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Top 10 Dirty & Extreme Eastern European Pornstars

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Over the course of my life, I’ve covered a lot of Europe. But I love Eastern Europe in particular. From the food and the people to its abundance of history, there’s a lot to like. But Eastern European Pornstars? That’s the cherry on the cake!

If there’s one Cold War-era stereotype I hate, it’s that Eastern Europe is cold, dark, and miserable. Trust me, it’s anything but. For the savvy traveller, the East truly holds a wide variety of sex establishments just begging to be explored.

“I come from a very small place in Eastern Europe, so my whole life has kind of been one big fight to live my dream against all odds.”

– Kerli.

But whilst travel is far from easy in these trying times, I’m going to provide a snapshot of sex in the East through arguably the next best thing: 10 of the hottest pornstars representing a different country in Eastern Europe. We’ll be covering stuff like:

  • The blonde Bulgarian pornstar whose eye-watering accidental anal antics ended up on eFukt.
  • The Ukrainian pornstar who took two black cocks in her pussy combined with extreme anal fisting, all with a seedy smile!
  • The Greek porn star whose hardcore anal scenes often end with a prolapsed asshole.

So join us, as we traverse the wild East in search of the sluts who are putting their country’s names firmly on the map. By the end of this article, you’ll be an aficionado on Eastern European pornstars and will have expanded your multiporn familiarity. Now, Davai!

Vicky Sol is one of the classic Greek porn stars

Vicky Sol is one of the classic Greek porn stars

There’s no denying that Greece has some of the most stunning Eastern European women out there. When it comes to classic Greek porn stars, there are few who personifies this better than Vicky Sol.

Born in 1983, this Greek pornstar sports characteristic looks of her nation and boasts an all-natural body with divine, perky tits. But what earns her a place on this list? Her jaw-dropping anal abilities, that’s what!

From multiple anal creampies to four-man anal gangbangs, Vicky Sol’s ass knows little limits. Some of my favourite scenes of hers are those that feature her ass being gaped by cock.

You’ll know when you’ve hit the right Greek porn star scenes starring Vicky when you see her showing off an anal prolapse, anything less is just a warm-up as far as I’m concerned!

Breanne Benson the Albanian pornstar

Albanian pornstar Breanne Benson

You know we don’t do things mainstream here at Whoreuro. So to kick off our list, let’s begin with the country formerly known as Europe’s North Korea: Albania! This once secretive country was once closed off to most of the world leaving many of us blissfully unaware of the sexual prowess of Albanian women.

Luckily, Albanian pornstars are making up for lost time and there is a growing number of girls from the Balkan country making a name for themselves in the adult industry. One of them is Breanne Benson!

This petite bisexual pornstar was born in 1984 in the Albanian capital of Tirana before emigrating to America. She entered porn at the age of 19 and her characteristic Albanian features soon made her popular amongst fans seeking new Eastern European pornstars.

The sexual appetite of this heavily tattooed Albanian pornstar made her equally popular amongst porn producers and she’s worked for major brands like Hustler and Wicked. Her girl on girl and girl on guy scenes are equally delectable and worth checking out.

Sindy Rose is a Ukrainian pornstar who loves extreme anal play

Sindy Rose is a Ukrainian pornstar who loves extreme anal play

Well, if you love extreme anal porn stars from Eastern Europe, then you’re going to love who’s up next. Introducing Sindy Rose, a blonde Ukrainian pornstar MILF with an asshole that just defies belief.

With blonde hair, blue eyes, and quintessential Ukrainian features, the truth is not many people look at Sindy Rose’s face. Instead, they stare into the sloppy abyss that is her gaping asshole. To prove my point, let me show you a particular scene that isn’t for the faint-hearted.

It is, however, one of my favourite porn scenes of Sindy Rose. Surrounded by three black cocks, it begins with her squirting red wine out of her Ukrainian ass as her male co-stars catch it in wine glasses and promptly drink this Eastern European pornstar’s anal nectar.

Then, in one of the most hardcore gangbangs I’ve ever seen, she has her Ukrainian pussy filled with two enormous big black cocks as a third man brutally fists her puckered asshole, much to the anal delight of the insatiable Sindy Rose.

Natasha Ola is a little known icon of the Moldova porn scene

The infamous Bulgarian pornstar Claudia Shotz

Ah, Moldova. Europe’s least visited country. Better known for its wine and pies than porn, this country has gifted us a slutty gem nonetheless. When it comes to the Moldova porn scene, Natasha Ola is a busty but underrated icon.

Born in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau in 1979, Natasha Ola is technically a Soviet-era pornstar. With fake 34C tits that accentuate her petite Moldovan frame, she began her porn career in 2008 and is still active now.

Over the years, she’s filmed a wide range of porn. From girl on girl to threesomes and even some Gloryhole action. Jet black hair, a seductive Eastern European porn star accent, and oiled up fake tits, Natasha Ola is a must-watch for fans of MILF sluts from Moldova.

Busty Anissa Jolie is one of the most hardcore Hungarian pornstars

Busty Anissa Jolie is one of the most hardcore Hungarian pornstars

If our article on the best big tit whore in porn is anything to go by, it seems like Hungary has a theme with busty women. Reinforcing that stereotype about these particular Eastern European pornstars. is the stunning Anissa Jolie. Born in 1991, this hardcore porn slut is already making some memorable scenes.

With a curvy figure, gigantic Hungarian tits, and a sleazy smile that just begs for cock, Anissa Jolie is developing a wide fan base already. She’s already starred in a handful of scenes with producers like Fake Hostel and DDF and shows no signs of stopping!

