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I Met The Global Kinkster Behind INTL Sex Guide: Karl Majak!

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Since starting Whoreuro, I’ve had the chance to collaborate with fellow kinksters worldwide. But few have been as loyal, hard-working, and passionate as Karl of INTL Sex Guide.

Despite working on various projects for months, we never met in person until this week. Karl is someone whose story has intrigued me to no end.

A passionate kinkster and a full-time sex tourist, Karl ditched his mundane 9 to 5 and made his passion a lifestyle. Now, he teaches others how to do the same through INTL Sex Guide (ISG).

I sat down with Karl in Belfast and gave him my undivided attention for an exclusive interview. Prepare yourself for some humble, horny wisdom as we explore topics like:

  • The innovative methods Karl used to turn his hobby of exploring sex around the world into a full-time lifestyle.
  • The most obscure sex scenes and adult establishments he’s discovered on his travels from Ukraine to Colombia.
  • After lessons learned from passionate sex with hundreds of women, what he classes as his most ideal woman.

And, of course, much more! So get comfortable and prepare to be enlightened. This is an interview you don’t want to miss!

Hey, Karl! For Those Who Haven’t Met You Yet, Kindly Introduce Yourself

Hey, everyone! I’m Karl Majak. If you’re unfamiliar with INTL Sex Guide, you may have read some of my guest articles on Whoreuro.

I was born in Germany but spent most of my youth in the UK. These days, I spend most of my time globe-trotting and exploring the sex scenes and adult industries in various countries.

After ditching my former job and making most of my income from the results of my travels, I call myself a full-time sex tourist as it’s now my job. That, and teaching others how to do it!

As well as being a professional blogger on the global sex industry, I’m also an adult travel and business consultant for people keen to gain a working insight into the adult world.

What is INTL Sex Guide & What Makes It Unique?

INTL Sex Guide, or ISG, is my pride and joy. It’s an online magazine covering everything from sex club reviews to unbeatable advice for kinky destinations.

It’s a no-holds-barred insight into the global sex scenes I’ve personally explored in balls-deep fashion.

It doesn’t pull any punches and has developed a strong following of sex tourists of all genders, smashing the age-old stereotypes that sex tourists are sleazy old men.

These days, the term sex tourist can define any kind of sexually liberated couples of all ages (18+), genders and sexual persuasions.

From the granny porn cinema brothel in Germany to the world of shemale sex in Asia, it’s a true sexual adventure into corners of global sex many people don’t even realize exist.

How Did Your Love For Sex Tourism Begin?

It all started with travel. I always yearned to escape the mundane life of my 9 to 5 in the UK and would take any chances I could get to see the world.

But in various destinations I visited, my itinerary seemed to follow the same plan. I’d see the sights, experience the culture, and try the local food by day, and after dark, I’d explore the neon-lit side of life.

I suppose my love of it first began during a solo winter trip to the ancient city of Krakow, Poland. What an amazing place! But it only got better when I discovered a local brothel.

It was an underground sex club with a tropical-themed neon sign unfitting to the cold, snowy streets of Central Europe. Inside were five to ten working girls ready to warm you up.

The women weren’t supermodels; some were old enough to be grandmothers. But they were hard-bitten lustful whores. Walking in there as a 20-year-old man was like being thrown to the (horny lionesses).

Every night of my vacation, I’d hit up the brothel for hours of cheap, unbridled sex. After that, my travel system of culture by day and sleaze by night was the norm for every other destination.

How Did You Turn Your Passion Into a Full-Time Adult Business?

Well, the keyword is in your question: Passion! I love the adult world, adore sex, and am passionate about travel and all of the different cultures and experiences that go with it.

But I was sick of working a 9-5 to enjoy my passion for a mere few weeks at the end of the year. So, I combined all of these with a mission to make my hobby the epicentre of my life.

It was hard work, especially at first, and there were a few moments when I questioned it all. But I persevered and achieved my goals.

The key is to keep pushing towards your goals and never stop, regardless of life’s obstacles.

Craziest Story From Your Kinky Travels?

I’ve been doing this for a while, so I’ve had some hairy encounters (no pun intended) as much as sexual ones. One of my most memorable blends between the two was in Transnistria.

Where the fuck is that? I hear you ask. I asked myself the same question when I had an AK-47 pointed at my face by Russian soldiers and Transnistrian police at a roadblock.

Transnistria is a thin strip of land between Moldova and Ukraine. It’s backed by Russia and has its own army and government, but the rest of the world mostly unrecognizes it.

It wasn’t on the map, so I unwittingly drove directly into it and was nearly shot. Luckily, to calm my nerves later that day, was a local hooker in the lobby of my empty Soviet-era hotel.

We had an hour of wild Russian sex that saw her squirting all over my bed and wailing like a Banshee. It was well worth the drama of entering the breakaway country to begin with.

