Trans Pornstar Harem Review: The World’s First Transsexual Video Game!

Sex-based browser games are ten a penny these days, and it’s getting harder and harder to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This is because, for every decent, honest-to-God adult browser game that is willing to give you a good time, there are ten that are thinly veiled clickbait ads that are not games so much as attempts to get you to hand over as much money as possible. 

The problem is only exacerbated when you enter the wonderful world of transsexual browser games. It’s a niche within a niche, making it harder to find the good stuff rather than time-wasting adware. 

”In addition, the TS girls they’ve got onboard aren’t just any old amateur cam girls – they’re hot as hell and pure Goon Fuel, with one or two professional transsexual pornstars thrown in the mix.”

In today’s porn game review, we’re going to be looking at Trans Pornstar Harem, which proudly boasts to be the world’s first transsexual pornstar game.

Does it fall into the former camp of being a genuinely entertaining and high-quality adult browser game? Or is it yet another disingenuous quagmire of ads and paywalled basic features?

Read on in this quintessential Trans Pornstar Harem review to find out, or give it a test run for yourself here. 

What Is Trans Pornstar Harem?

Trans Pornstar Harem pretty much lays out its mission statement in that title – it’s a game where you build up a harem. Of pornstars. Who are transsexual. You get the picture. 

You play the role of an unnamed everyman who is approached by a sexy trans angel who magically (or telepathically, or perhaps both) transforms you so that you look to every woman who meets you like the most desirable man on earth.

This, naturally, leads to plenty of hardcore transsexual fucking. Also, every woman you meet has a dick. If you hadn’t clued into that with the whole ‘trans’ angle, then you soon will once the fucking starts. 

After the intro – which treats you to a brief origin story in which you get introduced to your angel and are treated to some gratis stills of hot trans girls fucking – you’ll get down to brass tacks, which is building and managing your harem. 

How Do You Play Trans Pornstar Harem? 

Trans Pornstar is, in essence, a one-click RPG. This means that you don’t ever need to do anything other than click your mouse once – everything is on-screen at any given time, and there are no extra buttons or commands to memorize. 

A big part of Trans Pornstar Harem is resource management. You must keep an eye on three basic resources throughout: energy, ‘combativity,’ and money.

  • The first is the most important, being used to progress through the story and get just about anything done that involves moving through the world.
  • The second is used to ‘fight’ in PVP battles, netting you new gifts for the transsexual girls in your harem and other bonuses.
  • Finally, in-game money is used to buy upgrades and gifts, giving you bonuses in those PVP battles and making the girls more affectionate towards you. 

And speaking of that affection – that basically dictates how much of the goods you get to see. The more gifts you give the girls in your harem, the more they like you.

There are three levels of affection, and when you hit a new one you’ll be greeted with a still of a wild sex scene involving the girl.

Her avatar will also permanently become slightly less busy in the way of clothes, giving you a great look at what she’s working with. 

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because it probably is familiar if you’ve played any of the other harem games that fall under the Kinkoid umbrella.

All of the games operate from the same model – manage some simple resources, click through some story stuff, and buy money and gold to keep the girls in your harem happy. 

This is not to say that this model is bad, exactly. Much like McDonald’s, it’s familiar, knowable, and does exactly what you want it to do.

Which, in this case, is to provide you with a steadily growing harem of hot transsexual chicks with quivering dicks. If that’s your thing, then you’re going to be very happy. 

What I Like About Trans Pornstar Harem

Like all of the Kinkoid harem games, one of the best things about Trans Pornstar Harem is how generous it is.

You can play pretty easily without spending a penny, with the only (real-world) resource needed being time.

You’ll run out of energy quite quickly if you blast through the storylines, but that’s no issue if you don’t mind waiting a day or two – your energy will fill back up slowly but surely. 

In addition, the TS girls they’ve got onboard aren’t just any old amateur cam girls – they’re hot as hell and pure Goon Fuel, with one or two professional transsexual pornstars thrown in the mix.

This means that you’re guaranteed only the very hottest trans girls when you play Trans Pornstar Harem.

Finally, it’s actually quite fun to play – an often-overlooked aspect of, y’know, adult games. The resource management is simple but effective, and rarely for anything involving porn; the dialogue is actually pretty witty and engaging.

The gaming might not be the primary reason you’re playing, but if it is, you’re in for a blast. You can give it a try for yourself here.

What I Don’t Like About This Transsexual Porn Game 

There really isn’t a whole lot that’s unlikeable about Trans Pornstar Harem, except to say that if this sort of resource-management browser RPG isn’t your cup of tea, you’re not going to like it.

But if that’s the case, then you should probably just go watch some traditional porn and let the rest of us get on with seducing hot trans girls in Chrome Incognito tabs so our wives can’t find it in our browser history. 

How Much Does It Cost to Play? 

As noted, Trans Pornstar Harem is very easy to play without spending a penny, as long as you don’t mind doing that old browser game thing of logging in, playing your 20 minutes, then logging back out for the day.

If you’d rather play as much as you wanted, however, you can buy resource packs for as little as $4 and subscriptions that give you a bunch of stuff on a monthly basis for six months.

These subscriptions vary in value from gold to platinum and cost as little as $20 for 6 months all the way up to $400 for 6 months (with a commensurately larger number of perks and resources). 

So, Is It Worth Playing?

Trans Pornstar Harem does exactly what you’d expect of a Kinkoid browser game – manage resources, click through porn stills, and undress girls with gifts. And that’s a good thing since it’s engaging, easy to get to grips with, and generous with its freebies. 

It ain’t like watching transsexual porn, though. But if that’s what you’re after, then you’re in the wrong place. And if it is, load that bad boy up and enjoy! 


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