My personal favourite scene of this hardcore Hungarian girl sees her taking a stroll through a nice park in Budapest where she’s propositioned by a horny sex tourist. As more money changes hands, Jolie exposes her tits, sucks cock, and gets much more than some fresh air in the park!

Classic 90s porn actresses from Belarus

Classic 90s porn actresses from Belarus

I try to keep my porn coverage as niche as possible. When it comes to the hottest Eastern European pornstars, it doesn’t get much more niche than Belarus. This secretive country is a dictatorship led by a Soviet-era leader who has retained a lot of qualities from the old days.

But we’re not here to talk about that. So let’s discuss one of the best 90s porn actresses who hails from Belarus. Katia Fulop had a porn career with Private Magazine that only lasted a year, but she certainly put Belarussian porn on the map in that timeframe!

With a gorgeous smile and alluring blue eyes, this young pornstar was sporting the classic blonde hairstyle of the 1990s Eastern Bloc. But her innocent looks soon faded when she performed on camera.

This Belarussian slut had few limits. Gangbangs, double penetration, Bukakke, and some hardcore anal fucking, she took it all with a smile and swallowed enough cum to sink the Soviet Union, again!

The infamous Bulgarian pornstar Claudia Shotz

The infamous Bulgarian pornstar Claudia Shotz

Moving further into the Balkans, let’s look at the realm of Bulgarian pornstars. This ancient country on the Black Sea has some truly beautiful women, and their pornstars certainly do them justice. However, Claudia Shotz’s porn career became famous for all the wrong reasons.

This blonde Bulgarian pornstar was born in 1992 before making her way to the U.S. to begin a porn career. With the looks of a classic Bulgarian girl and a seductive Eastern European pornstar accent to match, she was instantly popular.

Claudia Shotz couldn’t have been happier with a cock in her mouth and could easily squirt at a moment’s notice. What she didn’t like, as many of us can relate to, is a cock unexpectedly in her asshole.

During a scene for CumLouder, this Bulgarian pornstar was being fucked Doggystyle in the back of a van. Suddenly the male actors cock slipped out and accidentally went deep into her asshole, spawning a viral porn video that ended up on sites like eFukt. Where, to add insult to injury, she’s incorrectly labelled as Spanish…

Black Angelika is a filthy Romanian pornstar

Black Angelika is a filthy Romanian pornstar

Romanian has an abundance of loose women with a lust for cock. As a result, they’re heavily represented in the adult industry in Europe and further afield in the United States. Sandra Romain will always be the queen of Romanian pornstars, but today we’ll be looking at another icon: Black Angelika!

Born in the Romanian capital of Bucharest in 1987, Black Angelika. With an absolutely stunning physique and quintessential Romanian features, she entered porn at the age of 22. Two years later, she had an incredible tit job and even won an award for the best European porn star.

Her career really took off after this and she ended up working for major porn producers like Brazzers and Digital Playground. Some of her best work was for the iconic private Magazine though.

My personal favourite scene of Black Angelika was Teens Vs MILFs. In sordid scenes, this Romanian pornstar took Rocco Siffredi’s enormous cock deep in her ass. Every time it pulled out, hot American MILF Simone Sonay was waiting to suck the taste of her ass off with intense enthusiasm.

The Slovenian Godess of Busty Cassandra

busty Cassandra from slovenia is one of the best eastern european pornstars

Now we head to the Balkan country of Slovenia to discover the gorgeous Slovenian pornstar known as Busty Cassandra. With the look of her fellow countrywoman Milania Trump, she is the quintessential porn star of her nation.

Busty Cassandra was born in Yugoslavia in 1979 and later began a porn career that spanned over 80 different performances. With bleach blonde hair, enormous natural tits, and Eastern European eyes that begged men to fuck her, her porn performances were incredible.

Now fairly retro, this Slovenian pornstar’s scenes largely catered for the MILF fetish. Despite the early era Busty Cassandra began her porn career in, she had no qualms about doing everything from double penetration to jaw-dropping gangbangs.

Lithuanian porn stars don’t come better than Tina Kay

Lithuanian porn stars don't come better than Tina Kay

As we move into the Baltics, our journey through Eastern European pornstars brings us to Lithuania. Introducing Tina Kay! Born in 1985, this stunning Baltic beauty entered the world of porn at the age of 21 after persistent offers for her to join the ranks of the adult industry.

At first, she paced herself and stuck solely to lesbian porn scenes. But her exhibitionist love for sex on film grew and she soon upgraded to classic smutty niches. She was soon picked up by some major porn producers with some of her greatest scenes being made by Private.com.

One of my personal favourite scenes is when she starred alongside Monica Wild. Taking place in a sleazy public bathroom, it features whipping, double anal, boot licking, and sucking anal creampies from Monica’s ass. It’s not to be missed.

In interviews, Tina Kay has confessed she has fucked men on the back of a camel in Egypt and boasted that she has zero limits. Thankfully, this kinky Lithuanian natural shows no signs of retiring soon.

Go East, young man!

To round off this list of some of the dirtiest, nastiest, and taboo porn stars from Eastern Europe: I hope this guide to the women of the East has led you to discover some truly underrated gems from the former USSR, Yugoslavia, and the Eastern Bloc.

The stereotype of Eastern Europe being cold, dark, and miserable is false and downright harmful. If this list has shown one thing, it’s that our friends in the East know how to have some seriously kinky fun, on and off camera! So go East, you man!

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  1. I traveled to the Czech Republic and planned to stay for a week for sex… but the beautiful and well-built, skilled and colorful women there kept me for a month. Every day sex. Every day happiness. It was the best days of my life


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