Caught Having Sex By Virgin Gooner's Mom (Taboo!)

As my Porn Mommy cunt engulfed her 21-year-old Gooner son’s virgin cock, I watched her eyes go from my contorted whore face down to my audacious stripper heels.

We’d been caught having sex by his mom, but I just stared her out and rode his virgin dick harder. It was wrong. It was taboo. But when I’m in the Porn Zone, nothing stops me.

Shortly after, I had to make the long walk to the front door and past his mum again. This time, my asshole was leaking with her son’s hot, sticky spunk.

In my latest true sex confession, I’ll reveal every sordid detail of the event to you. Prepare yourself; this is a filthy ride.

You Want To Lose Your Virginity To a Whore? That’s Dangerous!

The story begins in Rotherham, Yorkshire. I was there on a short but rather intense work trip. The days were long, and I was eager to ride some local Yorkshire cock before I headed home.

Tinder was a ghost town. But thankfully, the Ashley Madison hookup site was popping! After chatting with potential meets, one message from a virgin Pornosexual changed everything.

“Dear Catherine, I’m honestly in disbelief to see you in my hometown, but what an honour it is to see you here. My name is Neil. Although I haven’t had the honour to try a real pussy yet, I’ve been devoted to Pornosexuality since discovering it through your blog. You’re honestly one of my heroes. Would it be possible to take you out for dinner?”

It wasn’t his respectful, well-written message that grabbed my attention; it was the fact that he was a self-confessed virgin.

Of course, he could have been bullshitting me. But after checking out his profile, I was inclined to believe him. Skinny and nerdy-looking, he was the definition of a beta male virgin.

I demanded he shows me his cock, and he sent a photo of a meaty, veiny fuck stick that looked divine. Gooners genuinely have the nicest cocks!

He piqued my curiosity, and after a few messages back and forth, we were sitting opposite each other a few hours later in a local steakhouse.

I was dressed in a pair of black stripper heels, stockings, a short skirt, and a white blouse. It looked like he was taking a cheap hooker out to dinner, exactly as I intended.

The food was divine, but making this virgin Gooner squirm even more pleasurable. He had no confidence and struggled to maintain eye contact with a formidable harlot like myself.

“So, you little virgin Pumpwhore, have you ever masturbated over me? Look at me when you speak, Gooner!” I said with a forked tongue. I had Neil in the palm of my hand, and he loved it.

“I was leaving with an asshole full of her son’s spunk. And little did she know, I would have fucked her afterwards too if given the chance.”

I toyed with him throughout the meal. I ordered him not to speak to the waiters or waitresses when they came over to ask if everything was ok. He just sat there like a beta mute.

We spoke about my sordid tales, the Gooning subculture, and our favourite Porn when he was allowed to speak. Neil was a good conversationalist; he just didn’t have any confidence.

When I went to the toilet, I slipped off my panties. Back at the table, I discreetly slid them into Neil’s pocket.

“That’s a little Goon treat from me,” I said in a kind, caring voice. “Go into the toilet, edge yourself for five minutes, then return; don’t you dare cum!”

When he returned, he had that unmistakable look of porn drunkenness in his red eyes. He’d been huffing my panties and watching smut on his phone. It was time to leave.

“Do you want to lose your virginity tonight?” I asked Neil matter-of-fact way. “I want to take your virginity in your Goon Cave and fuck that divine Goon Stick of yours.”

He wholeheartedly agreed, despite my warning him that losing your virginity to a whore is a dangerous way to do it. A very dangerous way indeed.

A Tour of His Virgin Goon Cave

Neil lived in a standard British semi-detached house on a quiet street in Rotherham. I wondered what his neighbours thought of him bringing a whore like me home.

He led the way into his bedroom. A single bed and a large, dated TV dominated the small, messy, and untidy space. From his chest of drawers, he removed his Goon collection.

