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The Wild Highlights of a Prague Sex Convention: My Visit to Erofest ’23

There are few things I love more than rubbing shoulders with my fellow porn fanatics at an adult convention like the Prague sex adventure of Erofest.

Over the years, I’ve become something of an expert on fetish and porn conventions around the world and have begun a mission to attend every last smut gathering in the world.

Recently, I attended the Venus Fair in Berlin and ended up taking multiple creampies from Gooners in the public bathroom, which you can read about here

”My black top was now visibly covered in cum, spit, and tears. However, I didn’t wash it off; this was a porn convention, after all. Who cares?”

Last month, I was able to attend the Erofest convention in the European capital of Porn: Prague! I left smelling of porn, with a bag full of new sex toys and the taste of cum in my mouth.

Short on time? Watch my latest Youtube video showcasing all of the show’s naughtiest highlights here:

Now, prepare yourself for the highlights!

Meeting a Gang of Iconic Pornstars

Having the chance to meet your porn heroes is one that only a few lucky people get to experience, but Erofest had a formidable array of porn sluts eager to meet their fans, sign merch, and pose for photos!

If you’re a fan of Euro porn and know your way around the Czech porn industry, there was a few notorious names present that you’ll no doubt recognize!

First up was Valentina Sierra, who, as well as meeting fans, was also performing a hypnotic strip show on the event’s main stage that allowed you to see her divine meaty pussy up close.

Valentina has starred in some genuinely hardcore smut ranging from piss-covered gangbangs and hardcore fisting to interracial DAP, and meeting this iconic porn MILF was a true pleasure.

Alexis Crystal was also attending, and you’ll no doubt remember this cute slut from her appearances on the likes of Private.com that saw her sweet twat defiled by four gigantic black dicks!

Florane Russel is a busty blonde veteran of the porn industry and has had the honor of worshipping the iconic porn cocks of Rocco Siffredi as well as starring in the anal sex adventures created by Giorgio Grandi.

A popular favorite of Blacked.com fans, Stacey Cruz, was also on hand to meet her fans. I’ve watched this cute-looking girl get gaped open by BBC more times than I can remember, and meeting her in person was an honor.

I mean, they say never to meet your heroes, but the pornstars are Erofest were all some of the warmest, most welcoming, friendly, and downright perverted folks you could ever hope to meet.

Some, like Florane Russel, even offered special extras that fans could pay for to get a more personal experience, an offer I took up towards the end of the event, but more on that shortly! 

The Erotic Car Wash Show

Standing atop a huge American-style pickup truck were two horny young harlots aged around 19. As the song ‘’Car Wash’’ kicked into action, they began an erotic car wash show that made my slit leak.

These horny sluts neglected the pickup truck and rubbed their divine bodies down with soapy water before stripping naked and sucking each other’s tits and French kissing each other. The bed of the truck wasn’t the only thing soaking wet!

Exploring The Latest Sex Toys

With my slit now throbbing, I made my way through the various sex toy brands who are attending the event to see the latest tech on offer.

From male masturbators that sync to the rhythm of the fucking of your favorite porn and brutal BDSM fucking benches to pornstar cock dildos and merciless fucking machines, I was soon flashing my credit card to beef up my sex toy collection with the latest seedy tech!

The Live BDSM show

When the iconic Progidgy song ‘’Smack My Bitch Up’’ began playing, I found myself lured back to the pickup truck performance area to find two Dominatrix bitches performing a live BDSM show.

After whipping the fuck out of each other’s divine bodies and indulging in some face-sitting, they turned their attention to the horny crowd of spectators. 

Men and women bold enough to let themselves be dragged into the fray were publically humiliated with dog leads, hot candle wax, and everything in between!

This wild public BDSM experience went on for over ten minutes and was downright hypnotic to see!

Meeting The Master of Prolapse Porn: Giorgio Grandi

If there’s a porn brand instantly synonymous with the Czech Republic, it’s the piss-soaked prolapse adventures created by the Italian porn master Giorgio Grandi. 

Whoreuro Visit Giorgio Grandi at the First Studio of the Legendary LegalPorno Brand!
Kira Lis Diable wearing a Whoreuro crop top in the Giorgio Grandi studio.