I detailed the entire story on intlsexguide.com in an article entitled: My Wild Sex With a Russian Whore in Tiraspol, Transnistria!

You’ve Experienced a Lot Of Women. After All Of This Time, What’s Your Ideal Type?

Well, I’m different from most guys who aim for stunning, supermodel-type women on their travels. It just doesn’t do it for me. Although, of course, I won’t say no if the offer is there!

The kind of woman that makes my balls start pumping is an older, sexually-experienced whore. Big tits, cigarette in mouth, and a ferocious sex drive. Ideally, a little rough around the edges.

I’ve fucked many stunning women in their twenties, but my experiences with the MILFs and GILFs of the global sex industry are unrivalled.

Don’t believe me? I’ve detailed some truly filthy experiences with older women I’ve met worldwide on my website. They’re supreme wanking material!

What’s Do You Think Is The Best Country For Sex Tourism?

Ah, this is a hard one! Honestly, it’s relevant to what you’re into. I love Asian women, European MILFs, and transsexuals. So, for my desires, there are three main regions I like to visit:

  • Germany: The land of legalized prostitution that nearby Amsterdam overshadows, the German capital is home to gigantic mega brothels, regular gangbang parties, swinging clubs, and everything in between. Plus, they have great beer!
  • South America: Ay, papi! From Colombia to Brazil, I never get tired of the Latina passion and fire in bed. There’s also a sizeable population of transsexuals here too, but unlike SE Asia, they’re often pretty dominant and well-hung, so be prepared.
  • South East Asia: From ladyboys to street whores, countries like Thailand and the Philippines are fantastic sex tourism hotspots. Every horny traveller needs to experience what’s on offer here.

Another underrated destination, and one I love visiting, is Russia. The sex scene here is rather underground and subdued, but it’s wild once you tap into it!

What Are Your Top Tips For New Sex Tourists Finding Their Feet In The Lifestyle?

First and foremost, always treat sex workers with the respect they deserve. There’s nothing worse than guys who dehumanize women in the sex trade yet still fuck them.

Equally, be assertive and able to stand up for yourself. It’s a hard world out there, and some sex workers will happily take you for a ride (not that kind of ride) if you let them.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Start in the easy sex tourism destinations if you’re not well-travelled, such as Amsterdam, Germany, Czech Republic, etc.

There are some phenomenal sex tourism destinations further afield in South East Asia and Central/South America, but you need to have your wits about you there. It’s not for newbies.

Lastly, always be aware of and respect the local laws in the countries you visit. For example, don’t go to the Middle East and behave as you would in Amsterdam. It won’t end well.

Tell Us About Some Of The Most Niche Sexual Discoveries You’ve Encountered On The Road!

I could talk all day about this topic! But most people I speak to are often bewildered by the following:

  • Thigh gap fucking at a Ukrainian Nuru Massage – There was no sex involved in this retro massage parlour, but pumping my cock between the oiled-up thighs of Ukrainian beauties was an incredibly happy ending. I wrote a detailed review of this Nuru Massage establishment for your site.
  • The Berlin Mega Brothels – Visiting FKK Clubs and Mega Brothels like Artemis in Berlin is a sight to behold. Surrounded by hundreds of naked women all ready to fuck your brains out, with enormous spa facilities, restaurants, cinemas, etc., to enjoy in between. It’s unmissable!
  • Professionally organized gangbangs – Sharing is caring, and I love fucking a greedy whore with a bunch of other guys. It’s great banter, a lot of camaraderie, and so much raw sexual pleasure! In my travels, I’ve been lucky enough to discover a huge range of professionally-organized gangbangs events with themes ranging from creampie gangbangs to BDSM.

What Advice Would You Give to People Looking to Follow in Your Footsteps And Become a Full-Time Sex Tourist?

Business-wise, plan everything out beforehand. I turned my hobby into a full-time job by building the foundations while still employed in my regular 9-5.

If you don’t have the foundations already laid, it won’t work. Also, be prepared to work for free to build worldwide contacts in the sex industry. It’s not easy, but the final rewards are worth it.

Most importantly, don’t give up. If you’re expecting to see quick results, it’s not going to happen. It took me over a year to build up income streams that allowed me to live comfortably.

Where Can People Find You?

As well as my regularly updated Intlsexguide.com website, you can find me and my partner Monika on our new Twitter account.

I also submit guest articles on Whoreuro as well, so keep an eye out for me here!

Karl, it was a pleasure to finally sit down and explore your world of full-time sex tourism. I hope my readers will take on board your advice and seek to make sex a full-time lifestyle.

Now, let’s head back to my place so I can sample the cock that has been balls-deep in hundreds of loose women worldwide!

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After all, I do love sloppy seconds, and my readers would love to hear my subsequent confession!

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