“I’ve collected these since I first discovered pornosexuality,” Neil said proudly as he unveiled pornstar autographs, panties, and high heels. “What do you think, Catherine?”

“Your collection is fantastic, but why is it hidden away?” I asked, annoyed, “these should all be in pride of place on your walls!”

“You’re right, Catherine,” Neil said shamefully, “but it’s difficult. I can’t have my mom seeing them when she cleans my room”.

“As he pulled out of my gaping hole, a cougaluted blend of spit and spunk dripped onto the capret below. The Goon stench in the room was enough to make you drunk.”

“Your… your mum? Are you fucking serious?” I asked in disbelief. Having not seen the downstairs area, I genuinely assumed this grown man lived here alone. “When is she coming back?”

Neil told me she was out with friends for the evening and claimed we had lots of time to play. Oh, how wrong this Gooner was.

We sat on his bed and watched one of my favourite Porn flicks: A special Jasmine Jae blowbang from Brazzers. Sliding off my heel, I ordered Neil onto his knees.

Upon my command, he hungrily sucked on my little toes as I slid out of my skirt. His eyes hungrily eyed my exposed harlot pussy as a man possessed.

“Is this the first pussy you’ve ever seen in real life?” I asked as Neil confirmed with a nod. “They don’t all look like this; they’re usually much neater and less meaty. Mine’s just seen a lot of action.”

As this virgin sucked upon my divine toes, I rubbed my slit to the Porn on the TV. As the deepthroat drool built up on Jasmine Jae’s face, I came hard but didn’t squirt.

Caught having sex by mom

“Wanna tick off a serious accolade?” I asked Neil Misheieviously, “Get your mouth up here and tongue my cunt!”

I watched with Glee as Neil became gradually addicted to the sweet musk of a female slit. He tongued and slurped like you’d imagine a man who hasn’t seen a pussy before would.

As the Jasmine Jae porno switched to one of her infamous creampie gangbangs, my lower stomach started bubbling. I was about to squirt.

I hurriedly grabbed at some of the porn relics Neil had collected, a pair of panties belonging to Priya Rai, and huffed at this sweet, musty scent. After a few sniffs, I lost control.

As he moaned in sheer ecstasy, I painted Neil’s face, bed, and floor with my divine slit gush, and I roared like a harlot. My juices ruined his bedsheets.

Do You Have a Condom? Of Course, You Don’t!

Now I was triggered. My heart raced as my body sought more debauchery. I grabbed Neil and pushed him back into his single bed. The warmth of my fresh pussy juices caressed his back.

“Do you have a condom?” I asked Neil, causing him to look at me with a blank stare. “Of course, you don’t, you fucking virgin. Are you happy fucking me raw?”

Neil nodded so fast that he almost sprained his neck. I plunged his cock deep into my throat to cover it in a layer of spit, keeping it short to ensure he didn’t cum too soon.

“I’m going to ruin your life, do you understand?” I growled at Neil whilst gripping his face. “You’ll be addicted to whore cunts after today; regular women will never satisfy your lust”.

“Please, d… d… destroy me, Porn Mommy!” Neil whimpered. He sounded pathetic. His voice quivered just as much as his throbbing dick did.

Like a worker on a production line, I flung his meat inside my hole as many times I’d done before. Sliding down his smooth shaft, I watched his eyes roll back into his head.

His nervous shaking was fading away, and he was perfectly still by the time my labia had touched down on his hairy balls. Fuck! That is some good cock, I thought.

Caught Having Sex By Mom

Neil and I had been fucking each other’s brains for at least fifteen minutes. Like most Gooners, his porn training had given him serious stamina in bed. I’d already cum on his dick three times.

“You’re my nasty little porn slave, aren’t you, baby?” I muttered in Neil’s ear. “All those long hours of being a lil’ Pump Whore have prepared you for this moment!”

With Porn in one ear and my debauched dirty talk in the other, Neil’s senses were seriously dulled. When I heard a jingling sound, I assumed it was from something near the bed.

