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PornRaptor Interview: Taking Gooning to the Next Level!

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Twitter. It’s one of the most underrated sources of Goon Fuel there is and has played a vital role in connecting Gooners and Goonettes from around the world over their burning lust for porn.

But, sometimes, there comes a profile that stands out more than others to me—the kind of profiles that brainwash me with Goon Fuel whenever I open Twitter, such as PornRaptor.

Blessed with the kind of porn-trained fuck meat that most men dream of, this wild Pornosexual is a perverse little fucker who adores pounding his hole as much as he loves to pump his Goon Stick.

I just had to sit him down and get between his thighs to find out more, and the result is this exclusive Gooning interview. Now, if you’re sure you’re able to handle it, prepare to meet PornRaptor!

So, Raptor! You’ve earned a meaty following on Twitter. Can you introduce yourself and your content to your fellow Gooners?

Hey Catherine, thanks for having me! I really appreciate it; I never had the chance to talk about my love for porn, so I’m pretty excited about this; it should be fun!

I’m a guy, 30, and I’ve been stroking to porn since a pretty young age. I’m blown away by the following I’ve been gathering on Twitter in the past half year or so; it’s truly mind-blowing, and the whole experience it’s Goon Fuel in and of itself.

I’ve been on Twitter for quite a few years but up until last summer, I had just been lurking in the shadows, stroking to porn without posting anything, unlike now.

I was active on Tumblr before the purge, then on BDSMLR (someone might remember me; I was pornNroll over there), and now on Twitter.

My content is mostly about extreme anal, piss and puke porn, deepthroat, and, of course, perfect porn slut bodies!

The only original content I sometimes post is either pics of my big goon meat or videos/gifs of my anal training sessions. 

Love it! So, How did your Gooning journey begin?

Well, that started early, I guess. Looking back, it was when I started ripping pages from my mom’s discarded fashion magazines.

I’d look for full-page photo ads of lingerie/swimwear or revealing photoshoots, and I’d keep them in a hidden stash so I could go back and look at them whenever I wanted.

Then porn magazines, pics, and videos started appearing on the scene, and not much later, I was scouring the internet for pics of naked women.

When I then discovered the world of porn video sites, that’s when I actually unknowingly started my journey into edging/gooning.

I’d stroke for as long as possible to videos of pornstars getting their holes drilled and started developing a fixation on anal and big tits.

That’s when I first felt the need to insert something in my ass as well, just like those gorgeous sluts were doing in those videos.

From then on, my hunger for porn grew and grew, my kinks developed, and here I am now, a porn devotee happily embracing my growing addiction! 

You class yourself as an anal Gooner; why do you choose to pound your ass when you Goon? Does it help you connect with the pornstars on screen?

Yeah, I think that’s it. As I grew more and more bewitched by the sheer intensity of the perverted acts I was staring at on my computer screen, something probably clicked in my brain, and I started thinking of how it would be like to feel what those porn sluts were feeling while they were being filled with cocks and toys.

The Extreme Anal Queen Test: How Hardcore Are You?

I had an asshole, just like them, so I started exploring my hole with fingers and pens/markers at first, and soon enough, I grew addicted to the feeling of stuffing and stretching my asshole, making me feel like the pornstars I was jerking my cock over.

It wasn’t until I started living alone, though, that I could really step up my anal training. I bought butt plugs and dildos and really started training my ass, and it just felt so good; it was like I had discovered a whole new way of enjoying porn.

Bouncing on dildos and keeping my hole plugged, pretending to be one of those gorgeous porn sluts I was gooning to.

Basically I’ve been training my ass since I was 19, that’s when I bought my first toys. I’ve been stepping up in sizes over the years, and even though lately i’m not training as much as I would like, i can take a 2.75 inch (7cm) in diameter plug with just a couple hours of warm up!

It’s not crazy big, but it’s enough to truly fill me up! I’m better at width than depth, even though a few times I managed to make a full double dildo disappear inside my ass!

Speaking of pornstars, which on-screen whores have been the biggest inspiration for you and why?

Whoa, there are too many…but I’ll try my best to list a few that really left a mark for me! So, there’s Jenna Jameson, probably my first blonde-big tits-small body crush, then Peta Jensen with her perfect fake tits and brain-melting hot face.