The king of DAP and TAP porn at its most extreme was attending the Erofest show to meet fans and was standing alongside some of the most iconic pornstars who have starred in his notoriously hardcore productions, such as Jolee Love.

To my delight, Whoreuro managed to secure a ringside seat at a DAP gangbang shoot in the Giorgio Grandi studios, resulting in a two-part article that provides an unprecedented insight into this iconic porn brand, which you can read in full here.

Rehydrating Myself With a Salty Surprise

After a few hours, I took a break at a largely empty bar in one of the hangars of the event and checked through my photos.

Suddenly, two guys in their late forties took a seat right next to me, despite the entire place being mostly empty, and they soon struck up a conversation.

‘’So, are you here alone?’’ one of them asked with a smirk.

These two were seedy as fuck, and I knew they were trying their luck. However, my time was limited at the event, so I decided to streamline things.

‘’Are you here to make small talk, or are you here to fuck?’’ I asked while downing the last of my Czech beer, ”If you’re looking to play, there’s a toilet over there. Follow me.’’

These two abandoned their almost full pints and hastily followed me into the cubicle. Taking a seat on the toilet, I pulled my top aside to expose my tits which they hungrily grabbed and groped.

Now tipsy from the beer I’d hastily drank, I found myself with two cocks in my mouth and an increasingly large patch of deepthroat drool gathering on my chest.

The gagging sounds reverberated around the piss-soaked walls of the toilets for around five minutes until one of the guys pumped his load into my mouth, and the other sprayed the contents of his hanging balls all over my tits.

My black top was now visibly covered in cum, spit, and tears. However, I didn’t wash it off; this was a porn convention, after all. Who cares?

Doing a Shot on a Pornstar’s Body

My ruined makeup and cum-stained attire drew some horny stares as the event began to wind down, and I was soon presented with the perfect way to finish off the event!

For the price of an expensive cocktail, Florane Russel was offering fans the chance to do a shot of alcohol From her body. But, as a woman, I was able to negotiate something better.

”Can I suck it out of your belly button?’’ I asked this porn queen meekly, to which she agreed and allowed me to pour the drink Into the recesses of her stomach that I’d admired in her many iconic porn flicks.

Sucking the alcohol from her belly button was a true rush, and while I wished I was sucking on her high-mileage clit instead, it was still a damn fine way to round off the Erofest convention!

What I Didn’t Like

As much as Erofest was a fun experience, it wasn’t all roses, and there were a few criticisms I had. And, as you all know, I like to keep my reports as unbiased and transparent as can be!

The Entry is Chaotic

As an eager porn addict with a penchant for good timekeeping, I was one of the first to arrive at Erofest. But the entry system was chaotic and very disorganized. 

The ticket office didn’t open until after the fair began, and after a long wait in the crowd of increasingly irate attendees, I got to the front to be told that cards weren’t accepted. 

A sign stating this in advance would have been handy. There was an ATM nearby. But guess what? It was inside the fair, meaning you couldn’t access it without the ticket I was trying to buy. 

Fuck me! Luckily, I batted my eyelids at the military-style security guards who let me in to use the ATM. However, they weren’t so friendly to non-cash-carrying guys trying to do the same.

Not the most flawless start to the event.

The Lighting Inside is Awful

One of the best things about porn and sex conventions is the ability to take photos of the various wild things on display. 

However, the lighting inside Erofest was so dark that taking any pictures without a professional camera with a flash was exceptionally difficult. I lost count of the number of blurred photos I had to delete.

Is This Prague Sex Convention Worth The Trip?

So, what are my final thoughts? Compared to the Venus Fair in nearby Berlin, Erofest is definitely on the smaller end of the scale and is nowhere near as impressive, and there were a few negatives to the event.

However, it does have its own charm and is well worth visiting for anybody with a passion for kink and porn.

This fair offers the chance to view live erotic shows, get hands-on with the latest sex toys on the market and, most importantly, meet some of the Czech Republic’s most iconic pornstars!

Would I go back? Hell yes! Would I go to Erofest over Venus Fair? No.

Want to see what other sticky holes I found myself in during my visit to the Czech capital? Dont miss my notorious Gooner’s Guide to Prague covering everything from Gloryhole clubs to sex cinemas.


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