But when I heard the staircase creak, I knew we were about to be rudely interrupted. In my porn-crazed mind, I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted to. The bedroom door opened fully.

POV: You’ve just made eye contact with the Goonette Porn Mommy riding your son.

Standing there was a small middle-aged English woman. She was curvy with a blonde bob hairstyle. It was Neil’s mom, who had just caught us having sex. Gooner sex, no less.

The look of shock on her face was unforgettable. I leaned back with my hands on Neil’s knees as I thrust my hips into his fat Gooner cock. I didn’t give a shit that she caught us.

Her eyes went from my audacious slutty outfit to the extremely hardcore Porn playing on the screen. The shameful Gooner musk in the room was overwhelming.

I maintained unfaltering eye contact with her with my tongue out and eyes rolling; I was in pure Goonette mode. My face said one thing: Her song belongs to whores now.

“Jesus Christ, Neil!” his mom shouted whilst slamming the door and returning downstairs. “What the actual fuck?”

As she left, I moaned louder. My filthy harlot moans of lust must have followed her all the way down the staircase. My slit was bubbling more than ever.

Neil looked at me, shocked. I caressed his head and shared a deep sloppy kiss with him. It was time to wrap this up.

“I think I should leave soon,” I laughed, “but I want your spunk in me first.”

Cum In My Bowels

I’d missed my birth control pill that morning, so Neil had to empty his Gooner ballsack into my bowels.

Bending over into Doggystyle, I applied a generous layer of spit and Goon Slop all over Neil’s big dick and my puffy asshole. But it wasn’t enough.

His cock stretched my hole in a painal session that I couldn’t help but wail out like a demented whore. His mom downstairs undoubtedly heard everything.

Neil moaned and fucked with his tongue out like a true Pornosexual as his swinging balls smashed against my sloppy, leaking slit.

After a few minutes of painful anal that was only relieved by the aggressive rubbing of my slit, Neil gripped my smooth hips and prepared to blow his sticky filth deep into my forbidden hole.

“Cum for me, Gooner”, I growled whilst looking back at Neil, “pump my bowels full and show how much you love Porn Mommy. Cum for me, now!”

My bowels were pumped full of his Goon Juice as I came in sync for the final time in this Gooner sex session.

As he pulled out of my gaping hole, a coagulated blend of spit and spunk dripped onto the carpet below. The Goon stench in the room was enough to make you drunk.

The Walk of Shame, If I Had Any

In his post-orgasm clarity, Neil looked nervous after sobering up to the fact we’d been caught having sex. I consoled and advised him what to say to his mum to make it less awkward.

From making a whore squirt to cumming deep inside my ass, this virgin Gooner and I had worked together to make his porn fantasies a reality. I gave him my dirty panties as a souvenir.

As I got ready to leave, I was significantly less well-dressed than when I entered. My makeup was wrecked, my stockings were damp with squirt and jizz, and I had no panties.

We kissed farewell as I made my way out of the house. To the left of the front door was the entrance to the living room, where Neil’s mum was sitting and texting on her phone.

More Debauched Sex Stories

I guess you could call it a walk of shame if I had any shame, to begin with. “Bye, hun,” I said as we locked eyes. She looked like a deer in the headlights.

Neil and I had been caught having perverted, Porn-fuelled sex. But after all, there was nothing she could do. Her son was a grown man.

I was leaving with an asshole full of her son’s spunk. And little did she know, I would have fucked her afterwards, too, if given a chance. I’d be lying if being caught having sex didn’t turn me on.

Neil’s evening likely consisted of some very awkward explaining to his mom, followed by a night spent in the sloppy dampness of my Goon juice.

On the other hand, the rest of my night saw me getting fucked by local Alpha males at my hotel after carrying on my sordid browsing of profiles on Ashley Madison.

Such is the contrast between the different lives of Gooners and Goonettes.


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