Tantaly’s 4th Anniversary Brings 4 Epic Sex Dolls + a Special Surprise!

When it comes to the ever-surprising and constantly innovative world of realistic sex dolls, Tantaly is a brand well-known among sex doll enthusiasts.

Because so many of their fans have been busy burying their cocks in the lifelike and downright epic sex dolls produced by Tantaly, it’s easy to forget that this brand will soon be four years old!

In an increasingly competitive business like the sex doll industry, staying at the top of the leaderboard for this long is a serious achievement!

“As my eyes flicked from Angela White’s on-screen eyes and Britney’s bouncing tits below me, I couldn’t hold back and impregnated the soft, sloppy pussy of this realistic big boobs sex doll.”

Balls Deep With Britney, The Big Boobs Sex Doll From Tantaly!

In this article, I want to reveal four unmissable Tantaly sex dolls to celebrate their fourth anniversary and let you in on a little surprise the brand has in store for the people who have stuck by them every step of the way.

Now, let’s begin!

Candice With the Hypnotic Tits!

First up is the alluring sex doll torso Candice. This is a 1: 1 scale body based on the ideal female figure and looks exactly like the kind of body you’d see on a porn set.

Whatever your kinks are, Candice allows you to dress her up however you wish to set the mood for the impending sexual carnage you’re about to unleash on her!

Candice is a no-holes-barred kind of girl and her tight ass and welcoming pussy are waiting for you to slide in and fuck all night.

This is a girl who doesn’t tap out, no matter how hard you bang her and regardless of how big your cock is!

What’s Candice’s Best Feature?

The thing most people love about Candice is arguably her natural and exceptionally bouncy tits. When these lifelike gel tits start jiggling around mid-sex, they’re downright hypnotic!

The Pornstar Sex Doll Based on Morgpie

Have you ever witnessed the divine cock slut Morpgie in action? If not, then you’re missing out! This redhead and tattooed slut has a body to die for with gorgeous supple tits and a big and bouncy ass!

A true nympho, the idea of fucking Morgie in her dick-hungry holes is merely a wet dream for many men. But thanks to the team at Tantaly who have collaborated with this dick-hardening pornstar, the chance to fuck her (kind of) has never been easier!

The Morgpie sex doll from Tantaly is a torso replica of the famous porn slut and is highly customizable to cater to all manner of sexual fantasies!

Just like the girl herself, this sex doll is equipped with the latest technology to ensure her divine tits and supple ass bounces wildly as the action grows more intense!

What People Love Most About the Morgpie Sex Doll

The Morgpie sex doll is exceptionally versatile, allowing you to maneuver her into multiple positions from prone bone and missionary to doggy style and reverse cowgirl!

Aurora the Hentai Sex Doll

Does Hentai porn give you goosebumps? The Aurora sex doll experiences the same thing! That’s right, this sex doll is fitted with the latest realistic skin technology that comes with pores and goosebumps.

Aurora has a body that looks like it has come straight out of a Hentai comic and is perfect for those with a penchant for cosplay and fantasy porn as you can dress her up however you want and bring your wildest cartoon porn fantasies to life!

The sex-loving doll has two welcoming holes between her smooth and welcoming thighs and each has the latest Fleshlight-style technology that feels like you’re fucking a real pussy or ass!

Aurora’s Best Feature? She’s so Damn Breedable!

Plump tits, a bouncy ass, and a hip circumference a few inches wider than most other Tantaly sex dolls means Aurora’s body is downright breedable!

That’s right! It takes a lot of willpower for a guy to pull his cock out of this alluring sex doll and not fill her with cum, but you can do so risk-free, which is part of the beauty of realistic sex dolls!

Miki is the Ideal Beginner’s Sex Doll!

And last but not least is one of Tantaly’s most affordable and begginner-friendly sex dolls on offer, Miki!

Now, compared to the other higher-end sex dolls on this list, Miki doesn’t match the quality. However, as with anything, sex dolls are a case of you get what you pay for.

Regardless, Miki is a budget-friendly sex doll that is worthy of any man’s cock sliding inside! The doll boasts realistic curves, breedable hips, giant tits, and a bouncy ass.

Miki’s Best Feautres? It’s Portable and Budget-Friendly!

There’s a lot to like about the Miki sex doll, but two of the most popular features are its portability and price.

Miki is one of Tantaly’s lightest and more compact sex dolls and weighs a mere 13.2LB. Its price is under $200, too. Plus, when you combine this with one of Tantaly’s regular special offers, it can get even more affordable!

Oh, and speaking of special offers, let’s round off this article on Tantaly’s fourth anniversary by letting you in on a little secret about the latest surprise they have in store for new and old customers alike.

So, What’s The Big Surprise?

This selection of four Tantaly sex dolls celebrating the brand’s fourth anniversary has undoubtedly got your plums pumping! But stick around because things are about to get even better!

To celebrate four years in the sex doll business, Tantaly has planned a 15% off sale between June 15th and June 17th to any customer who uses the discount code Tantaly4years.

Now, have fun!


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