?” Courtney pleaded innocently, “I really wanna cum”.

Catherine climbed off of my face breathlessly and switched places with Courtney. The meaty, whore pussy was now swapped with an immaculate slit of a 19-year-old in a skirt.

At this point, I was glad I stayed.

Take a Seat, Courtney…

Courtney’s smooth, stocking-clad thighs gripped my head as the porn on screen grew more intense. Grabbing a magic wand toy, she pressed it into her clit and began lightly grinding me.

Wow, she tasted beyond incredible. I couldn’t lick her tight little pussy quick enough, and I wanted nothing more than for this trashy teen slut to cum in my mouth.

“Mmmmm, I haven’t had my pussy eaten this good since I was in prison!” Courtney casually confessed, making me wide-eyed below her. It should have come as no surprise that this trashy whore was in prison.

Sadly, Courtney wasn’t a squirter, but she was a dribbler and a repeat cummer. In contrast to Catherine’s slow build-up to an explosive orgasm, Courtney would repeatedly cum on my face.

The noises and words coming out of Courtney’s mouth were bizarre. She giggled and pulled Aheago faces as she looked down at my juice-sucked face, snorted like a pig, and at one point even barked like a puppy whilst she was in the throes of orgasm.

I quickly became accustomed to the “Gooning” subculture these women were a part of. They were crazed, nymphomaniac porn addicts and as much as I knew how fucked up it all was, I was drawn into it hypnotically.

After thirty minutes, I could hardly feel my tongue. Courtney’s 19-year-old sexual energy was immensely difficult to keep up with, and she didn’t give a shit about my discomfort.

In the end, I had to beg her for mercy and have a break. When she relented, she giggled and punched me in the balls for disappointing her, making me squeal in pain.

She was a cheap, trashy and bratty little chav. I’d usually have nothing to do with my in day to day life, but she somehow had me in the palm of her hand, and I couldn’t stop myself from submitting to her.

As Courtney climbed off my face and lay down, I lifted up her skirt to admire her tight, quivering twat still in the throes of multiple orgasms as she naughtily grinned back at me.

Little did I know that I would soon be granted permission to slide my cock into this promiscuous and trashy teen whore. Because, by now, my cock had sprung into action.

The Final Corruption Awaits

I lay on the mattress with a MILF and a teen lying on either side of me, recovering from orgasms they’d had on the tip of my tongue. To say I was proud of myself was an understatement.

“Fucking hell, there it is! Better late than never!” Catherine laughed as she looked at my dick. My nervousness had gone, and I was now having a really engaging chat with the girls about their kink.

Catherine explained the principles of Gooning, what’s involved, and the pleasure it brings. She made no secret that she was trying to convert me into joining their lifestyle, but I was fully on board.

It sounded like a world of sexual liberation and unlimited pleasure, where the constraints of sexual repression no longer exist. You could be free to do some of the filthiest things imaginable.

I always considered myself open-minded, but after talking to Catherine, I realized my life had been a life. I basically had a sexual mid-life crisis begin there and then.

I wasn’t told how Catherine and Courtney had met, but the latter had clearly come from a broken home, and Catherine was acting as a part-time mother figure for her.

“When she’s here, she stays out of trouble”, Catherine told me, “I’m training her to be a Goonette but also teaching her some life skills to help her find a career, rather than being in and out of jail her whole life.

“So, is that why you didn’t want Courtney to fuck me earlier?” I asked curiously.

“Well, to be honest, you were clearly a non-Gooner when you arrived and very prudish,” Catherine confessed. “I’ve seen countless guys get corrupted in the pussy of a whore, and I wanted it to be mine that sucked your soul out and turned you into a depraved pump piggy.”

“Ah, it’s a shame”, I said, laughing awkwardly still like a deer in the headlights to the whole mindset of Gooning, “she’s really my type”.

“I bet you’d love to spray her fertile lil’ womb with cum, wouldn’t you?” Catherine chuckled whilst sipping her drink. “Courtney spread your legs; let’s Goonify this lad!”

Courtney was ecstatic at the thought of being fucked and began bouncing around with excitement.

“Yay! Thank you, mommy!” Courtney yelled at Catherine, drawing on the Mommy kink these two shared. “What hole does he want? Does he wanna fuck my slit or slip into my bowels?”

“Your cunt, love”, Catherine said, deciding for me, “

As she lay back and spread her legs with a giggle, Catherine spat on her hand and slapped it against her 19-year-old twat before rubbing the saliva in as extra lube.

It wasn’t pretty, it was unceremonious, and Catherine did it like she was spit-cleaning a dirty stain out of some old clothes. From the look on Catherine’s face, she’d done this many times before.

“Get stuck into her”, Catherine said whilst sparking a cigarette to sit back and watch. But when I pulled a condom out of my wallet, a look of disgust and anger spread across the faces of the two women.

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“Erm, what the actual fuck is that?” Courtney snarled, “if you want this pussy, you fuck it bare or not at all, got it?”

“She’s right, love,” Catherine interjected, “I’m letting her fuck you to corrupt you, nothing else. You can’t be corrupted when using a condom, so you’re going in bareback, or you can leave. Don’t worry; she’s clean.”

In the hands of this debauched slut as her mentor, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how many men had pumped their balls into Courtney. Every fibre of my body told me to leave the apartment.

Don’t fucking do this, Alfie. You’ll end up becoming just as depraved as both of them. How many guys have fucked her bareback? It’s risky as fuck. Just walk away, I thought.

But then, I looked around the room. Courtney was slapping her spit-soaked cunt and whimpering like a hungry puppy. Except she wanted cock, not food.

Catherine, with her mangled pussy illuminated under the glow of a porno and a burning cigarette, had a sinister grin on her face as if she knew how this night would play out before I even arrived.

Against every fibre of my body telling me not to, I threw the condom aside, gripped my erect cock and marched towards the fate that lay on the mattress in front of me with her legs spread.

Little did I know that my confession about fancying Courtney would lead to Part II of the tale that saw me embroiled in a forced breeding adventure with this teen slut.

It was an escapade that would throw me headfirst into the Gooning lifestyle, just as Catherine had intended. You can read part II here.

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