Bianca Beauchamp also has been a favorite of mine, I used to go on so much to her photosets from the beginning, and the fact that now she’s doing porn, too, makes my Gooner heart very happy.

Then there’s Alysa Gap, Bobbi Starr, and Kelly Wells. They really kickstarted my anal obsession. Kelly Well’s scenes were so raunchy, and Alysa’s magical, bottomless gaping asshole still makes me throb and want to stuff my ass to this day! She really got me down the extreme-anal rabbit hole.

My mind was then blown (and consequently my asshole, too) by Hotkinkyjo, Siswet, Roxy Raye, Isabella Clarke, and many more extreme anal queens – watching them stuff their guts with all sorts of huge things really made me wanna the same to my Gooner hole.

Lots of Legalporno models also have a special place in my heart, Barbie Sins, Anna deVille, Arwen Gold, Jasmine Jae… there are just so many gorgeous porn whores I would like to thank for deepening my love for porn! 

What kind of toys do you like to use when you Goon? —

I have various butt plugs, tunnel plugs, BBC dildos, gags, a penis pump, a few slutty panties I collected over the years, and a selection of various thick shampoo/soap bottles (they’re great for ass stretching as they keep their max diameter all the way, just like soda/beer cans).

Cock rings are always a must also, I wear one almost constantly, even at work most of the times. They have a similar effect to a cock pump (depending on their tightness), and they help in keeping porn on my mind even if I can’t Goon!

I also love to use belts when I’m really drooling for porn – I put my ring gag on, put a tight belt around my waist, tie my legs to a chair, arch my back, and mercilessly pound my hole with big toys while I flood my poor brain with porn.

Damn, I really wish I had a fuck machine to do the fucking so my hands could be tied up also! 

You’re a connoisseur of extreme porn; what are your three favorite extreme porn niches and why?

Easy one, extreme anal, piss, and puke porn. Maybe they’re not niches anymore; they’re more like categories nowadays.

When they’re all mixed up together, I really go insane! Why anal? Because it’s just so hot seeing awesome perfect porn butts stretched and filled to their limit, and because it makes me wanna do the exact same to my hungry hole.

Why piss and puke porn? Because it’s just so degrading, and it’s so hot.. seeing pretty girls being degraded/degrading themselves is genuinely my biggest trigger.

I look at all those rivers of piss, those puke-squirting and bulging throats, and I Goon to thought of being degraded/degrade myself in the same way.

It’s such a turn-on. Almost not a day goes by that I don’t crave a mouthful of piss. Thankfully the more I Goon, the more I need to piss, so it’s a win-win situation.

So, yeah big fan of piss, puke, and anal. Extreme deepthroat, too, but that usually leads to puke, so… Ideally, puking piss in a gaping asshole.

Or maybe on a juicy anal prolapse? Also a big turn on, but i guess it falls under the extreme-anal category. 

What’s the filthiest porn-inspired sex act/acts you’ve done in real life?

Well, when it comes to sex acts with other people, nothing too crazy, sadly (not yet!), but in my most heated Gooning marathons, I did degrade myself in ways that still make me throb when I think about it.

Cum on pizza

So let me tell you about a couple of them. I was working in this cafe once and closing up shop alone. I had been horny the whole day and had already worked half of my shift with a buttplug up my rectum.

So when I was all alone closing up, I decided I had to let my porn energy out somehow, or else I would have gone insane.

I grabbed a couple of unsold blueberry muffins and headed to the toilet, removed my buttplug, lubed up my loose hole with lots of spit, and pushed the muffins deep inside my hungry hole.

Mmm, they filled me up so good, and I felt like a good slut. I left them in quite a bit while I stroked my meat and edged a few times.

Then I sat on the toilet floor in a corner, my back against the walls, and pulled my legs as far back as I could. With heavy breaths, I pushed them out one after the other in my hand; their muffin shape was gone, my rectum had squashed them, and they were soaked in sweet anal juice.

I ate them all while still sitting on the toilet floor and pushing out the biggest rosebud I could. Like a good gooner should. Another time, I was also super Gooned out, so I decided to buy a bunch of bananas, as a pretty filthy idea was floating in my mind.

”I want to have a hungry slut use my face as a seat and rub away until she waterboards me with piss and squirt”

Once I was home alone, I started gooning, and my brain was already in overdrive. I soon started stretching my asshole with plugs, and as I didn’t want to waste any more time, I peeled something like 3-4 bananas and pushed them inside my rectum, one by one.

They filled me up so good and I could feel them slowly getting mashed by the heat and moisture of my guts. After gooning for a while with all those bananas inside of me, I pushed them all out on a large plate and soaked them in piss.

It was like a piss and banana soup. I also filled a glass with piss, which I greedily gulped down as an appetizer.

And then, the main dish, I ate and slurped up all that urine and banana mess right from the plate, with my ass up in the air (which had already been plugged again, for good measure).

I might have a thing for food play, haha. Whenever I need a snack while gooning I usually piss or precum on it before eating it!

Or I might leak some anal juices on it, and I actually don’t mind too much if they’re a bit dirty. 

What are three porn-inspired things on your sexual bucket list that you’d love to carry out?     

Ok, like three specific things? Tough one; I’ll try not to be too broad. Firstly, pissing inside another porn addict like me.

Filling someone up with my warm piss, whether in their ass, throat, or cunt, and watching/feeling it overflow around my cock, is definitely high up on my bucket list.

Whoreuro Visit Giorgio Grandi at the First Studio of the Legendary LegalPorno Brand!

Secondly, being used like a urinal. It’s kind of like the first, but the roles are switched, and now I’m the one who’s been filled with warm porn wine! Feeling a strong jet of piss hit the back of my throat and flowing down into my stomach is something that I find myself craving basically every day!

Thirdly, worshipping a big perfect porn cock with my mouth while some cute girl is drilling my ass with a thick strap-on dildo (or with both her fists).

If I were flexible enough, I would suck the hell out of my own big dick, making myself blast sperm and piss right inside my mouth. Maybe I should start a serious stretching routine to get there eventually! It would be so hot.

There are so many more perverted things I’d love to carry out, so here are a few quick honorable mentions:

  • Leg-locking a cock-hungry Goonette with my dick in her throat
  • Getting my mouth and gaping asshole filled with puke
  • Deepthroating on a cock until I puke
  • Punch-fisting some loose meat bucket
  • Have a hungry slut use my face as a seat and rub away until she waterboards me with piss and squirt

There are so many more, but let’s stop here! 

Your Gooning captions are often extremely hot; where does your inspiration come from?                    

I don’t overthink about it; I just try to write down something other than just a description of what’s going on, you know, stuff like “big tits slut gets fucked in the ass,” boring.

I mostly try to come up with associations with regular things and turn them into porn. Sometimes, they pop into my head straight away as I see something; other times, I save the post until I come up with a good caption to go with it.

Mainly, I try to keep the caption short and direct while giving some context to the porn shown below. 

What plans do you have for the future, and where do you see your Gooning journey in ten years?

Well, I’ll still be addicted to porn, that’s for sure! I have been for the past 11+ years and am not planning to quit.

In ten years’ time, I’ll hopefully be able to take much bigger things up my asshole, deepthroat long dildos, and be an overall better Gooner for porn.

Who knows what kind of crazy porn we’ll have in 10 years time! That’s exciting, isn’t it? One thing I’m planning to do eventually is to take more videos of me abusing my hole.

I do have a few on my profile already (if you scroll back enough), but I would love to do more and capture filthier porn-fuelled anal-going acts! So that’s for sure a goal of mine for the years to come.

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring Gooners looking to devote themselves to Pornosexuality?

I guess take your time. I can only speak from my experience, but it took me quite a while to embrace my pornosexual self; it didn’t happen overnight!

Let other Gooners sink you deeper into the rabbit hole of porn.

What I’m trying to say is that for me, edging/Gooning to porn is just a part of who I am, and since I’ve fully accepted it, I feel better about myself. That works for me.

It’s fun and it boosts my mood, i get grumpy and apathetic if I go too long without edging or stuffing my ass!

But it might work differently for you, so take your time and enjoy the ride. Don’t know if that makes sense, I’m not too good at giving advices LoL. Just have fun!

Final Words from The PornRaptor!

Catherine, I truly enjoyed this! A huge and sloppy thank you for your time and for allowing me to share a bit of my journey! Keep rocking and gooning y’all!

And likewise, from the bottom of my slutty heart, darling! It was a pleasure to have featured PornRaptor on Whoreuro, and I highly suggest you give him a follow on Twitter here.

He’s a bona fide purveyor of pure GoonFuel!

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